Simms Says Ravens Fans In NFL's Top 3



"There were times during the game when I thought to myself: 'I'm glad I'm not Ben Roethlisberger. The way your defense was jumping around and the noise, the energy. It was something new," former Giants quarterback and CBS-TV's top analyst told me on Tuesday. Simms, part of CBS' No. 1 team, broadcast last Sunday's 28-point victory over the Steelers with his partner, Jim Nantz.

"That friggin' crowd was unreal. They were so loud. It seemed like everyone in the stadium had either a black or purple Ravens jersey or shirt on," Simms added. "Right now, I'd say the three best stadiums in the league are you, Green Bay and Pittsburgh. Heck, 20 minutes before the game, your stadium was filled. I don't remember it being that good. You've been good, but not at that level.

"I'm not taking anything away from what you guys did to the Steelers, but your crowd had something to do with it," Simms continued. "And, it was the most exciting blowout I've ever called. You kept after them and, give them credit, they fought to the last play.

Ravens Fans Doing the 7 Nation Army Chant at M&T Bank Stadium
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Ravens Week 1 Post-Game Locker Room
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When Harbs brought the team up for the post-game huddle in the locker room, he asked if anyone had something to say. Domonique Foxworth, with a big smile, nodded to John and said: "So much for the OTAs. Guess we don't need those." Everyone laughed, including the coaches.

When most of the players had already showered, dressed and left, Bryant McKinnie was still in the sweaty shorts and shirts he wore under his uniform. Bryant was standing at his locker being interviewed by a few reporters. As Ray Lewis passed me to leave, I said: "Look at your big guy over there." Ray laughed, "He's not standing. He's leaning. He's a tired man. He's going to sleep well tonight."

We all want to be sleeping well this Sunday night. A victory at Tennessee will certainly help that. Let's beat the Titans.

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***Kevin Byrne***, a Ravens senior vice president, has worked in the NFL for 32 years. Byrne has been with the Ravens since the start of the franchise in 1996. Earlier in his career, Byrne was the sports information director at Marquette University, his alma mater, when they won the 1977 NCAA basketball championship under coach Al McGuire.

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