Ravens Brass Head To Florida To Develop Roster Strategy


John Harbaugh has been a jet-setter lately.

After back-to-back trips to Arizona for the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl, the Ravens head coach took off for Florida to join the team brass for an annual offseason summit at Owner Steve Bisciotti's home.

Harbaugh, General Manager Ozzie Newsome, President Dick Cass, Assistant General Manager Eric DeCosta and Sr. Vice President of Football Administration Pat Moriarty all make the trip to Bisciotti's home to lay out the offseason game plan. Newsome calls the trip a visit to the "principal's office."

"We'll make some big decisions there," Harbaugh said last month at his end-of-season press conference.

The annual trip to Florida started six years ago as a way to get a clear strategy heading into the critical offseason months.

Team leadership discusses several aspects of the offseason, including which free agents they will make a strong push to keep and how active they will be on the open market. Moriarty also provides a detailed picture of how much salary cap space the team will have in the upcoming months, which is his specialty.

"We'll spend a lot of time looking at the salary cap and talking about our roster going forward," Harbaugh said. "At that point, we'll know how we're going to approach free agency and we'll have the details worked out."

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