Notebook: Teammates Hope Terrell Suggs Injury Minor


Terrell Suggs has already overcome a serious injury this season, and another injury forced him to sit out the final minutes of Sunday's game against  the Steelers.   

Suggs left the game in the fourth quarter and appeared to be in pain when he came over to the sidelines to get his right arm examined by the team's medical staff. He then walked to the locker room and did not return to play.  

After the game, Head Coach John Harbaugh said there was "no immediate word" on the injury, but **Suggs reportedly told Aaron Wilson** of The Baltimore Sun, "I'll be alright." 

The exact nature of the injury or any possible timetable for a return are unknown, but Suggs' teammates said it was tough to see him go down after already fighting his way back to the field this season.

"I don't know everything that is wrong with him, but I saw him going off and I kind of shook my head," safety Ed Reed said. "You hate to see that for anybody, but for Suggs to battle the way he did to get back and to have something like that, hopefully, it's just minor."

"We know he's a tough guy," defensive tackle Terrence Cody added. "To take an injury like that, it's real tough. If we don't have him next week we've got to step up as a defense. I don't know what happened, but I saw him coming off the field holding his arm."

Before getting hurt, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year had a quiet day. He finished with just two tackles, including one for a loss.

Harbaugh Says Challenge Was 'Not A Good Decision'

As the Steelers drove down the field for a game-winning field goal in the final minutes on Sunday, the Ravens were unable to work the clock in their favor because they didn't have any timeouts left.

One of those timeouts was gone because Head Coach John Harbaugh lost a coach's challenge midway through the third quarter.

The play Harbaugh challenged was an incomplete pass by Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch. He was in the process of getting hit when he flipped a pass about five yards. Linebacker Jameel McClain picked up the football thinking it was a fumble, but the play was ruled incomplete.

Harbaugh challenged the call hoping it would be overturned as a fumble, but the video replay confirmed the call on the field.

By losing the challenge, the Ravens were left with just one timeout for the rest of the game.

"That was not a good decision by me," Harbaugh said. "That was not a good decision. I just felt he was lying on his back and winging it, and I thought maybe his arm wasn't going forward when I saw it. Looking back at it, it wasn't a good challenge."

Kruger Calls Penalty A Mistake

As the Steelers were driving down the field in the final minutes to set up a potential game-winning field goal, they got a 15-yard boost from Paul Kruger.

The Ravens outside linebacker was flagged for roughing the passer after a hit on quarterback Charlie Batch.

The penalty moved the Steelers up to the Ravens 19-yard line and well into Shaun Suisham's field-goal range. After the flag, the Steelers kicked the game winner as time expired.

"I had a clear shot at him," Kruger said. "I just got my hands too high and shouldn't have made it that close. It was a big mistake on my part for even making it a possible call, and I just can't believe I put my teammates in that situation. There's not much to say. I mean, it was a big mistake, and we have to make up for it."

Kruger said that he didn't think the hit should have been penalized, but that he shouldn't have put himself in a position to get the flag.

"I'm just disappointed in myself, and I can't put my teammates in that situation," Kruger said.

"Can't believe it, hit him too high.. My apologizes to my teammates and ravenation, should never happen," he tweeted.

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