Matthew Judon Has Taco Bell Cleats at the Pro Bowl


Matthew Judon's body was "built by Taco Bell" and now his feet will be carried by it.

You've got to check out these custom cleats Judon will be sporting at this year's Pro Bowl.

Surely, Ravens fans remember Judon's hilarious Sunday Night Football intro for the Ravens-Patriots game on Nov. 3.

"I've been about Taco Bell ever since I was in college, man. It's been my favorite fast-food restaurant," Judon said in November. "That's a delicacy. We don't get to eat it too often, but after games, if they're open, I go there."

Judon struck up a relationship with Taco Bell after the clip went viral, and remained true to his postgame ritual of hitting up the fast-food chain after wins.

Judon isn't the only Raven with some pretty spiffy cleats in Orlando. Check out these from Earl Thomas III.

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