Steve Bisciotti on How Long He Will Own the Ravens: 'I'm Not Going Anywhere'

Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti before the Baltimore Ravens took on the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL.

Steve Bisciotti is planning to remain the Ravens' owner for many years.

"I'm not going anywhere," Bisciotti said at the NFL league meetings, when asked if he ever considers selling the team.

"Having my family around, it's a unifying thing. You get to see your family more than you would. My brother and his wife come up from Atlanta, take my mom out to dinner on Saturday nights, bring her to the game. It's a good family deal. As I've gotten older, I've got grandkids in my suite now. I can actually pay attention to them for a minute in between series, throw Twizzlers at them. Right now, I'm very happy with it."

This has already been an eventful offseason for the Ravens, who recently announced that Dick Cass will be retiring as team president after 18 seasons, with new President Sashi Brown taking over April 1. On Tuesday, Bisciotti announced Head Coach John Harbaugh had signed a three-year contract extension through 2025.

Planning for the future is an aspect of owning the Ravens that the 61-year-old Bisciotti still loves. He has spent many hours this offseason consulting with General Manager Eric DeCosta and Harbaugh about roster moves, the draft, and managing the salary cap.

"I enjoy this whole part of it," Bisciotti said. "I enjoy free agency and the draft. I love the roster construction and the salary cap. It's a pretty good life eight months of the year."

The difficult months for Bisciotti are during the season, when his emotions are so closely tied to whether the Ravens win or lose. He has a difficult time managing his stress level on game days, especially during a season like 2021 when the Ravens were involved in so many close games.

When the Ravens win, Bisciotti is overjoyed.

"Those highs are so incredibly high," Bisciotti said.

When the Ravens lose, Biscotti feels the disappointment to his core.

"In-season is very, very stressful," Bisciotti said. "It's not real enjoyable for me."

However, he plans to keep riding that emotional roller coaster, and helping DeCosta and Harbaugh deal with the highs and lows.

"I become that consigliere for John and Eric," Bisciotti said, smiling. "They talk me off the ledge, and then I bring a more positive message to John later in the week."

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