Rookie Ben Mason Practiced So Hard That He Tore the Skin Off His Feet

TE/FB Ben Mason

Anybody who has played sports is probably familiar with the foot blisters that can come with it. When you're breaking in those new cleats or sneakers, it can really take a toll.

Well, rookie Ben Mason took things to another level. The fifth-round tight end/fullback pushed it so hard in his first practice as a Raven that he tore up his feet and had to miss practice the next day.

"Ben had trouble with his feet yesterday. He had just a bad shoe situation and really had some legitimate problems, in terms of tearing the skin off his feet," Head Coach John Harbaugh said. "So, that'll grow back quickly, I'm sure, and he'll be OK. He goes hard. He went so hard yesterday that he tore the skin right off the bottom of his feet."

Ouch. And, also, yuck.

Ravens Pro Bowl fullback/tight end Patrick Ricard took notice and showed he's no stranger to nasty foot blisters either. WARNING: Do not click that link if you have a weak stomach or just ate lunch.

Lamar Jackson set the record straight that this doesn't just happen to fullbacks.

While some people couldn't understand how anyone tears the skin off the bottom of their feet, nobody at Michigan was surprised that this happened to Mason.

The wrecking ball of a blocker won the Michigan's Toughest Player Award, as voted on by his teammates, in 2017 and 2019. No wonder Harbaugh said Mason was his parents' favorite player.

"It means a lot to be a Raven," Mason said after seeing his jersey for the first time. "It's all about toughness and hard work. That's exactly what I want to bring to this organization."

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