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Postgame Transcript - Packers

*Head Coach John Harbaugh *

(on the loss) "It obviously was a tough loss in a tough environment against a good football team. Our guys fought back. We were down 17-0 at halftime, we got it back to 17-14, but we didn't do what we needed to in the red zone to get it done."

(on the Ravens playoff outlook) "We are fighting for our lives right now, but we are still breathing. We are still alive. I think our character and heart will show through as we finish up the season."

(on Green Bay tight end Jermichael Finley) "It is tough to cover a tight end. Sometimes they will get you in a base package and have a guy out there who is probably more of a receiver than he is a tight end. They took advantage of that."

QB Joe Flacco

(on his fourth quarter red zone interception) "I think it was a stupid decision and a worse throw. It was second down, so you don't really need to make a play there. You can give yourself another shot on third down and still kick a field goal. I didn't set my feet, I didn't get enough on the ball, and I under-threw it to him."

(on Green Bay's defense) "They are a good defense. They have good guys on the outside and they were able to get a little bit of pressure. They played well."

(on containing Ray Rice) "They made sure they did a good job of following him out on screens and making sure that they had a guy spying him so that he couldn't get any momentum going. You have to credit those guys. We had our chances and we hung in there tough and that is all you can ask for in an NFL game."

RB Ray Rice

(on playing from behind) "When you're playing from behind, it's hard to get in your regular game plan and do things that you wanted to do. Our defense played great, but it's just so hard playing from behind, especially on the road in this kind of environment."

(on the team's offense) "When we're in a rhythm, we're in a rhythm and we can play good football. We've been proven to move the ball, we just need to do a better job of scoring in the red zone and eliminating little penalties."

(on Green Bay's defense) "They're the No. 1 defense, you can't give them the ball. We'll get it corrected."

LB Ray Lewis

(on the team's penalties) "There are some things we just have to cut out. Whether it's holding…we just need to figure it out and keep on moving. The bottom line is we have to keep playing football and not let that stuff get to you."

(on the loss) "There's no way we can come into somebody else's stadium and turn the ball over that many times. You can't spot anybody at home. The time for spotting people is kind of over. We just need to play football and be fired up from the whistle."

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