Myles Garrett Takes Heat for Dapping Up Lamar Jackson After 'Extraordinary' Touchdown Throw

Left: Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett: Right: QB Lamar Jackson

Even though the Ravens and Browns are rivals, and even though they were locked in a classic AFC North brawl on "Sunday Night Football," game still recognizes game.

That was the case after Lamar Jackson's 13-yard touchdown pass to Mark Andrews in the Ravens' 16-10 win. Jackson faded all the way back to the 35-yard line before launching the pass to Andrews. As he did, Jackson's arm was hit by Browns defensive end Myles Garrett – the NFL's sack leader.

As Jackson came off the field, he and Garrett met for a quick hand slap and a couple words. Garrett gave Jackson a pat on the back as the quarterback slapped the top of the pass rusher's helmet.

"I said it was a hell of play. He told me, 'Good stuff' but, you know, a little more explicit," Garrett said. "I mean, he made a hell of a play, and that's what he does. I hit his arm when he was throwing. I was expecting it to be a fumble or an incomplete pass. And he gets it 30 yards down the field, into the end zone. The guy is a great player.

"I dapped him up, because I have sportsmanship. At least in my eyes, I help guys up, and I dap them up when they make a play like that, that he made. And I don't think anything should come out of us having respect for our opponent. I don't think there should be any doubt in our heart or who we are on that field."

Browns fans apparently did not appreciate seeing their star giving the Ravens quarterback some props, and Garrett was informed of the buzz after the game.

"It got told to me that people had a problem with me dapping up a guy that made an extraordinary play when I was right there in his face. I almost made an extraordinary play," Garrett said.

"The guy is a baller. It's a game, and he is one of the best at it. I appreciate greatness. I mean, he dapped me up, too. It wasn't like I was patting him on the head and letting him go by. He appreciates my play; I appreciate his. We should do that more often instead of tearing each other down."

Fellow Browns pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney had a very different reaction to the play, slamming his helmet into the turf after he couldn't bring Jackson down.

For as tough a game as Jackson had with a career-high four interceptions, it's his constant ability to create magic like he did on that play that makes him a tough out. As Garrett said, it was the best defensive performance the Browns have ever had against Jackson and he still beat them.

"Four picks, constant pressure, had him looking over his shoulder – that's a decent job," Garrett said.

"It's frustrating – everyone knows that. Anyone in the league will tell you [that] rushing against that guy is tough. And you are rushing against the tackle and him, because he is fast, dynamic and shifty. All the words apply. But you have to find a way."

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