Ravens Overcame Headset Issues In Miami


Joe Flacco got in an extra workout running back-and-forth to the sidelines between plays Sunday afternoon.

The Ravens quarterback had to consistently jog over to the sidelines to get the play calls from Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak because of communication issues from the sideline to the transmitter in his helmet. 

All quarterbacks wear a helmet with a radio signal transmitter inside to allow them to hear play calls from the sideline or the coach's box. But that line of communication was halted because of interference with the frequency. 

"It was crackling the whole time," Head Coach John Harbaugh said. "We couldn't get our plays in and we couldn't hear from the press box. Finally we had Gary on a wire in the second half, which made his communication better, but it was really no better back to Joe."

To offset the communication barrier, Flacco had to run over to the sidelines to talk with Kubiak or the Ravens would send in the play call by changing personnel on the field.

"We were old-schooling it," Harbaugh said. "We were running plays out there and shuttling plays with players back and forth. It was a challenge."

The exact cause of the issue was unknown, but Harbaugh said it's been a common problem during Baltimore's recent trips to Miami.

"We always have trouble in Miami for some reason," Harbaugh said. "We always have trouble down there with interference, radio stations and whatever is going on down there. Hopefully that will get fixed someday, but it's been going on for years there. It must not be something that can be dealt with."

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