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Lamar Jackson Got His O-Linemen Rolexes for Christmas


Lamar Jackson is still on that rookie contract, but that didn't stop him from hooking his blockers up with some sweet Rolex watches for Christmas.

"I appreciate it that, man," right tackle Orlando Brown Jr. said. "I've got one Rollie and it's from Japan. I bought it in college for like $200."

"It's remarkable," added undrafted rookie center Patrick Mekari. "I never really expected a gift, period. A gift like that is obviously ridiculous. It just goes to show the person he is."

Jackson took care of his linemen because they've taken good care of him.

Jackson has taken just 23 sacks, which is the third-fewest of any quarterback who has started every game this year. Only the Rams' Jared Goff (21) and Cowboys' Dak Prescott (20) have taken fewer sacks.

Oh, and Baltimore's offensive line has also paved the way for Jackson's 1,206 rushing yards. He made a few defenders miss along the way too.

Last year, Jackson didn't go all out for his linemen after taking over as starter midway through the year. Joe Flacco picked up the tab, getting the linemen restaurant-grade slushy machines.

"Hey, I was pick 32," Jackson said last year with a laugh.

The watches suit Jackson's style, as he's worn some icy chains throughout the season. Considering he's the soon-to-be MVP and one of the most exciting players in the NFL, Jackson will likely see plenty of financial opportunities come his way this offseason.

Now how nice would a Super Bowl ring look with those Rolex's? That's what Jackson will work on next.

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