Ravens Haven't Decided on Franchise Tag for Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta speaks during a press conference on Wednesday, March 1, 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The deadline to place the franchise tag on Lamar Jackson is Tuesday, March 7, and the Ravens have not decided which (exclusive or non-exclusive) they would use, General Manager Eric DeCosta said.

DeCosta is hopeful to get a long-term deal struck with Jackson before the deadline, but if that doesn't happen, the Ravens would place either tag on their star quarterback.

The exclusive franchise tag is worth around $45 million next season, which would mean the Ravens would have to make significant roster subtractions to get under the salary cap if they do not reach a long-term agreement.

The non-exclusive tag would pay Jackson about $32.4 million, but would allow him to negotiate a contract with other teams. If he reached an agreement, the Ravens would have the opportunity to match it. If they chose not match it, the Ravens would get two first-round picks.

DeCosta said there are multiple scenarios for how the whole situation could play out.

"Sure, they're big numbers," DeCosta said of the franchise tags. "We've known they're big numbers, we're prepared for that, and we've got four, five, or six different plans based on what happens over the next 10 days."

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