Press Conference Transcript - Dec. 18

On if there is a snow emergency plan in place: "We have practice. I told the guys to make sure they get their driveways cleared. Drive the truck if you've got one and start early, because we'll be working tomorrow."

On his decision to practice inside rather than outside: "We turned the heat off. The bottom line is we're playing on turf, and we want to get our timing down on turf. So, that's the issue. We practiced outside on Wednesday."

On his thoughts about getting OLB Terrell Suggs out there again:"Yeah, [Terrell] Suggs looked good. We'll see how it feels. He's still in the process of working through the [knee injury], but he played last week. I don't see any reason he wouldn't play on Sunday unless something comes up."

On if the depth at WR is a concern: "Well yeah, it is a concern. We've got some guys nicked up. We've got Kelley [Washington] nicked up, Mark Clayton's nicked up. Some young guys played a little bit last week, and they may have to play this week. But we're trying to get those guys back, especially Kelley."

On how difficult it is to address the team about Bengals WR Chris Henry: "It's beyond words to talk about with a situation like that. Most of our guys know Chris Henry. Hue Jackson has a really close relationship with him, so we asked Hue to come up, and we actually prayed for Chris on Thursday before we knew what the outcome was. There's not much, really, that we can say beyond that other than we just give out our heartfelt condolences to the family, to the children, especially at Christmas. It's just a tragedy."

On if never losing to a team with a losing record means something to him and his team: "No, it really doesn't. It means something in the long run. We'll look back and take a look at how we approach things all the time. I think that's something that's valid, but for this week, for what we're trying to do right now in this practice, it's just not a factor. We've got a really good football team coming in here – a team that is way better than their record. Everybody knows that. You look at their talent and the way they played through the course of the season – this is a playoff caliber football team, talent-wise, and we're going to have our hands full on Sunday. We're going to have to play our best game to have a chance to win this game, and that's what we're getting ready to do. All the other stuff, we don't really have time to think about that stuff. We'll let you think about that stuff."

On what it was like watching the Colts and Jaguars game last night: "Well, I didn't start seeing it until about midway through the third quarter, but it was a great game. It was really exciting to watch, and obviously we were pulling for the Colts. But nothing changes for us, that's the thing. You watch the game and you kind of get into it and you get a little excited about it, and then it's over. OK, what does it mean to us? Well it means we've got to win all three games. Nothing changes for us. You can only win one game at a time, and we have to win on Sunday."

On whether they are preparing to not face WR/RS Devin Hester:"We're preparing to face Devin Hester, but we also know who the backups are. So, the different guys that play in his different positions, we've prepared for those guys also."

On whether many teams can do what the Bears can do in the return game with Devin Hester and Johnny Knox: "Probably not. I mean, the amazing thing about their return game is, no matter who they put out there, they look the same. Whoever is running the punt return or the kick return looks as good as the other guy. They're great returners, but they must all be great returners, because they all look good doing it."

On having a healthy QB Joe Flacco: "Joe looks good. You know, Joe's been good all year. He's got the bruises like everybody, but he's been great."

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