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SociaLight: Tony Jefferson and Tavon Young Make Their NBA Finals Predictions 


It may be the "offseason" for the NFL, but for the NBA, the Finals are in full swing. We'll get to that in a minute, but as we know, for many Ravens, watching basketball is really all about LeBron James.

Lamar even wants to star alongside him in Space Jam.

I mean if Zion Williamson can play football…

But alas, for the first time since 2005, LeBron wasn't even in the playoffs, let alone the Finals. It's come down to the Toronto Raptors and (shockingly!) the Golden State Warriors. So, the squad is having some fun debating who they think is going to be holding the trophy this year.

After the Raptors claimed Game 1 Thursday night, do you think Zach Orr is right? Tony Jefferson isn't so sure about Orr's logic.

Granted, the Warriors have been playing without superstar Kevin Durant. If Durant returns, the series could be shaken up.

Let's settle it Ravens Flock. Cast your vote for who you think is going to be holding the Larry O'Brien trophy this June.

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