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Post-Practice Interview Transcript (Fri. 10/3)



Head Coach John Harbaugh

On whether they got information back and still feel like NT Kelly Gregg will play again this year:"We did not get information back yet. I haven't heard anything new, so I don't know anything more than I knew before. We're very hopeful that he'll play this year. There's no guarantee right now – a little up in the air. We'll have to see what we find out."

On if CB Samari Rolle's shoulder and neck injuries are related from the Cleveland game: "It was all kind of related, from a stinger perspective. That's what he felt, the tingling and the stinger thing, and then felt it through the shoulder, too. So it was all part of the same deal."

On whether he knows how long Rolle will be out:"We have a timeframe on him. It's maybe a month-plus. That's where it's at right now. He had a surgery. Were you aware of that?"

On Rolle's surgery, which reporters were not aware of:"Well, he had a surgery. He had a surgery this week on his neck just to kind of clean things up in there a little bit. It'll be multiple weeks. We just don't know how long."

On if the month would be how long before Rolle can even practice:"Well, I don't know for sure. I'm giving you a basic idea, a ballpark. He'll be back in the building this week. Tomorrow, he'll be back, and he'll be back all next week."

On how this Ravens defense compares to other physical defenses he has seen in the past:"Well, this defense is as physical as any defense that I've seen or been around, certainly any defense that I've been associated with. Our front seven is as good as any front seven you're going to see. We're not as strong right now as we could be with the injuries, but it's a physical, downhill, hard-playing group."

On whether he thinks the defense relishes the physical contact required in football:"Yeah, that's the kind of men they are. They're physical, strong guys. That's the kind of defense we want to be, and that's the kind of defense they've been for a long time."

On whether he and S Tom Zbikowski have a friendly wager on this weekend's Stanford-Notre Dame game:"We do, we do. We haven't agreed on the point spread yet. It's going to be in South Bend, and he's trying to get points from me."

On if he is amazed at some of the things WR Derrick Mason is doing at age 34:"Yeah, Mase is probably better than advertised around the league, and people think very highly of him. People think he's a heck of a receiver, obviously. I've been very impressed with how much – within the system that Cam [Cameron] has put in and Jim Hostler, the job that Jim and Mase have done working together – how much better Mase seems to be now than he even was last spring. It seems like, at his age, here's a guy that continues to improve practice after practice. He's a guy that has put together a body of work. You don't get better by coming out one day and all of a sudden lining up and playing. You put together a body of work, and he has done it. He has stacked one day of work on after another, and you see the results."

On whether T Willie Anderson's ring finger is broken because it has a splint on it:"He's got a splint right now. I don't really understand the details of it, but it's not a serious thing."

On if he notices frustration in RB Willis McGahee about not making it through four quarters without getting little injuries here and there:"Well, Willis is competitive, and Willis really wants to carry the ball a lot. He wants to play four quarters, like you said, and we want him to play four quarters. He's just got to work through some of that stuff. Playing running back is tough. You get hit and banged around, and his running style is physical, so that's part of the deal. But, I think we're going to get him rolling as we go."

On what he saw in Chris Chester that made it possible for Chester to move to tight end:"Chris has got a lot of athleticism for a big man. He's quick. He's got good feet and change-of-direction kind of skills for a big man. We just felt with some of the lead block stuff we do with our U-back, the motion stuff, he's already an offensive lineman, so he can block on the line of scrimmage. We just felt like it would make us a little more imposing on the edges of our offense."

On whether Chester is lobbying for catches yet:"No, he hasn't yet. Adam Terry is lobbying for catches, and Willie is lobbying for catches, but we haven't heard Chris yet."

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