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Post-Game Quotes: Panthers vs. Ravens

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(on the injury issue)  "Only one injury issue was Tyrod [Taylor]. He went through the concussion protocol there, so we'll just have to play that one by ear, have not heard anything on that. Other than that, we came out healthy, very pleased about that. Very pleased about really most everything about the game. I liked the way we played. I liked how we played; just didn't like the four returns for touchdowns. The next time that happens, that needs to be us doing that rather than them. That was obviously the difference in the game."

(on looking at the positives more than the negatives): "I just think we'll look at the tape and try and evaluate players, right? You know, and who we like and who we don't like and who played well and who played well and who didn't play well and who made smart decisions and who didn't. The blocking was good, right? The run defense was good. The pass defense was good. The pass game was good except we threw it to the other guys. I liked a lot of what happened out there."

(on Marshal Yanda and Lardarius Webb making their pre-season debuts): "Marshal, from what I can tell, did well. It's hard to see him from where I'm at but it seemed like he was solid…when he was in there. I could see Lardarius a little better. I thought he moved well and looked good and played well, so that was good to see. That was good to see, and those are big pluses for us."

(on B Stokley and how he did) "It looked like on third down those guys, you know, I mean he runs great routes, you know, he does a great job of getting loose and getting open against pretty much every coverage. It was good to see.

(on Marlon Brown's game and how he got here) "He's a rookie free agent; we recruited him like crazy. He decided to go to Houston instead of coming here. Then something happened in Houston which I have no idea what it was….and he came here. We really liked him from the beginning. When we first saw him on tape, I saw him, he jumped off the tape. But he had the ACL…he's come back from that thing very quickly, and he's playing well."

(on the INT thrown towards Doss) "That was a miscommunication on a site adjustment. Joe's throwing the site; Tandon obviously was not running the site, and that's what happens when that happens."

(on his thoughts on how the defense plays) "I thought they played well. I thought we stopped the run, that was a goal, definitely a goal going in. We got good pressure on the quarterback throughout the game, got a lot of hits, I believe, look forward to seeing that on tape, and I thought our corners played well."

(on Jimmy Smith's performance tonight) "Jimmy Smith played very well. He was physical at the line. They've got excellent receivers over there, and I think he did a nice job. Thanks for asking."

(on the wide receivers' competition) "It wouldn't be fair right now to make any statements. I'm happy with all of those guys – [that's] just as frank as I can be. I think they all played well, I really do. I don't have any problem with any of those guys. We have a bunch of guys that are probably going to play very well in this league over the next few years. They aren't going to all be here, but they're going to play somewhere, and I'm really kind of happy where we're at with those guys. You probably saw today the things we've been seeing in practice for the last few weeks, and I'm glad you got a chance to see those things."

(on how eager he is for the start of the regular season) "Yes and no. I told the team we're preparing for two games – we're preparing for St. Louis and we're preparing for Denver. It has really been that way throughout training camp, it always is. You prepare for the games at hand, but you also prepare for the season. St. Louis is going to be an important game for a lot of guys. There will still be jobs that won't be decided when we go to St. Louis. Some guys will have opportunities to earn some spots – that's going to be big for us."* *

(on Gino Gradkowski's performance) "It felt good. I'm not sure, specifically, but it felt good. We seemed solid inside when he was in there, for the most part. Until you see the tape, you never know for sure."

(on how he feels about Joe Flacco needing the preseason to get his interceptions out of his system) "I think it is that, because Joe is not one to throw interceptions, as we all know. We'll be concerned about them – Joe more than anybody. We'll take a hard look at it with Jim [Caldwell] and Craig Ver Steeg. We'll assess where we're at with him. A lot of that is [that] he's trying to get a feel for guys. I can't say if everybody was exactly where they were supposed to be on the routes or not – that's the stuff we'll look at. Joe will be the first to take responsibility – he has always been that way. I don't expect that to be an issue this year, but we've got to make sure it's not."

(on the tight end situation) "Well, there's a lot of guys who play tight end – if you want to ask about one of those guys. [Visanthe] Shiancoe had a nice grab – he played well. He had the third-down grab, he got upfield. You know what's interesting? He hasn't been known as a blocking tight end, per se, but he has blocked really well. I think he has really fought in there as a blocker. Billy [Bajema] – we know what he does as a blocker – he did a nice job. Dallas [Clark] – it just seemed like he didn't get too many opportunities. I don't know how many catches he had tonight." (Reporter responds: "Zero.") "That's why it didn't seem like he had too many. I think he had the one seam route that was a little high and would have been a tough grab. I would have loved to have seen him get a chance, but sometimes the coverage just doesn't allow that."* *

RB Ray Rice

(on tonight's performance) "Oh man, we have a lot of things to work on. But it felt really good to get out there and run the ball. Obviously, we got things going on that first drive tonight. We proved that we can move the ball down the field. We just can't make costly turnovers. We are going to get that stuff corrected. I'm glad we are able to make our mistakes now and get them corrected for later."

(on his touchdown) "On the play before, I didn't feel the guy behind me. On the touchdown play, I just followed the offensive line and my fullback. I've always got faith in those guys. It was just doing what we do."

(on preparing for the season as Super Bowl Champions) "It doesn't change anything. We are a 'working man' bunch – we just come to work. We've been working since camp. Obviously, we have the games but we practice very hard. We want to get out there and perform better. Our practice and hard work will carry us through the season."

(on watching the young guys trying to make the team) "I love the young guys. It's always tough this time around. They work so hard for us and obviously, we are only going to have 53. The way those guys have played… I hope that any guy that doesn't make it here still gets a shot."

CB Lardarius Webb

(on his first action) "It just felt good to get out there with my guys, like an [Matt] Elam, to see how we played together. It helps with me being out there instead of waiting for Denver."

(on how the knee felt) "I left the game healthy. I've got a long way to go. I'm still working it. I've gotten back into the practice routine – [I'm] still learning it."

(on expectations for tonight) "Yes, I had expectations for tonight. I just wanted the ball. I want to be who I was before out there today. I feel I'm close. I just need to continue to put the work in and be [No.] 21 again."

(on what he wanted out of his first game) "I just wanted to play football again, and when I finally got back out there, it felt like football again. The thing I got most out of it was being out there with the defense, just running around with them smiling and having fun – that's what I got out of it. It's going to come along. It's going to be good. I'm just happy to be out there with the guys."* *

WR Marlon Brown

 (On his game) "It was a good game.  I made some big catches. It was a pretty game overall, I was so thankful to have the opportunity to play with the ones today."

(On whether he was surprised playing with the ones) "No, I wasn't surprised.  Coach told me during the week I was going to play with the ones so all I had to do was go out there and perform."

(On how much he has progressed in the last 3 weeks) "Really, I think it's the same it's just that I know the offense a lot better.  I'm able to understand the calls and I'm more in sync with the quarterback."

(On how comfortable he is with Joe right now) "I'm working every day with him. Last week was the first week I went with the ones.  I feel like the more practice and the more reps I get with them, the better it will be for me."

(On whether he felt this performance helps him make the team) "Yes, for sure.  Just the fact that I went in the first quarter with the ones meant the guys upstairs have confidence in me and Aaron (Mellette) to put us in at that time."

(On describing the touchdown catch) "First off, it was an awesome pass by Joe.  He was able to keep the ball away from the safety and the nickelback defender.  And I was able to make the catch."* *

G Marshal Yanda

(On how it felt to get back in there) "It felt pretty good. The shoulder felt pretty strong. Obviously, I wish we could have played better as a team, but the shoulder felt good, so that was definitely a plus."

(On the offense's success in the first series) "Yes, we were flowing in that first series. Obviously we were able to get off to a fast start, and that's something we always want to do.  It just felt good to get out there on a 10-play drive, and we scored.  It felt good."

(On the difference he makes for the offensive line) "I just try to go out there and do my part and help the team.  Just to go out there and execute and play my best and just help the team. That's what everyone is trying to do.  Just get back in the groove."

(On what the Carolina defense was showing them) "Yes, they were slanting a bunch and hitting home on a few of them. They were able to get some turnovers off of them too. That's nothing to make excuses about, but it's a preseason game. We have to game plan for that. They did a good job, and we needed to make the adjustments faster. We need to do better."

(On the Ravens' four turnovers) "Obviously, you never want to have them. You want to, but it's the NFL, things happen and you need to learn from them. We never want to turn over the football. That's something we take pride in. If we have four turnovers, and they have zero, I mean, it doesn't matter, it's not going to be good for us."

DT Arthur Jones

(on the third preseason game, getting ready for the season) "On defense tonight, we definitely showed our personality against the run and the pass. I feel like we beat ourselves tonight as a team. They put more points on the board as we did, so hats off to them. Right now we're just getting ready for the season. Thank God it's preseason."

(on finding his role on the defense) "It's been great, it's been really good. I'm just working hard. I'm trying to get better, whatever role it is for me it doesn't really matter, as long as I'm out there dominating the opposing team and giving it all I've got."

(on his performance tonight) "I just want to set a foundation for the season. I want to show some consistency, and the time is now. There is no time to waste. Why come on in the second half of the season, when you can start out fast and finish."

(on this year's defense compared to last years) "There's no place but to go up from last year. I feel like we're just going to keep working hard, and let the plays come to us."

LB Daryl Smith

(on his overall thoughts of the game) "This game we really wanted to correct some issues we had last week, just as far as playing fundamental football and with proper technique. We came out, and I think for the most part we did that. We'll definitely watch the film and see some things we can correct, but we'll just have to see how that goes. It's just unfortunate that we couldn't get the win tonight."

(on if the defense gets more comfortable as a unit the more they play together in game situations) "Oh, definitely. That's always been the goal. All those weeks of practice, that was the first step, but with these games we try to get in there and communicate more. And I think we'll be able to do that even better once we review the film and make our corrections. So, yeah, each game we're getting a little more comfortable with each other and we're definitely gelling out there."* *

S Michael Huff

(on where they'd like to improve upon following this game) "First and foremost, we wanted to win. So, regardless of how one side of the ball plays – offense, defense, special teams – at the end of the day you want to win. So, we're definitely sad that we didn't get the win, but I think defensively we played well. We could have forced some turnovers and done a few more things that we didn't do, but I'd say all-in-all we played pretty well on defense."

(on if the defensive unit is becoming more cohesive with all of the new players) "I think so, definitely. The more and more we play together in game situations the better we'll be at communicating. And we're just trying to play together with different teammates and see what we can do in different defensive schemes and situations, but I think as we continue to play more together, we're just going to keep getting better and better as a group."

(on playing against versatile QB Cam Newton) "It's definitely tough. You can have great coverage, and then he'll pull it down and run for 20, 30, 40 yards. So, it's definitely tough to get a little balance, but you've got to find a way."

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