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News & Notes: John Harbaugh Gives Injury Update on Lamar Jackson


A question about Lamar Jackson's injury opened Head Coach John Harbaugh's press conference following Monday's walkthrough. That was hardly a surprise after Jackson was listed as limited for Monday's walkthrough, joining his teammates for the final portion that was open to the media.

Harbaugh said Jackson's injury was not serious.

"It's a quad injury," Harbaugh said. "It happened in the game when they hit him down there around the knee, and that's what it was. It's less than 24 hours after the game. It's not a serious injury in that sense, but this is day-to-day, and we play Thursday night. So, we'll see where we're at.

"I'm not going to get into injuries. We just got done playing the game 24 hours ago. We're going to play a game Thursday night. The guys that are ready to play will play, the guys that aren't won't. So, just look at the injury report and take it from there."

The Bills were given a 15-yard penalty during Sunday's game for hitting Jackson low on one occasion.

Jackson was posting on social media following the walkthrough, and he still had three days to get ready for Thursday night's home game against the New York Jets.

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The Jets spent Monday getting ready to face Jackson, which becomes a more difficult assignment during a short week.

"It's tough on the defensive staff, because you don't get to practice it live," Jets Head Coach Adam Gase said during a conference call. "Part of the thing that makes it so difficult is the speed that everything will happen in the game and how fast that Lamar is going to make decisions, and if they're doing zone read stuff, whether he gives it or pulls it. And then there's going to be play action off that – just trying to decipher what's what and playing fast and doing it. And you're doing walkthroughs. So, it's going to look a lot different on Thursday. The film study has to be off the charts."

Ravens Not Being Fooled by Jets' Record

To win nine straight games like the Ravens have requires focus from week to week, playing quality football regardless of the opponent. Baltimore is taking that approach against the Jets (5-8), who have won four of their last five after a 1-7 start.

"Watch the tape. They're playing winning football," Harbaugh said. "We understand that. We know this league. Our guys don't take anybody for granted. You never can, you never should. But certainly not a team that's won four of the last five games, has players like Le'Veon Bell and [Robby] Anderson and [Sam] Darnold on offense, and just everybody on defense. It's just a great defense – [Jamal] Adams, they have players everywhere. And they play really hard, and they're very physical. So, our guys do understand that. I do appreciate that about our guys."

A victory would clinch back-to-back AFC North titles for the Ravens (11-2) and allow them to enjoy the weekend a step closer to securing the No. 1 seed. Some players and coaches don't enjoy the challenge of Thursday night games, but Harbaugh does.

"I like it. You get to watch everybody else play (Sunday), and you get some time to heal up and rest," Harbaugh said. "It works a lot better when you win. I can tell you that. It's a way better experience when you go win that Thursday night game, and that's probably why are guys are so focused."

Thursday Night Could Be a Blitz-fest

The Ravens have blitzed on 47.8 percent of their defensive snaps this season, more than any team in the NFL. The Jets have blitzed the 5th most (35.6) percent. That means Defensive Coordinators Wink Martindale (Ravens) and Gregg Williams (Jets) aren't likely to play it safe Thursday night.

Gase and Martindale are friends, having once worked together on the same staff with the Denver Broncos. Gase joked about Martindale's aggressiveness as a play-caller after the Ravens dialed up a wave of blitzes in their 24-17 win in Buffalo.

"I think Wink has a lot of pent-up aggression," Gase said. "The way that they're playing as a team right now , when you're a defensive coordinator [and] you know your offense is going to score points, you can be aggressive. And I'm really sure giving Wink any kind of green light with that – that's probably not ideal for guys calling plays on the other side."

Gase made another joke when asked what it was like working with Martindale (2009-10).

"He didn't have a mullet then," Gase said.

Nick Boyle Is Getting Practice on TD Celebrations

After going more than four years without scoring a touchdown, Nick Boyle has two touchdowns this season, scoring his second one Sunday after catching a 3-yard flip pass from Lamar Jackson.

After he scored, Boyle and a few of his teammates did a synchronized dance in the end zone, with Boyle leading the way. Give Boyle credit for not taking himself or his celebrations too seriously.

"It was pretty fun, I think the guys liked it," Boyle said. "I don't like to be too serious of a guy. As long as I can make people smile and laugh, I think it's fun."

What was the dance exactly?

"I don't know," Boyle said smiling. "Just go out there and let it rip. I don't even know what it was. I couldn't even tell you. Just go out there and do something that makes people laugh."

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