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Marcus Peters Swaps Jersey Numbers With Brandon Carr


Hope none of you all out there bought at custom No. 30 purple Marcus Peters jersey.

A day after reporting to Baltimore and getting No. 30, Peters pulled off a jersey swap with veteran cornerback Brandon Carr.

Peters is now No. 24. He wore No. 22 with the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams. Peters said there was nothing special about No. 24 for him.

"It's an upgrade," Peters said. "I know I can't get 22 because of Jimmy [Smith], but I was looking for something different. So, I went with 24. Thanks to Brandon.

"That was an OG call. I owe him a lot of respect and I'm going to take care of his foundation for that. He couldn't let me rock that No. 30."

Carr is 33 years old and in his 12th season. He said he's at a stage in his career where he doesn't care about jersey numbers. Plus, he's always looking to do more through his foundation.

The bonus is that No. 39 was available. Carr wore that jersey number during his time with the Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys. So it worked out for everyone.

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