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Press Conference Transcript - Dec. 5

On if he accomplishes much in practice on days when it's snowing:"Yeah, we accomplish things. You learn how to deal with the footing, you learn how to deal with the elements. I think that's part of it. The assignment part of it, the technique and the elements, I think that's good. It was good."

On if there was a snowball fight:"I had a good snowball fight. I got nailed at the end of practice. I was a little bit disappointed. It was like a barrage just came raining down." (laughing)

On if he expected the intensity of the snow today:"The snow? No, I didn't have any idea. It was snowing, but it started picking up as we went. We had decided we were going to go out no matter what. We just wanted to be out in the elements a little bit – throw it and catch it."

On if he feels good that the team got a chance to practice in the snow because of what they'll see in Green Bay:"I don't know if it's going to snow or anything, but it was good to be out. We wanted to be out for sure. As far as the execution and stuff, the footing there, it's going to be a soggy field a little bit, I would assume. We've been on the grass all week, which has been good. I don't think it would have behooved us to be on this [artificial turf] surface as much, so it was good for us."

On if his coaching tip for the players today was how to drive home safely:"Well, I was going to tell the guys to be safe driving home, but the then the snowball barrage came on. (laughter) It was a quick break, and we were out."

On if Lambeau Field's grass has heating coils under it:"Yes."

On if that means the field will be soggy rather than frozen and if "Frozen Tundra" is a misnomer:"Right. Well yeah, I guess so. It will be soggy, from what I've been told."

On K Billy Cundiff not seeming to be bothered by the snow:"No, he handled it well. He's been there before. You've got to take your time, but the rush is a little bit slower, so you get your footing, you plant, and you kick it straight."

On if you do anything different when kicking the ball in snowy weather:"That's the thing, it's like anything else: You slow it down, and you concentrate on your footing and technique, so you make sure you get a good plant. You don't want to be going in there too fast and sliding, so you get your plant foot down and you swing through it, and you take your time a little bit more. Snap, catch, hold, kick."

On if QB Joe Flacco handled the snow well:"Yeah, Joe did well. He looked good with the footing. He threw well. One thing about Joe, he's that kind of a quarterback. He's got that kind of an arm. He's got big hands, so he can handle the conditions pretty well."

On if wind is really the only weather factor that can affect the game plan or if cold and snow can, too:"Probably wind is the biggest factor, but we've been in a lot of wind these last couple of weeks, too, So, I think that's positive. But it all affects it to some extent. The footing's not as good. It's harder to catch a ball with this kind of snow, or if it's a heavy rain. You take your time a little bit and you concentrate on executing."

On if it is appropriate that it was snowing on the last day of practice before heading up to Green Bay:"Is it supposed to snow on Monday night? We've had pretty good weather the last couple of weeks. We've had some rainy days; we've had some windy days. The field's been a little bit slick, so that's been good for us, and we try to get outside as much as we can, as you guys know."

On if he's ever coached on a team where cold weather really impacted the game:"It makes the game different, but both teams are in the conditions. We've played in some playoff games, a couple of championship games, that were really, really cold. Everybody manages to stay pretty warm. We've got heaters on the sideline. You go out there and you play, and you come back and guys are next to the heaters. I think we are going to have a rule though – Kevin [Byrne], you've got to enforce this: The heaters are for the players on the sideline during the game. (laughter) There's usually doctors and PR guys who tend to get around those heaters pretty consistently."

On if any players complained about the cold today:"No, they were excited. They were like little kids. They were having a good time out there. It was very spirited."

On if he has any cold-weather gear for his head that he plans to wear Monday night:"Facial-type stuff? I don't think so. I've never had to do that before. I've had a stocking cap before, so that might be there. Beyond that, there will be no facial attire, ski mask, no."

On if it would be an embarrassment to the Harbaugh family in Milwaukee if he wore that:"I would be shamed. I would be shamed, there's no doubt. So there will be none of that." (laughter)

On how the coaches have to suffer through the cold more than the players:"That's the thing. I've got to tell you: As a head coach, the thing you learn, you do get colder for whatever reason, because you don't go back to the bench. The [position] coach, you can go back there and pretend like you're coaching somebody close to the heater, standing in front of the heater. As a head coach, you're supposed to be watching the game. What if the defense is out there and I'm standing over there by the heater? What kind of picture would that be?" (laughing)

On if his thought process slows down in the cold:"It's hard to speak. It is hard to speak. You're lips freeze. So that'd be tough."

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