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Justin Forsett: Fresh And Focused


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**This season is obviously not going the way we pictured it going a few months ago. It's been rough. But I am staying positive because I know there is a lot of football left to be played and we have decided as a team that we can change our course. It's going to take a team effort, and we all have to pull our weight, but we have faith that our goals can still be accomplished. We just have to go out and execute.

During the first half of this season, we lost too many games that came down to a few points or a touchdown in the final minutes. And when you experience so many of those games, where you know the final score easily could have been flipped, it's frustrating. That part is tough because it always hurts to get a loss, especially when it happens that way. Wins are so hard to get in this league, so you want to be able to take advantage of them when you are in a position to get them.

Every day we go out and practice and compete, and we know that we have a good team. We just to have to finish well. But for the most part, during the first half of this season, we haven't accomplished what we wanted to … especially at the end of the game. As a veteran, I am trying to lead by example by working hard and encouraging the guys around me on a daily basis.

There's one positive aspect to all of this that's been amazing to witness. Regardless of how things have gone so far, we believe in each other and what we're doing. I have been on teams that struggled early in the season, and those teams didn't handle it or stick together nearly as well as this Ravens team. I've never been on a team with a losing record in the first half of the season that has so much faith. It's inspiring!

The bye week was definitely beneficial. To be able to rest and recover, physically and mentally, was really good for all of us. We've spent a lot of time away from home (both at the facility and traveling), so it's always a bonus when you have some extra time to spend with family. It was nice to relax with my wife and kids and take a little break.

And I think the team was reenergized this week. We had great practices all week. Guys are flying around, looking fast and quick. For the second half of the season, we are set on finishing those games where we are on the cusp of winning. This next half is all about finishing and bringing home those W's. We have the personnel; we just need to execute and start stacking up wins.

Our collective mindset is to go 1-0 every Sunday. This week it's the Jaguars, and right now we're just focusing on them. We only can control what we can control … and that's our effort and play on the field. If we do that to the best of our ability, I think we'll get what we want in the end.

I'm excited about this Sunday to go out and see what we can do when our bodies and minds are fresh. Ravens fans can expect to see a fast, physical team that's going to finish. We're looking to go out and get a W.

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