Robert Griffin Makes Ravens Roster, Cites Determination (And a Drake Lyric)


It's officially official. Robert Griffin's NFL comeback is complete.

Griffin is on the Ravens' 53-man roster after being out of the NFL entirely last year. The Ravens broke tradition to keep a third quarterback on their initial roster for the first time since 2009.

Speaking before he knew his fate, Griffin told reporters it's a testament to his hard work over the last year. Griffin's star fell from being the No. 2-overall pick in 2012 and Offensive Rookie of the Year to being out of the league just five years later.

Now he's back, and he feels stronger than ever.

"Not to quote Drake, but I'm going to quote Drake. I feel like I've been tried a lot in my career, but I'm resilient, for real," Griffin said, borrowing lyrics from the rapper's popular song, "Nonstop."

"That's the best thing that you can be, as a quarterback and as a player. No matter what adversity you go through, you have to be resilient. Keep your poise, stay calm, and work through it. And, I feel like that's what I've done, even when the cameras and the microphones weren't there last year, and there was no team to play for last year. I was still resilient. I still worked hard.

"It's a testament to everyone out there that's working hard and doesn't feel like they're where they need to be or where they want to be. Don't give up. It's the people that don't give up that end up succeeding in the end. When you finally get there, you'll appreciate the journey, and it will make you a better person."

The Ravens could still trade Griffin in the coming days, weeks or months. NFL Network's Albert Breer reports that the Ravens have fielded trade calls already. They could also hold onto him and his one-year, reported $1 million contract all year.

Griffin is an experienced and talented backup who could step in immediately and start if Joe Flacco were hurt. He's also a fine mentor for rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson, who he calls his "little brother."

"There's a certain way you have to do things as a pro, and that's what I'm trying to teach him – how to be a pro – so he can avoid some of the mistakes that really hit all young rookie quarterbacks and young players in general," Griffin said. "I take pride in that."

Head Coach John Harbaugh said he believes Griffin could be a starter elsewhere, and "without question" somebody else's No. 2. With Jackson, Griffin is the No. 2/3.

But regardless of whether Griffin remains in Baltimore or not, he'll be somewhere. Last year, Griffin spent much of the year training at the Disney Sports Complex in Orlando, Fla. This year, he'll be in NFL meeting rooms. He just hopes it remains Baltimore's.

"Football is supposed to be fun," Griffin said. "I do things a little different sometimes, and I've got a little different swag, a little different personality. They embrace that here, and it's been fun just to experience that with these guys. It's a credit to the guys in the locker room and the coaches, that I feel like I've been able to have fun again playing football."

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