Postgame Transcript - Preseason 2 vs. Chiefs


Head Coach John Harbaugh

(Opening Statement) "First of all, I want to address the end of the game, and I just addressed it with the team. I want to apologize to the Chiefs if they feel like we were not doing the right thing at the end of the game. That wasn't the mindset. The mindset was, 'This is preseason.' If this had been regular season, we would have been on a knee. The idea in that situation is to give these young guys who work hard, and who are trying to make a football team, this football team or another football team, to play the whole 60 minutes and give them a chance to show what they can do – offensive line, running backs, everybody. That's the mindset. I know that's debatable, I know there's a point of view both ways, I understand that. But I just felt like that was the right thing to do for our players – to give them a chance to play the game out and see what they can do. The other thing is, what our guys did, between last week and this week… you talk about trying to make the most improvement in the second week. Our guys worked as hard as I've ever seen a football team work. I'm talking about, starting with the leaders, the Terrell Suggs's, the Haloti Ngatas, the Joe Flaccos, right on down the line and through our football team. I've never seen a football team work as hard as they worked this week. It showed up in the way they played. They took it to the field. There's a lot of things we can work on to get better, obviously. And we're going to work on those things this week, but I'm proud of our work ethic between last week and this week."

(on if he tried to explain the situation to Chiefs' head coach Todd Haley) "Yes. You see both sides of it. And I think he said something like, 'I don't know about that,' and I understood that. I just said, preseason, preseason, for the young guys. And he said, 'OK.' Now, I have a lot of respect for Todd Haley and a lot of respect for the Chiefs' organization and what they do. That's a really good football team, a very physical football team. I think they're doing a great job with their football team. It was purely about trying to get the young guys a chance, in a game situation, to show their abilities."

(on keeping Joe Flacco in the third quarter) "That was the plan. We wanted to take our first offense into the first series of the third quarter if we could. We probably, in a normal year if we had the OTAs, would have just gone to halftime. But we felt like we needed some more work for those guys. And next week, we'll play them as long as we can, obviously within reason, but we need work."

(on giving the Chiefs an opportunity to play goal-line stands) "It's all about the young guys at that point. Those guys are the guys trying to make the last part of the roster, and I think you have an opportunity on both sides to see how guys play. So that's a great point to make."

(on David Reed's performance) "The first drop, obviously, I wasn't too happy with. And then he came back and made the very next catch, and then Tyrod (Taylor) came to him again with a big play. To see the guy come up with that play was really huge. Plus, he drew the pass interference down the left side, right? For only practicing a couple of days, that was great to see."

(on if he is concerned with Joe Flacco scrambling) "I thought the protection was pretty good. I think, in practice, we got more pressure and Joe was kind of ready to move out, and then the young line stepped up on the right side and really did a pretty good job. I can't wait to see the tape and see how it worked out, but I thought the line did okay. We'll see on tape, though.

(on the play of CBs Cary Williams and Jimmy Smith) "I think the other guys did a good job too, not just the young guys. (Domonique) Foxworth looked good with his knee. Lardarius (Webb) played well. Taking away the quick passes, slants, the look passes, those things… Downfield, on the one they completed, they made a nice throw-and-catch on the right side early, Jimmy was right there on that one. The corners played really well."

(on DE Pernell McPhee's pass rush) "How about that? He's done it in practice. Pernell has done it in practice, really, pretty much everyday. He's really strong with his pass rush. He's a good leverage player.

(on how it feels to play in front of the fans) "That's probably a good point. The fans were really fired up for this game. They came in here ready early. Most of them were in their seats and took part in the pregame. I know our guys had a lot of fun, especially the new guys. They were smiling from ear to ear, being in front of the crowd."

(on the pass rush) "Well, we got some four-man pressure, which was really good. I thought the blitz stuff was pretty good too. When you run the blitz pressures, what I want to see is, obviously, trying to get some free runners, but mainly the coverage behind it. Because if you can hold off the coverage enough, you can bring in an extra guy or two, then that's when you tend to get the sacks. And I thought the coverage behind it was exceptional."

(on Vonta Leach's big hit) "It was a great message to the crowd, and I thought the crowd really responded, in terms of what Vonta brings to the table. I think he kind of gave a little message to our crowd. Lee Evans – the plays he made, it kind of made a little statement in front of his new fans. Those are great things to see."

(on Tyrod Taylor's play action) "He's always telling me in practice, 'They didn't get me, they didn't get me.' And I'm like, 'They would've gotten you in the game.' But I have to admit, he might be right. They didn't get him today, a couple of times."

(on his assessment of Tyrod Taylor) "He's done, probably, as well as we could have expected so far. He's a very talented young man. I like his poise. He's very intelligent. He's a very fast learner, and I don't know if I've seen a quarterback maybe since Joe Flacco, that picks it up so quickly. He just has such a calmness about him, and he's a pinpoint passer. He's a very accurate passer, along with the other stuff that is obvious. I don't think it's a pleasant surprise, because we liked him a lot. He's a player."

(on what Tyrod Taylor did better this week than last) "I thought the ball came out a little quicker at times. He missed the one throw. He only missed one throw this week, and the pass protection was a little bit better. Obviously, he got out of trouble, and when he got out of trouble, he made some plays. That's pretty impressive."

(on LaQuan Williams and the deep receiving corps) "Well, LaQuan has been a downfield threat. He's an interesting study, because at Maryland, I think it was the injuries that kind of held him back. He was a proven special teams player, which is close to my heart. He's come out here and played really well. We've got some great competition. Marcus Smith is right in there battling for a spot. Justin Harper, Brandon Jones (are) fighting for those last receiver spots. We've got some good players battling for those spots, and LaQuan is one of them."

WR Lee Evans

(on if it was good to get out there for the first time) "Yeah, it was. Actually, the game felt a lot easier than what I had to go through earlier in the week. It was good. The communication was good, and we were able to make a few plays."

(on if it felt good to be a spark on the first team) "Yeah, it's really just a matter of trying to time things up and being in game situations. We were able to make some plays today, which was good, but we still have a ways to go, but tonight was the first step in that process."

(on being on the same page with Joe Flacco) "Like I said, it's hard to say it's all the way there because it is not. He was able to get the ball out, and I was able to make a couple of plays for him. To get where we want to go and where we have to be, we still have a long way to go. Like I said, it's a good step one in the right direction to just go out there and make some plays for the first time."

(on what the challenge is of working with a new quarterback) "It's all of those. It's watching his release, how fast the ball comes out, the way the ball comes out, the whole nine [yards]. It's kind of like changing pitchers – going from a fastball pitcher to a curveball pitcher – something like that. It's just the timing of it and seeing it in a live game situation. Going against our defense every day, that is as good as you can get. We had a couple of good days of work in to prepare us for today."

(on if he got hurt on the tackle from behind) "No, it was just one of those horse collar ones. They are always dangerous, but it is good."

(on the Chiefs' official challenge of his reception near the sidelines) "I knew I was in. I knew I caught the ball. I knew it was close but I felt like I got my foot in."

CB Jimmy Smith

(on how he felt he played tonight) "I thought that I had good coverage on all the plays, but I've got to figure out a way to get that ball out."

(on whether he got a hand on the first one thrown his way) "Yeah, I hit the ball and it popped in the air, I think. I couldn't see because I was behind him, but I just know (Dwayne Bowe) made a great catch."

(on whether he felt comfortable playing as much as he did and if it felt like college again) "It's not like college, because it's the pros, but I felt comfortable. I tried to slow the game down, but I still have the rookie jitters, because it's the first game for me really getting out there. But I definitely enjoyed my time out there."

(on whether he gets a lot of confidence from a game like tonight) "I mean, I went against a Pro Bowler (Dwyane Bowe), and I felt like I had blanket coverage, he just made great catches."

(on whether Bowe said anything to him) "No, we didn't even talk."

(on if playing against a receiver like Bowe builds his confidence) "Yeah, I think just playing in the first game to get my feet wet gave me confidence, more confidence to see what you really expect out of a Pro Bowl receiver like that."

(on how he feels physically after getting a lot of reps tonight) "Physically, I feel fine. I could have played a whole game if that's what was needed. But it's preseason, so I definitely need to go back and watch some film and see the little things that I did wrong."

DE Pernell McPhee

(on playing in his first game at home in front of Ravens fans) "Yeah, it was really exciting. I got a chance to be on the field and make plays and pump up the crowd a little bit. It was very exciting and a really fun experience."

(on forcing his second fumble of the preseason that was overturned) "You've just got to stay humble and stay focused. I'm just trying to keep my mind straight and continue to run to the ball. Just get another blitz and then I can play another down instead of just getting off the field, I can go and try to do it two times in a row. But, eventually it'll work out my way, but I'm looking forward to trying to get one of them to work out my way next week."

(on whether that frustrates him at all that he's forced two fumbles that were overturned) "Yeah, it's a lot of frustration, because this is my opportunity to show the coaches that I'm worth playing for the Ravens' defense. So, it's a lot of frustration, but I've got to keep my head on right and go out and practice and try to get better every day."

(on whether he's pleased with the way he's been playing so far) "Yeah, I'm kind of pleased, but I've got to make more plays. That's what the Ravens' defense does, is make plays, and I want to try to be a playmaker one day. So, I've just got to let the game come to me, basically, and just slow down."

FB Vonta Leach

(on the big hit he got in the 3rd quarter) "[Joe] Flacco got it out to me in the flat. I was able to turn and get into the guy, and I just hit him straight. It felt good and natural and gave us some momentum."

QB Tyrod Taylor

(on his performance tonight) "I thought I took one too many sacks. But, the main thing was to make good decisions and get it to the right playmakers. It's my job to go out and lead the team and get us to where we want to go."

(on how he feels about his progress from week one to week two) "The thing is, going against our defense every day prepares me for the games. It's fun. It definitely prepares me and gives me comfort at this level. Practicing against our defense every day challenges me."

(on whether he planned to come out "gun slinging") "Yes. Yes I was. It felt good to get out there today. Last week's game wasn't an awful game, but I felt like I needed to improve today. I think I did well. I can feel it coming on. I just need to go out there and take the ship on and be the leader they want me to be."

(on the scramble for the touchdown) "Coach [John Harbaugh] told me if the corner follows through on the zone motion to take it to the outside. Unfortunately, there was one guy outside, and I had to do something on him. I got outside and tried to make the play, and tried to stretch over the goal. It felt good."

TE Ed Dickson

(on going out there and being able to play) "It felt good to get my hands on the ball a couple times and be a part of the offense after sitting out a couple days. I still have to shake off some rust, but I'm getting there."

(On his reaction to [Todd] Heap getting cut) "At first I was shocked. Todd [Heap] was a great friend. I'm just trying to put some of the lessons that he taught me last year to use. I like the competition we have going, and I think we're all going to grow from this."

CB Cary Williams

(on playing at home tonight) "It felt like any other home game. I was into it. We wanted to go out there and prove that what happened to us last week was a fluke. We wanted to go out there and showcase what Raven football is all about."

(on playing on the first team defense) "It's a blessing to be out there with the first team. It's all that hard work paying off during the off season. I'm a strong believer in hard work and that it will pay off, and it's paying dividends for me right now. I'm blessed to be in this position. I'm comfortable with the ones. I'm sure of myself with the ones. And I think I proved that during training camp. I just want to continue to prove that I want to go out there and compete each and every day, and that I can go out there and make plays, just like a starting corner would."

(on the Ravens' secondary as a whole) "I think we're pretty good. We are so versatile this year. All of our guys, anyone from our ones to our threes, can go out there and make plays each and every day. I feel very confident in our secondary, confident in Coach [Teryl] Austin, and Coach [Chuck] Pagano to put the best people out on the field that are going to go out there and play Raven football."

RB Ricky Williams

(on his first game with the Ravens) "It was great, it was a great experience. It's been an acclimation and it's been difficult a little bit, getting used to the way things are done around here. But I got here today and really got to understand what it means to play like a Raven. It was exciting, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season."

(on the Ravens' running backs) "It's nice. It's nice because I think our running backs complement each other. I'm the kind of guy that likes to get downhill and run hard. Ray [Rice] definitely hits homeruns. Teams are definitely going to have trouble with us this year."

(on getting acclimated to a new team) "It just takes time. You have to be around the guys and be open and receptive to how they do things around here. Once you do that, you just get in where you fit in."

WR Anquan Boldin

(on playing football) "We're back to work again. Last week, myself, I didn't think I played very much. I played one series. I didn't get any contact, so I really didn't feel like I played football. Tonight, I got in there, got a chance to make something happen, got a couple of catches, and got a couple of hits, so it felt good to get back into it."

(on preseason playing time) "Because we didn't have the offseason to prepare, with OTAs and mini camps, it's important for receivers and quarterbacks to get more reps. We don't mind getting more reps right now."

(on him and Joe Flacco having a year under their belts) "That's the best part about it, having a year under our belts and having a relationship with one another. Now it really shows on the field."

(on the young receivers) "I think the most important thing for young guys is to be able to come in and learn the system. We have a great group of guys who have been able to come in and do that. When you learn the system, it allows you to come in and play fast. It's not going to be like it was in college. These guys have done a great job listening to the coaches and taking practice into the games, and I think you see it as far as making plays out there."

S Bernard Pollard

(on the defense's effort tonight) "I thought our defense played well. I think our first group went out there; we played well. We communicated—I think we had maybe a couple of mistakes, other than that, as long as you're playing fast, it covers up the mistakes. I think Coach Pagano knows how to fix things. He knows how to adjust on the run, and I think we did a really good job today."

(on how the defense is settling in after no off-season) "That's with us having a veteran team. I mean, that goes right into place. I think our body is trying to get used to everything again, but other than that, mentally knowing the things to do, with me, knowing a whole new defense, a whole new terminology, I think I'm coming along well. Today, I had one play that I didn't get as far as I didn't hear the call. It wasn't a mess-up or anything. The terminology is so different from what I played in, but I think playing fast [helps], and we're in camp. We've got camp legs; we're tired, but we're going out and busting our butt."

(on what he thinks of the defense so far) I'm excited for where this team is. It's not about me. It's about 10 other guys lining up and playing fast and playing hard, and I think that's what you guys know and love about this team is, defensively, they're going to give everything every single play, and that was my main reason for coming here because I know this is a solid defense that I like playing—rough, aggressive, bully on the field, and we just play."

WR David Reed

(on being able to catch again after wrist surgery) "It's a blessing from God. It's what I do. I'm a receiver. I'm a football player. It's what I do. When that ball's in the air, I feel like I've got to get it – it's mine."

(on working way back to football shape) "I had to rehab my wrist. I just got off surgery right before training camp started. I've just been working it real hard. During the off-season… all I really could do was run, so I tried to keep my wind up as much as I could. When I came here, they really got me ready."

(on the plays he made tonight) "It feels great, to get back to where I was, like I said, it's a blessing from God that I'm able to catch the way that I used to be catching before I got the surgery and everything. I was real worried about it. I never had surgery before. I never an injury like that before, and I couldn't catch the way I normally caught when I did get hurt, and it just feels good that I'm able to catch again like I used to be able to."

(on getting confidence again) "I always knew I could do that, but now I'm glad I'm back at it."

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