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SociaLight: Ravens Are the Most Meme-d Team In Sports 


The internet is undefeated and this Ravens squad is providing plenty of material.

First, it was the sideline shades.

Which we naturally turned into a meme contest.

There's no one better for that #Content than Mark Ingram though.

I would like Mark to follow me around at work all day, hyping me up. Wouldn't you feel like you could take on the world with this kind of introduction?

This squad is so tight knit, they've got their own catch phrases. Big Truss. Woo Woo.

If you know, then you know. Right, Lamar?

There is such a media frenzy around Lamar that media outlets are even using old clips to generate buzz. Social media was aflame this week with a clip of Lamar Jackson reacting to something Orlando Brown Jr. said to him … during the Jaguars preseason game … in the fourth quarter!

The scoop? Just know it was funny (and we'll keep using Lamar's reaction as a meme).

The moral of the story is watching this team might be fun in part because they're having so much fun together. Wins and fun means great content for all of us! Internet culture galore.

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