Ravens Productions Tops Its Own Record With 13 Emmy Nominations


The Ravens Productions team continues to outdo itself, breaking last year's record of a dozen Capital Emmy nominations with 13 this year.

The Ravens have won 26 Capital Emmys over the years, taking home six last year. The team is hoping for more this time around, and the winners will be announced at the 60th Emmy Awards Gala June 23 in Bethesda.

"The Emmy nominations are an honor and a testament to the talent and dedication of our entire Ravens Productions team," said Vice President of Broadcasting Jay O'Brien.

"The Ravens' commitment to producing unique, compelling content for our fans has never been stronger. The number of nominations is particularly gratifying because it recognizes not only the breadth of our content, but the incredible talents of our producers, photographers, editors and animator."

The Ravens Productions crew included in nominations are Executive Producer O'Brien, Director/Technical Director Steve Groff, Senior Producer Matt Brevet, Producer/Photographer/Editor Eddie Coughlan, Producer/Photographer/Editor Phil Cunningham, Producer/Editor Jessie Knaak, Producer/Photographer/Editor Nick Modisett, Animator Brittany Jorge, Producer/Editor Jack Dana, Photographer Jeff Atkinson, Audio Engineer Mark Mariaca, Production Assistant Erin Eschels, Host Keith Mills, Host Erin Hawksworth, and Reporter Garrett Downing.

Here are this year's nominations:

_10A: Feature News Report - Light Feature/Light Series _The Ravenmaster

_21A: Historic/Cultural - Within 24 Hours _Ravens Tour National Museum of African American History

_22A: Sports - News Single Story/News Series _Ravens Enhance Fan Experience

_22C: Sports - Feature/Segment _Win the Day

_22C: Sports - Feature/Segment _T.J. Makes a Wish and an NFL Draft Pick

_22C: Sports - Feature/Segment _Ravens Rookies Realize Their Dreams

22D: Sports - Daily or Weekly ProgramRavens Report

22D: Sports - Daily or Weekly Program
Ravens Wired

_22E: Sports - Program Series _Ravens Kickoff

_23: Sports Event/Game - Live/Unedited _Ravens Preseason Football

_34F: Promotion - Program - Sports _Ravens Game Trailers

_34G: Promotion - Program - Image _Motivation Mondays

_45: Graphic Arts _Baltimore RavensBrittany Jorge, Animator

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