The Caw: Lamar Jackson Loves Seeing Kids Get His Jersey for Christmas


The hottest Ravens jersey to get this Christmas had to be that Lamar Jackson No. 8.

The Ravens' rookie quarterback has loved watching kids' reactions as they got his jersey, and he has been retweeting them on Twitter.

When asked what he thought about kids' admiration for him in the form of asking for and wearing his jersey, Jackson said Wednesday, "That's pretty cool."

"I was a kid before, getting a jersey and stuff like that and being happy," Jackson said. "For kids to look up to me as an idol and stuff like that, and receiving my jersey with so much expression on their face, it's cool."

So whose jersey did Jackson get when he was a kid growing up in Florida? He was more into the NBA, and had an Orlando Magic Tracy McGrady jersey.

"That was pretty cool to me," Jackson said.

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