See Ray Lewis, Roquan Smith Watching Film Together

From left: Ray Lewis, ILB Roquan Smith

Ray Lewis and Roquan Smith talk the same language, and NFL Films has produced a riveting video of the two inside linebackers studying film together.

Both Lewis and Smith bring the smoke sitting side by side at the Under Armour Performance Center.

"Never try to block me with a receiver," said Smith, as the two linebackers smiled watching Smith blow up an opposing wideout.

Lewis and Smith bonded at the Pro Bowl in February where they made plans to watch film together. The Hall of Fame linebacker sees many attributes in Smith that he believes can help elevate his defensive teammates the way Lewis elevated his.

"There ain't too many left – hunters," Lewis said. "When I watch Roquan, I'm like, 'That's a hunter.'"

Smith knows he's following in large footsteps, trying to uphold Lewis' 17-year Ravens legacy at linebacker.

"It's such rich tradition," Smith said. "It's crazy just to step in and try to be the best version of myself, and hopefully one day be compared to a guy like Ray."

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