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Post-Game Quotes vs. Jets

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(Opening Statement) "Thank you. Obviously, a very important victory and a very tough victory against a very good team. The Jets played their hearts out. Excellent defensive front, especially. Excellent defense. They put a lot of pressure on you. So, I'll start with our offensive line. I thought our offensive line did a really good job against that front. We ran the ball somewhat effectively. We protected effectively, and gave Joe [Flacco] a chance to make some plays. We had a few sacks, but a lot of those were more coverage than they were relative to the protection. I thought our guys did a good job up front. Playmakers – Jacoby [Jones] making the long play. That play was kind of the game-breaking play. Also, our punt returns were great. I thought our special teams played really well the whole game – covering [Josh] Cribbs and then the punt returns were a big part of what we did. I thought we had them with that play at the end there when they jumped offside. And then what can you say about our defense. It was a dominant defensive performance. It was the fewest yards we've given up all year, the fewest points we've given up since 2010. Our defense played really well. All three levels played exceptionally well. So, that was important for us. Obviously, we'll turn our attention very quickly to Pittsburgh. We'll play them Thursday night here."

(on how much the wind factored into decision-making today) "You're talking about the weather. The wind was a factor going down into the tunnel end. It was blowing in our face there, both teams. You notice that they took the wind there in the fourth quarter. That was their choice. They kicked off into the wind in the third quarter so they could have the wind in the fourth quarter. It kind of almost paid off for them. We ended up getting the touchdown right at the end of the third quarter, or we would have had no scores in the third quarter when we had the wind at our backs. That was a big factor in the game. I think that touchdown was kind of the difference for us."

(on why the Ravens decided to use Tyrod Taylor on offense more today) "We've talked about getting Tyrod [Taylor] more involved. It's a challenge. We've got a great athlete. He's a special athlete. He happens to play quarterback. He's a quarterback – I want to emphasize that. But he's also got other skills that he can help us with. We've been working it in. We worked on it in training camp, as you know. We didn't do much of it throughout the course of the season, but we felt like it was something that could really help our run game, especially against this defense, and that's how we used it."

(on if they will expand on using Tyrod Taylor) "I can't tell you. I can't comment on that, as you all know. We'll see."

(on the Jacoby Jones TD) "It was probably the play of the game for us. The ball got up there and got caught in the wind. If you saw it, it was being pushed that way. I thought once it got up in the air and the wind got it, I didn't think Jacoby [Jones] was going to be able to get it. He shifted into another gear and he went and got that ball – just an amazing play. And then for him to reach out and catch it and keep his balance, just a tremendous, athletic play."

(on Joe Flacco's play) "I thought Joe [Flacco] was sharp. Obviously, he threw the ball really well. The one interception was really a route that wasn't run exactly right, so that was more of a miscommunication I guess you'd say than anything. But he made a lot of good throws into the wind. He was really sharp running the offense, getting us into plays. We did a really good job with where we ran, what part of the defense we ran at. We did a good job with that."

(on the third-down play of the defense) "I think we were 11-of-12 getting off the field on third downs, so that's just a great accomplishment. The pressure was there. We did a great job. We blitzed a little bit, but I think more of it was four-man pressure, and that's usually a result of coverage, too. Our guys did a good job of taking away the first read or two, [and] gave our guys a chance to get there."

(on if this is the type of game they will have to play going forward) "You're right. This is November/December football. You're never good turning the ball over. You're never good if you don't play good special teams. All that stuff … Field position football is even more important this time of the year. It's how you have to play to win in November and December in the National Football League in this part of the country. We just have to play this kind of football. I told the guys, it's complementary football. We played good, complementary football, and we've got to continue to build on that."

(on how big of a psychological help it is to have K Justin Tucker) "Psychologically? You're asking the wrong guy. Psychological questions are not my forte. I think it helps to have a kicker that can kick a 53-yarder. That sure helps because you have a chance to make 53-yarders, and they count for three points. So, your point about those kicks is valid. Those kicks were huge. Those were tough kicks. They're always tough kicks. Even when the wind is at his back, they're tough kicks because the wind can push the ball one way or the other when you're that far out. 'Tuck' kicks a very solid ball. It rotates straight. There is no draw on his ball at all. So, when you have a straight ball like that, it carries in the wind really well. That's more important than the psychological aspect of what he does."

(on Flacco playing well in bad weather/windy conditions) "It does. It starts with the quarterback. Joe [Flacco] is from this part of the country. He's a big, strong guy. He's got big hands. He's got a strong arm. He can stand in there and make throws under duress. He scrambled around and made a bunch of throws. That's what you need in this kind of [weather]. You need it anytime, but in this kind of weather, a guy that can spin the ball through the wind is pretty important, and Joe can do that."

(on practicing outside) "We like to practice outside. We prefer it. I think Bo Schembechler said, 'If you're going to play in the North Atlantic…' *(Reporter: Woody Hayes said that.) *Oh, Woody Hayes said that.

Woody Hayes said everything. I think [Dwight] Eisenhower said it first, didn't he? (laughter)"* *

QB Joe Flacco

(on the pass to WR Jacoby Jones that resulted in a TD) "We just had a little run-action with Jacoby [Jones] going up on [Jets S] Ed [Reed] and then getting behind everybody. He did a great job. I thought of just staying on his path and tracking that ball well. Anytime you throw a ball decently far in a game with that much wind, it can be tough to track it. I thought he did a great job."

(on if WR Jacoby Jones was his first option on the TD play) "Yes."

(on throwing with the wind at the conclusion of the third quarter) "I honestly don't know if that went into the thought process or not. It makes sense."

(on what he learned about the weather conditions during pregame warm ups) "We just see what direction it's going. We just see if the ball is getting pushed down in any of the corners of the end zone. When you go out there, you're not really thinking too much about it. You're just trying to throw the ball well and make sure you don't lay off of it, at all, so that you can get it through the wind. We were going with the wind there. Like I said, the ball can move at any point. Sometimes, I think that's tougher on the receivers than it is on me. I'm really just letting it go and trusting that it's going to get there."

(on if he had been waiting for a completion like the one he had to WR Jacoby Jones) "I don't think it was that kind of feeling. It was just like 'Yes, we got a touchdown.' *(laughter) *We have 19 points now. It wasn't anything like 'Oh, I've been looking for that,' or 'We haven't done that in a while.' That wasn't why; that didn't creep in at all. It was really just excitement because it was a tight game, we hadn't put the ball in the end zone yet, and we were able to do it right there."

(on if he enjoys playing in a division where there are tough weather conditions) "I don't think I enjoy it. *(laughter) *It just is what it is. We play in an area, where at this time of year, it starts to get cold. It could be windy; you just have to adapt to the conditions. I don't think any of us would be in the NFL if we couldn't play with a little wind or a little bit of cold. It just is what it is, and you adapt for the three hours that you have to."

(on if he thinks it is fun having QB Tyrod Taylor in on offensive plays) "It's good and fun for a little bit, but that's it. I don't want to be lining up at Z and X, I want to line up behind center."

(on his pass to WR Torrey Smith in the second quarter) "He wasn't necessarily my first guy, but I thought I'd give him a quick peak before I got into my actual progression because he was pressed. I thought I could get a good look to see if Torrey beat him [his defender] off the ball. I thought he beat him off the ball, so I just gave him a chance, and Torrey made a nice catch on that one. It worked out well."* *

CB Corey Graham

(on how the defense was able to bother Geno Smith)  "We knew going into the game that we were going to have to play good, solid defense. We wanted to be aggressive and to get our hands on the receivers and make him make tight throws, and we were able to do that. We were able to execute our game plan, make a lot of plays, and we just took advantage of the ones that came to us."

(on the feeling of getting two interceptions)  "It's great. It's only the second time it's ever happened to me, so it's great. Hopefully, I can keep doing it and get used to it a little bit."

(on the defense talking about playing better in the fourth quarter)  "This whole season, I think we've played pretty good defense, but when it came to finishing, we haven't done a good job all the time. That was a point of emphasis by our coaches, that we need to find a way to finish, not just drives, but games. We were able to go out there and do that. I mean, they made some plays, but when it came down to it, we made the bigger plays. We knew that we had to out-play their defense, and that's what we were able to do today."

(on the recent improvement of the secondary)  "Pretty much everybody's stepping up and playing good football right now. Sometimes, it's going to be tough times for guys. I mean, this is the NFL, those guys get paid, too. When it comes to it, I feel like we've got a good group, and guys are going out there and making plays. It could be anybody. Every week, it can be a different guy. That's when you've got a good group of guys."

(on wanting to out-play the Jets' defense)  "We always want to be the best defense on the field, that's just how it is, regardless of who we're playing. We knew they've got a pretty good front seven, and they play good ball, but when it came down to it, we wanted to be a dominant defense, and that's what we were able to do today."

(on if he was tracking Geno Smith's eyes on the interceptions and if the QB tried to look him off) "On the second one, we were in a zone defense, and I was able to play over top, and I was looking at him, I [saw] him looking down a seam or two, and I was able to overlap and make the play. That was just a very good play. That was my play. I was looking for it, and it happened all right."

WR Jacoby Jones

(on the way the ball drifted in the wind on the long TD pass)  "It was crazy; even in punts it was shifting on us, too. I came at the ball, and I looked up and, at first, it sailed, and I thought it would go past Ed's [Reed] head, and I looked, and it started drifting to the left. So that's when I cut over. The nose of the ball was sticking straight up like a punt. I just stuck my hand out, and when it stuck to my hand. I was like 'OK, I'm going to this pylon so I can dance.'"

(on his end zone dance and if it was a tribute to "Dancing With The Stars") "Of course. That was the quick step. I told [dance partner] Karina [Smirnoff], I told her, "If I get in the end zone, the first dance I do – we've got to be winning – the first dance I do will be the quick step. [I did] it as a tribute to her, an appreciation."

(on if it was a relief to get a big play like that) "I wouldn't say necessarily a big relief. I'd say that the offense, as a whole, that we worked together today. Running game did well; pass protection [did] well; we threw the ball, caught the ball well, even through the conditions, how the wind was, Joe still threw that thing and cut the wind."

(on if opponents have played the offense to watch for deep balls or if it's the offense not being able to make the plays)  "It's the rhythm of the game, the timing. Sometimes, we'll be in a certain part of the game where what they're giving is what [we'll] take. And we try to connect, and it will be off, and the rhythm and timing will be off. But today we were on point. The same thing in practice. We were on point in practice, and it carried over to the game."

(on playing and scoring against Ed Reed) "To play against Ed and to be able to do that, that's one of the greatest safeties to play the game, and to get respect from him … It's a good feeling."

(on if he said anything to Reed after catching the TD) "No, I was ready to dance. I was looking for the ref – [when] I saw the two hands go up, time to boogie." 

(on his punt returns and the success of them today)  "All week in practice, you know, we work on it. Pretty much all year, punt returns have been well, even with Tandon [Doss] back there. He's got a touchdown. He's done well. Those dudes do a great job blocking. Hats off to them. All I do is see the lane and run."

(on if he said anything to Reed after the hit in the end zone)  "When he hit me, Ed came up to apologize. I know the type of player Ed is. He didn't mean to do it. He apologized. Me and Ed go way back. We're from New Orleans. That's my guy."

(on how the wind affected the ball)  "The ball was tricky. That ball would be turning over, then a gust of wind would hit it, and it'd go over your head. You just had to be patient on it. [On passes], the deep balls yes, not as much as the one that's coming straight at you. The deep balls were crazy."

(on the kickoff returns)  "They have a great kickoff team, a great special teams. They do a lot of tricks and things, moving guys, crossing them and stuff and messing up a lot of the lanes."

(on playing again four days after this one) "We're professionals. We've done it before. Like last year, we played like four games within 18 days or [whatever] it was. So I think we're used to it. All we've got to do is take care of our bodies, enjoy the win tonight, and when we wake up, go right back to work."

(on getting a win that's not in a close game)  "We finally [got] our game together [in] all three phases. We always say offense roll, defense hold, special teams just stay special, [and you'll] get big wins."

OLB Terrell Suggs

(on the defensive performance) "I feel we were dialed in as a defense today. There's always a little something added when we're playing [NY Jets head coach] Rex [Ryan]. [Defensive coordinator] Dean [Pees] called a great game and put us in the best opportunities to make plays as a defense. We're proud of the fact that we didn't give up a touchdown. Getting off the field on third down was huge today and also giving our offense more possessions and being able to control the clock."

LB Daryl Smith

(on the Jets' multiple formations) "You just have to know who's in the game at all times, especially if [QB] Geno Smith is not lined up in the back field. They had 29 [RB Bilal Powell] lined up to take a direct snap. There's just so many options that they had, and so many plays that they could run out of it, you just have to be aware at all times."

(on his three straight pass defenses) "I've just been waiting for plays like that to develop. There were points in the game where plays just weren't coming my way. Then, they started coming at me. Luckily, I was able to make those plays."

(on keeping the playoff hopes alive) "Big game, home game, against a conference opponent. We really had to come in and get it done. We still have a long way to go. It starts with one win. We'll worry about the rest of the games as they come."

(on the weather conditions) "Usually in situations like today, you're going to play more run. You might not see as many deep balls because of the wind. You just have to play the run and expect it to be a physical game."

(on winning by more than one score) "It's a relief to get a win, and not have to go to overtime. They're a tough team and you never know how things are going to turn out in this race, but we were able to get the win today."* *

OLB Elvis Dumervil

(on the win) "We've played this hard all year. It's nice to see that it's starting to work out for us now. We need to work hard as a team and to continue to complement each other as a team: offense, defense, and special teams. Give credit to the fans – they were awesome."

(on the Jets' multiple looks) "Give credit to them. They had a couple of things that we hadn't seen before. Give credit to [Defensive Coordinator] Coach Pees and the rest of our defensive staff. We went back, we got on the bench, and we figured out what they were doing. The players went out and we executed and played with a lot of energy. Guys made plays, and we were just a better team today."

(on Jets QB Geno Smith) "It was frustrating. He's a guy that as soon as you get off the ball, he can see you and feel you. He's a young guy and you have to give him a lot of credit for being able to move around in the pocket. He was really elusive but we just kept going after him. Give credit to our secondary for allowing us the time to get back there and make the plays."

(on the Jets' running game) "It was a good game. Those guys [Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory] are good running backs. They gave us a great challenge, but we were able to play Ravens' football and we got the job done."

(on playing in windy conditions) "That's the great thing about having four seasons. We're the type of team that's built for this type of weather. To have a guy like Joe [Flacco] is amazing. We just have to play smart and take advantage of those situations."

WR Torrey Smith

(on the win) "It's definitely huge. We can only worry about what we can control. Today, that was our next game, and that was the Jets. We understood coming in where they were positioned. Now we know we just have to keep on working, and we have another tough game on Thursday."

(on completing deep passes) "I think it says a lot about Joe's [Flacco] arm strength. We were able to connect on a couple of those today. That was huge for our offense. It's not that we're depending on it, but it always helps to get chunks of yardage like that. When we get those kinds of days going, it's usually good for our offense."

(on his long completion) "He [Jets CB Antonio Cromartie] was giving me some vet moves, but I just kept fighting, stayed focused on the ball, then I saw it, and I knew I had a chance to make a play."

(on QB Joe Flacco) "Joe was the quarterback that won the game and he made a lot of big plays."

(on QB Joe Flacco's interception) "He was throwing to [WR] Marlon [Brown], but I don't know, I guess it was just a miscommunication. I don't even know who to put the blame to. It was a missed communication by everyone."

(on the ability to throw the ball in high winds) "We should have some good practice after the last few weeks. There was nothing like last week [Chicago]. If you can complete the ball in those conditions in Chicago last week, anything less than that, we're good to go."

(on Pittsburgh) "Every week is a must-win. If you lose, things aren't going to be looking pretty for you. We just have to keep giving ourselves a fighting chance."

(on WR/RS Jacoby Jones' 100-yard receiving day) "I'm always excited when anyone on our team is able to enjoy success, but especially Jacoby. It's been tough for him. The year started out with an injury. To see him get going the way he did today, especially on special teams, but also as a receiver. That's huge for us. When he's playing like that, he's able to create big plays for us, and it really helps us out a lot."

(on QB Tyrod Taylor and his involvement in the offense) "It was really cool. The more you can do as an offense, the better. Tyrod is really a weapon. He can really do a lot of things on the football field. When you have a guy like that, you really have to figure out a way to use him. He's a guy that can keep things off balance."

(on how big this win was) "It means the same as a win does every week. We never go out there and prepare to lose. We've dropped some tough ones, and because of those losses, we're in a place now where every game counts even more. We gave ourselves a chance to live another day, and now we have to go out and win on Thanksgiving."* *

K Justin Tucker

(on the winter-like conditions) "Seems like over the last several weeks, conditions have been crazy in general. A couple weeks ago, here against Cincinnati, it got colder as the game went on, then we went to Chicago, and that was crazy. And then what we had today, it was more wind pickup during the game. Just to be able to come through for my guys was great."

(on how much he has learned about the wind in general) "It's really been remarkable how much goes into one single kick, and our preparation speaks for itself like today. [special teams coordinator/assistant head coach] Jerry [Rosburg], [kicking consultant] Randy [Brown], [long snapper] Morgan [Cox] and [punter/holder] Sam [Koch] are guys that I pick their brains, and I've been able to learn so much from them regarding how to accept the conditions and fight through them. At the end of the day, just getting the job done – that's what it's all about."

(on the 53-yard field goal) "More than anything, I'm just glad it went through. They're expecting me to put three points on the board no matter where it's from. I was pretty pumped up to hit that ball, and as soon as it left my foot, I had no doubt."* *

RB Ray Rice

(on the Jets' defense) "No sugar coating, those boys were hunting. I've got to give it to them. It was a Rex Ryan defense, much respect. And there wasn't much to it, man, and that's not a knock on our [offensive] line. They blocked very well, but when you face an excellent defense like that, you just take whatever you can get. We're just glad to be able to come out with this win."

(on the win) "The good part about this win is that we played off each other. The offense helped the defense when we needed to give them a blow by creating first downs. This is one of the few wins where statistically it doesn't look very good, but that doesn't matter. We played off each other, and it was a very good team win."

(on the tough sledding ahead) "It's still tough sledding. We have to count them one game at a time, and I'm just glad the team was able to focus and get it done today and not look past the Jets. Now, we have another challenge coming up."

(on how the team is jelling) "Yeah man, everybody is starting to come into their own right now. We're starting to get a couple big plays here and there. Today it was Jacoby [Jones] and Corey [Graham] on defense, and of course, our defense was huge all game. We're a very resilient bunch, and I'm really proud of our guys."

DT Arthur Jones

(on if the game unfolded the way they thought it would) "They're everything we thought they were going to be. They ran the Wildcat a lot, and we knew we had to play solid up front, knock them back and get ourselves tackles."

(on the key to play against the Wildcat) "You've really got to hone in and pay attention, because they did a lot of tackle over and things like that to try to get us out of our defensive formation. We did a great job of communicating out there when our crowd noise was so loud; Terrell Suggs and Courtney Upshaw, they do a good job on the checks and everything like that. We did a good job."

(on if he'll be ready to play again in a few days) "Absolutely. Definitely. I'm going to get in the cold tub tonight and drink a lot of water and be ready to go on Thursday."

QB Tyrod Taylor

(on if he expected to play as much as he did today) "We didn't have a number on snaps, but I did know that there was a possibility that I could get out there, and they called some plays for me."

(on if he ever gets frustrated and would like to play more often) "I know my role on the team, and I challenge our defense each and every week with the scout team, but I'm a competitor so that's the natural feeling I have. But to get out there today and to play is definitely a great feeling, but like I said, maybe we can build on that in the future."

(on if his next position to play could be wide receiver) "I'm a quarterback, but if I've got to make a play, I'll make a play."

(on if he likes the role of playing all over the field) "Of course I love to throw the ball, but we've got a great quarterback here as well. But any time I can get out there and make a play, throw the defense off – that was the main thing, just not knowing where me and Joe [Flacco] were going to line up – that can definitely throw them off, or different calls, things like that."

TE Ed Dickson

(on the offense's performance today) "Well, from our side of the ball on offense, the Jets defense is really good. The plays that they make, they create a lot of havoc. We had to protect the ball and make more plays than them, and we did a good job changing the pace a little bit getting Tyrod [Taylor] in the game, and then a couple other runs, and Joe [Flacco] made the throws when he needed to."

(on if today was a step forward for the passing game) "Yeah, like I said, the mentality coming into this game was win by any means. It doesn't matter who made the plays; we know the type but we're at a point now where we can't take a step backwards, and we took a step forwards today. We've got a couple days and we play another game, so we'll take this one and celebrate this one probably for a couple hours and then go back to work."

(on what in particular the offense did well today) "I think the O-line played very well; gave Joe [Flacco] enough time and caught Jacoby [Jones] on the deep ball, caught Torrey [Smith] on the deep ball, and myself. A lot of credit goes to Joe for making those throws, but the O-line blocked very well."

(on Thursday's game at Pittsburgh being very important) "Stipulations are high. We're battling. It usually seems like it always plans out to be like this [where] we'll be playing that other team for the division. But we want to worry about one game at a time, and we got one here, we've got to have great mental practice this week and go out and play Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving."* *

DE Chris Canty

(on the defensive efforts against Jets QB Geno Smith today) "It was important. We knew we wanted to be able to get some hits on him, to be able to put some pressure in his face, disrupt the rhythm of their passing game. We didn't want them to get that going, and I think we were effective enough in slowing down the run game where they couldn't stick with it. We were able to make some plays in that area, put them in some down and distances that they weren't comfortable with, and we were able to let our pass rushers go to work."

(on if the players ever talk about wanting to be the most dominant defense on the field) "Yeah, but I don't think it's something that we talk about – it's just something that we go about doing. We always have the saying of, 'Let our pads do the talking.' We understand what we have to do in order for our team to be successful, and then go out there as a defense and execute at a very high level. Again, we want to play complementary football with the offense and the special teams, so we've got to put those groups in good situations so they can have as many opportunities to help us win."

(on what his injury was today) "Oh, we don't talk about injuries around here. The only thing that's important is I went back in the game, I felt fine, and that's it."

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