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Press Release: Baltimore Ravens Transformation Project & Volunteer Day

Today (Wednesday, June 5) marks the Baltimore Ravens' organization-wide volunteer day, alongside the Heart of America Foundation, to help transform and beautify The Historic Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School #122 in Baltimore City.

The Ravens Foundation, Inc. is fully funding these renovation projects, which provide upgrades to the first Baltimore City school built specifically to educate African American children in 1926.

The school, now designated as a historic landmark, was named after Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, a British composer and conductor of African descent. Recently, the Baltimore City School System made several updates to the school, including a new roof, HVAC system, windows and doors, ceilings and lights.

Close to 200 volunteers made up of current and former Ravens players, staff and executives are taking part in the restoration event. Throughout the day, the group is working to refurbish the school's gymnasium, classrooms, teachers' lounges and hallways. Additionally, volunteers are renovating the playground and outdoor courtyard, planting trees and painting outdoor murals to enhance the area.

"Creating environments that nurture and inspire our city's children is an important commitment," Ravens president Sashi Brown stated. "We're honored to join this historic school community to help enrich the lives of its students and provide the educational setting they deserve."

"As The Historic Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School #122 approaches its Centennial Celebration in 2026, it's important that we continue to enhance the special connection with our amazing students and the surrounding community," principal Bettye Adams said. "These facility upgrades – thanks to the Ravens Foundation and Heart of America – will transform classrooms, create wellness spaces for teachers and help us celebrate students' accomplishments in the near and long term. Each staff member and student deserve these upgraded amenities that are well earned and greatly appreciated."

Additionally, a neighborhood community center attached to the school is undergoing a complete transformation. The center was recently re-dedicated in honor of a beloved civic leader named Theresa Marshburn. Community members use the Theresa Marshburn Center regularly to receive donations of food, clothing and school supplies.

"It's said that after parents and educators, a child's environment serves as their 'third teacher,'" Heart of America president and CEO Jill Heath stated. "Therefore, the act of elevating school spaces from functional to motivational can make a real difference. Heart of America knows that creating safe and inspiring learning environments is key to effective education, and we are thrilled to partner once again with the Ravens to make that happen."

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