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Press Conference - Ravens' Saturday Mandatory Mini-Camp

Assistant Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator Jerry Rosburg

On his thoughts of the kicking game and where they are with that right now:"Billy [Cundiff] has had a really good offseason. He and I were talking about how this year is different from past years for Billy, and he's had the opportunity – and I can't remember when the last time was – but the last time for him was Dallas, where he actually had the opportunity to have an offseason. Along with adding to his family, he's also added to his training. And it's been a good opportunity for us to really work on some things that normally during the season you really don't have that many chances to do, because you're working on game plan and your practice schedule is pretty rigid. And now this time, this year, we've had a chance to work on a variety of different kicks, and also along with that tweak our field goal operation a little bit, and hopefully that will help us as well. Billy has had a really good offseason. He kicked well yesterday, and we'll get him back out there this afternoon and turn him loose."

On whether they're close to bringing in any other kickers:"You'll have to talk to Ozzie [Newsome] about that. He doesn't let me make those decisions yet. (laughter) I've been working on him though."

On whether LS Matt Katula is fully recovered from last season's injury and how he looks this offseason: "I think his health is good. I haven't heard anything from the trainers that would say otherwise. You'd have to ask them, but he's come back out here without any elbow wraps or anything like that that he [had] during the season. And we fully expect him to be back to Matt Katula."

On whether he feels like the return positions are wide open with CB Lardarius Webb's injury and incoming free agent specialists: "Well, the fact that it's early May, I guess it would always be wide open, and this year being no different. But yeah, to answer your question, yeah, that's one of the things we looked hard at in the offseason. When we were bringing players in [we'd ask], 'Do they bring an aspect to the return game that can help us, particularly at the receiver and the corner spots?' And that was one of the criteria that we looked at when we looked at all these free agents. And so yesterday after practice, we had a punt catching session, and all those guys that were punt returners in college or saw themselves as punt returners had the opportunity to show that. And we'll continue to do that."

On whether WR David Reed has a lot of ability in the return game: "David is – you probably watched practice – David really has good ball skills. And while he doesn't have a lot of punt return experience, we're confident that at some point he can gain that experience here. Obviously, catching kickoffs is not quite as big a challenge. He has a lot of return experience, particularly his junior year in college, and we'll get him back in there. We practiced that this morning. He got reps, so David is a part of the plan as well."

Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron

Opening Statement:"I'll just throw something out here to start with: First, our veteran players, this is probably as good a performance as I've seen, at least since we've been here, from our veteran players. And I think we all would agree it should be that way. It's the third year in the system for most of them. Even a guy like [Donte'] Stallworth or [Anquan] Boldin, they've been in this system other places. So, I've been pleased with the new guys, the guys that are returning, and I think some guys made some comments yesterday about our young guys. We know it's early, but we also know we drafted these guys for a reason, and I was pleased with the starting point for our young guys."

On how T Jared Gaither is doing after missing practice today:"Well, we saw him yesterday morning, and I think we all know the talent that he is. I think we all know the kind of player he can be. It's just a matter of getting him healthy. And I think we all know this, too: Offensive line play is really the unit, not the individual talent or group of individual talents, and we're going with the five guys right now that are out there that give us the best continuity, that can grow together, and we can't wait to get him back. I can tell you that. And I think the thing that's most pleasing is the confidence – in what I've seen – the confidence in Oniel Cousins. We got a glimpse of it last year. He's coming, and he's playing well. He's picked up right where he left off, and we've got three good young tackles."

On how Gaither was injured:"I don't know that it's any one thing. I think it's just maybe a series of things, and I don't want to say it was one specific play."

On whether he expects Gaither back at practice tomorrow:"Don't know."

On whether they received any initial information on today's injury to T Ramon Harewood:"I have not. And you know, I think as soon as I get through the training room I'll get an idea, and obviously we hope for the best."

On whether Harewood was injured on a hit or something else:"Didn't see it. We'll see it on the tape."

On his early impressions of the two rookie TEs, Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta:"They had a nice day yesterday. Obviously, two guys that are very bright. The second day is always a little different, but it's a tough position to learn quickly, as a tight end in our system. We ask a lot of them, but again, as I said earlier, just open your eyes and you can see why we drafted these guys. These are two talented guys."

On how competitive he expects training camp to be with new receivers coming in against veteran guys like Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams:"Well, I think it's just what we're about here – competition. You saw what happened last year. A year ago we brought a guy in for a tryout, a three-day tryout, and he wound up starting for us in a three-wides package. So, the best guys are going to play. The good news is we've got a good group of guys that are going to push each other, make each other better. You know, if we have four or five, that gives us four-wides, that may give us five-wides packages. So, our packages can expand, which we need to do, and this is the year to do it. So, my guess is we're going to need them all."

On what he expects from T Michael Oher in his second season:"Just to continue to be who he is and do what he does and continue to get better, like we demand of every guy. And he is continuing to improve, and that's all you can ask from a young guy."

On how he would rate QB Joe Flacco's comfort level with new WRs Anquan Boldin and Donte' Stallworth:"Good question, tough question, because it's early. I mean, it's the first… Everything has been versus air; the throwing versus air. You know, we missed some things today that we really don't want to miss, and you'd like to think we're not going to miss them this afternoon. We're going to get better every day, that's the important thing. From this point forward, we've got to get better every day. We've got two more practices coming up, we've got a dozen OTAs, we've got a training camp, we've got a lot of reps coming up, and we've just got to get better, and better, and better and not get caught up in where we are today. The important thing is where we're at heading into September."

On how much he likes the flexibility he has with Dickson and Pitta:"Well, we'll see. It's still early to know. We have an idea of what they are, but until we see them in training camp in full pads… You can get fooled a little bit at this time of the year, because there's no threat of contact, per se. So, training camp I think becomes the first test, preseason games the second test, and at that point you just let it rip and let them grow."

On whether he wants Pitta to put on some weight, as he almost looks like a receiver:"No. And that's a good thing. He's a 245-250 pound guy that looks like he's 235, which is really what you want. And he's got functional strength, he's got functional speed. He's extremely bright. I think you've got to be careful getting hung on some kind of weight requirement for a tight end, especially because those guys are special teams players and a lot of things. We want a guy who can run and who's tough, and so far it looks like he is."

On whether Mike McLaughlin is getting his bearings at FB:"It's early, but he's a football player. And how that will play out… And he and I were talking yesterday; he's going to shine when the pads come on, like most good fullbacks. When they're out here without being able to hit anybody, they seem just like another guy out there, but we'll know more at training camp."

Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison

On if the goal of the defense getting younger has been achieved:"I think it's easy to see that we've got some good young guys. I don't know if I would use the word 'old.' I'd say I'd use the word 'experienced.' I'll take a Haloti [Ngata] and a Ray Lewis and a Jarret Johnson, at whatever age they're at. We're excited about the young guys that are here."

On what he would like to see out of the rookies and what he has seen so far: "You want to see, No. 1, that they start practicing like a Raven, that they start playing like a Raven. No matter what kind of program you come from, that's a different deal. That's a different tempo. That's a different way we practice. A lot of the rookies are swimming right now. Our philosophy here is whole-part-whole. I think they've got about 45 or 50 defenses in in two days. These defenses are not what they've had. They're maybe the same kind, but they're called different, so, that part of it, to see if they can play fast, play physical, as well as mental."

On how DT Terrence Cody's presence helps the rest of the defense: "Well, anytime you get run-stoppers in there, and that's what we've always prided ourselves in here, is stopping the run first. Terrence Cody has had a great reputation, has done a great job in his college years as a run-stopper, and I don't see any reason why he won't do the same thing here."

On the first impression of Cody and how his conditioning is progressing: "The one thing you noticed on film, and the one thing he showed out here – for a guy that is as big as he is – he's got a really quick first step. He really moves quick on his first couple steps, and that's very important in there with the guys he's going to be playing against."

On the progress of the cornerbacks group with starters recovering from injuries:"That's going to be really, really important to us. There's no question about it. We've got a great training staff here. The thing that I feel so good about is the guys have been here all offseason rehabbing, and they're probably ahead of what most people would think they would be, and that shows their desire to get back in there and how important it is for them to get back for us."

On what LB Sergio Kindle has shown him so far: "He shows me a guy that can run, just like he did in his college days. He's very, very explosive. He's a very aggressive football player, and he's very coachable. That's the thing that is always important. You get a lot of guys that are drafted, you really don't know how coachable they are, and he's been tremendous. He's like a sponge right now. The other thing that's so rewarding to see is a guy like Jarret Johnson, who is such a great player, is standing right next to him most of the time telling him exactly when he's not in there what to do and what not to do. You almost have 11 coaches coaching those positions, and that's something we really try to build on on defense."

On how LB Terrell Suggs looks: "How does he look to you? (laughter) Terrell is working extremely hard. One of our big emphases has been the pass-rush technique. A lot of, probably, what has happened with our guys has maybe been me, in fact, saying we've got to stop the run, stop the run, and put a lot of emphasis on stopping the run and putting Terrell Suggs where he's not in a pass-rush mode. Our attitude now in this camp has been to work a great deal on pass rush and get him in more of a position where he can rush the passer."

On how CB Cary Williams has seen a lot of practice time in the cornerback slot: "Cary has got a great body. He's a prototype corner. He's got a lot of length. He's got good speed. He's another guy that is really kind of buying into the Raven way, and coach [Chuck] Pagano is doing a great job with him, and a lot of emphasis is on him to see how good we can get him in a short period of time."

DT Terrence Cody

On how the veterans have helped out the rookies: "From the veterans, they're helping us out a lot. They're giving us a lot of, a lot of… What's the word I'm looking for? Just a lot of information they can give us to help us learn the plays better and faster."

On how different the speed of the game is in the NFL: "It's a lot different. I came from a good program [Alabama], one of the best programs in college, but it's a whole lot different. It's a lot of reps. The speed is faster, and everybody's bigger and stronger."

On what kind of feedback he is getting from LB Ray Lewis: "I'm getting a lot of positive feedback. We have a lot of fun in meetings. When I make a good play and it helps him out, he's happy and I'm happy."

On his conditioning and weight: "My conditioning is good. I feel, with this practice and all that stuff, I feel I can get my conditioning better, and I can practice my way into shape. My weight is fine. The Ravens like it and I'm good with it."

On if he weighs about 254 pounds: "I'd say 270." (laughter)

On if his goal is to weigh about 330 pounds: "I feel it can still be the goal, either that or 335."

On his opportunity to be in the starting lineup with DTs Haloti Ngata and Kelly Gregg recovering from offseason surgeries: "I have a real big chance to be, probably a starter, or sharing reps and stuff. I think it's a big opportunity I can be that."

On what he has learned from Gregg: "He's been teaching me a lot, telling me a lot, telling me things I can key in before the snap, and just telling me things about the plays and what to look for in this play and how you can learn how to remember the plays."

On his pad level as a somewhat taller nose guard: "They still think I still need to play a little lower. I play low for my size, but they think I can play a little lower."

On if the Ravens' defense is similar to that at Alabama: "Yeah, it's a lot similar to coach [Nick] Saban's, but the terminology of the defense is different from ours."

On if he feels he is off to a good start: "I feel like I am, and the coaches think I am, and it's good right now."

On if Clarence Brooks, defensive line coach, came to visit him last week: "Yeah, he did."

On the purpose of Brooks' visit: "At first, it was just to get to know me as a player and then as a friend, because he wanted to build a relationship, so he wanted to get to know how my personality was. Then, that's when we talked about the defense and he went over some plays to get me ready for camp."

On if Brooks gave him a playbook during his visit: "Yeah."

On how much people have stressed the importance of being in training camp on time: "It was stressed to me a lot, but we came from a program where it was all about business. That's what coach Saban taught us and wanted us to learn that when we leave from college, it's just going to be strictly business, so we already had that business side to us from coach Saban."

On if he knows the importance of being in camp on the first day: "Yes, sir."

On if it felt like football out there at practice: "It feels like football. I'm a fast learner. I learned fast at Alabama, and once I learned the plays, that's when I started playing my game, and I was successful from there."

On if it is tough knowing he has to be more disciplined in the NFL: "No, it wasn't hard. It's just that you had to think about your future, and I thought about if I didn't do the right things then I wouldn't be here right now or talking to you guys. It was just a life thing."

On if his weight is as important to him as it is to the Ravens: "Yeah, I feel it's more important to me than it is to them because it's my life, and if I don't get control of it and do what I'm supposed to do, then I'm not going to have a long career or a long life."

On what it is like going against veteran C Matt Birk: "We had a couple good battles and stuff. He'll get me sometimes, and I'll get him sometimes. It's just one-on-one battling and stuff. We just duke it out."

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