Players Can Now Wear No. 0 As Part of NFL Rule Changes

(From left to right) WR Calvin Ridley & WR Rashod Bateman

NFL teams will have a new jersey number available in 2023.

On Tuesday, league owners approved a proposal to permit players to wear the No. 0 for the first time. The NCAA began allowing college players to wear No. 0 in 2020, and now the NFL will join the NBA, WNBA, and MLB among sports leagues with players wearing the number.

All position groups will be allowed to wear No. 0 except offensive and defensive linemen.

Who will become the first Ravens player to wear No. 0? It apparently won't be wide receiver Rashod Bateman, who wore No. 0 while at Minnesota but indicated on social media that he would stick with No. 7.

However, several NFL players seemed eager to make the switch.

Among other rule changes announced at the Owners Meetings in Phoenix:

  • There will be just one date to make preseason roster cuts from 90 to 53 players. Last year, teams trimmed from 90 to 85 on Aug. 16, from 85 to 80 on Aug. 23, and from 80 to 53 on Aug. 30. This year, Aug. 29 will be the date for reducing from 90 to 53 players.
  • Replay officials can initiate a review on failed fourth-down attempts. It becomes the ninth category of play eligible for review.

Owners voted to table a proposal to replace the onside kick with a fourth-and-20 alternative. They also tabled a proposal for any fair catch inside the 25-yard line to be spotted at the 25-yard line.

A proposal allowing a Wild Card team to be seeded ahead of a below-.500 division winner was also tabled.

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