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The Caw: Hayden Hurst Needs Your Help Finding #TheOneThatGotAway


Hayden Hurst had a missed connection on his way back to Baltimore for the start of Ravens Organized Team Activities.

No, he didn't miss his flight. The Ravens tight end missed out on talking to a woman that caught his eye – a "gorgeous tall brunette."

You may know the feeling. You see somebody you're attracted to, but they're too far away to say something. You go to make you move, but it's too late. The worst.

One fan gave Hurst a hard time for not being able to catch up with the woman. Hurst explained that he stopped to take a picture with someone.

At least his teammates (or at least most of them) have his back …

Even former Raven Terrell Suggs, a sucker for a good rom-com, got in on the story …

It was a 7:45 p.m. flight from Jacksonville to Baltimore on Spirit Airlines. Hope she likes a man who's thrifty.

We'll keep you updated if a discovery is made.

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