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Poll: Rooting For Steelers Or Bengals?


Baltimore fans find themselves in a bind this weekend.

While the Ravens will spend the playoffs watching for just the second time in eight years, their AFC North rivals will square off in Cincinnati.

The Steelers will travel to Paul Brown Stadium to take on the division-champion Bengals for a wild-card matchup Saturday night. Kickoff is at 8:15 p.m.

So who are you rooting for? !

The Steelers are regarded as the Ravens' chief rival, but that hatred may be shifting a bit based on Cincinnati's recent success. The Bengals have beat the Ravens in five-straight games, while the Ravens have won eight of the last 11 against the Steelers.

Quarterback Joe Flacco said that the team he likes to beat the most is Cincinnati, and cornerback Jimmy Smith said before the Week 17 matchup that the rivalry might shifting a bit more toward the Bengals. 

But the rivalry with Pittsburgh has a rich history, and Ravens fans seem programmed to root against the team from the Steel City.

If the Bengals win Saturday then they'll go on to face the Patriots. The Steelers will play Denver if they win.

It's clear that wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. doesn't have rooting interest in Saturday's game, and he probably feels the same way as most Ravens fans. 

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