Podcast Recap: Joe Hortiz Previews Combine

Joe Hortiz, Ravens Director of Player Personnel, joined "The Lounge" for some draft talk prior to this week's NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Here's what you'll find in episode No. 194:

2:15: Hortiz expects plenty of texts from Head Coach John Harbaugh, who won't be at the Combine

6:10 - The seamless transition from Ozzie Newsome to Eric DeCosta as general manager

"Ozzie's still in the building and Ozzie's the one we all grew up under. We haven't shifted too far from our philosophies of the Baltimore Ravens. This is my 23rdyear. I expected it to be a seamless transition. The biggest reason is the relationship between Ozzie and Eric is so strong, has been, always will be. There's such a healthy respect and admiration between the two of them."

6:51 – How the Ravens tried to disguise their interest in Lamar Jackson following the 2018 Combine

"We didn't want to show our cards. I think we did a really good job with that. Reporters are great in terms of gettingscoops. I've had guys hit me up and say, 'I hear Lamar's coming in (for a visit). I was like, 'Nope, he's not. You heard wrong.' After we drafted him, I got the text, "He was in, wasn't he?' I was like, 'Yup.'_ It was fun, it was challenging. So many people talk. It's really hard to keep a secret."_

13:15 – The deepest positions in this year's draft

18:45 – What the Ravens loved about last year's first-round pick, Marquise Brown

22:00 – Breaking down some players mocked to the Ravens

24:55 – What the Ravens look for in a pass rusher

34:00 – Legendary Combine meals at St. Elmo's restaurant in Indy

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