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Training Camp Transcript - Aug. 15

Opening statement: "It's good to see everybody. Good work day coming off a day's rest. The guys are energized and ready to go, and it was positive."

On the injury status of QB John Beck:"John Beck? You know, I don't know the exact details of it. I know it's not a tear, so it's not going to be surgical. So, it should be a deal where rest brings it back, but I don't have the exact details yet."

On how the team responded to the first game and today's long practice: "The guys worked hard. The guys do what they always do. How'd they respond to the first game? That's what we do. We come to work. Our guys, that's what we do. Thank you."

On if he wore his blue-collar workman shirt for a reason today: "The point is twofold, and you're going through it, I understand. The point is – and we talked to our guys Thursday night after the game – whatever we wore on Thursday night, we're taking off from there. You know, we're going to work. Our players, they wore their work jerseys out today. The other thing is – these guys, and really all of us, coaches, anybody in the organization, Steve Bisciotti – people in our lives go to work every day and they do jobs that are tough jobs. We have an opportunity to come out here and practice football and an opportunity to go out Thursday night and play football. Who's got it better than us? I think our guys understand that. We should be excited to come out here and work and practice, because we saw our fathers, our mothers, our grandparents, our uncles or aunts, or whoever raised us, put one of these shirts on with their first name right there, just like that, and go to work. Probably two jobs – to make sure all of us could get to where we're going to be. That's what America is all about. You're right, it's just a very visual reminder. And, most of the guys can think back to whoever that was – in lots of cases both parents – who sacrificed for them. So, hey, let's go to work today."

On if he would be happy with the way the Redskins' worked in the game if he was one of their coaches: "I wouldn't even go there. I know this: They do a great job. They're going to be a very good football team, without question. [They're] very talented, very well-coached."

On how many snaps T Michael Oher had and what his first impressions were: "He had about 35 snaps, I think, off the top of my head. The impressions were, just like Michael said after the game, he's got a lot of things to work on. But the things that we saw, that we knew that he was going to bring to the table, were there. He's physical, he's got good feet, he can bend, he's smart. But all the technique stuff, he's going to be a work in progress for really years to come. We've got a lot of work to do between now and September."

On QB Drew Willy's return:"Drew's been here before, so that gives us another quarterback to get through practice today and to give Drew the chance to show what he can do a little bit. We happen to have a little room on the roster right now, and some of the other positions that could use help, we really couldn't find guys that we thought could help us. So, we felt like the quarterbacks were the best option, to bring a quarterback in."

On how big of loss it is for special teams that WR Marcus Smith is out for the season: "It's a huge loss for the special teams. We're going to have to make it not a loss, but somebody else is going to have to step up. But Marcus was playing as well as any rookie in the league last year at the end of the year on special teams. You saw it in the game – that's a big, strong gunner running down the field. We've got to find two gunners, and another two on the kickoff return, so it's going to be a big challenge… or kickoff coverage. It's going to be a big challenge for us."

On if he likes the confidence of WR Kelley Washington and what he presents on the field: "Yeah. Kelley, the fact that he goes in there stronger and makes those catches, is what counts. Kelley plays with a lot of flair and enthusiasm. I think he's earned the right to do that. We enjoyed how he played. He's got a lot of work to do, too."

On rookie DB Lardarius Webb looking to fit into the special teams role:"If you look at Lardarius' situation, like those corners, they start fighting for a spot on the 45-man [roster]. So, who's going to play gunner? Who's going to be our L2 on kickoff coverage? Those are huge roster spots when it comes to that 45-man roster."

On CB Chris Carr and WR Jayson Foster in the return game: "They both did a good job, although I think the decision-making – when to catch the ball, when not to, when to return a low ball, maybe, instead of when to call a fair catch – those are things we can iron out. But they did [well]. It was a solid first start."

On if there has been any separation between Steve Hauschka and Graham Gano in the kicking battle: "I think it's going to go down to the wire. No separation yet. They both did fine."

On if there will be any alterations between now and the next game:"The fact is, in our mind, training camp goes really through the four preseason games. You're talking about the training camp here, the two-a-day portion of camp. We've already scheduled out one-a-days in the middle of this week, so that's already planned in. And if we feel like we need to do something, change something, then we'll do it as we go. And our guys work hard, so there might be an opening to do that."

On if he diagramed QB Joe Flacco's touchdown run in practice today: "I can't remember where all he went. Alison, my daughter, probably draws that perfectly. (laughter) That was fun. That was a good drill, a good two-minute drill. The offense made some plays at the end there, so that was good to see."

On his thoughts of his first NFL game:"[It was] just good to get it under the belt. It was a big game for me. You know, it's only a preseason game, but at the same time it's my first NFL game, and I was able to see what it's like and just experience the whole atmosphere and the routine and how it all works. So, it was an awesome experience."

On what the coaches had to say about his game performance: "We're watching tape this afternoon, so I actually haven't seen it yet. A few things I have to work on are just really basic stuff, but what makes a lot of difference. Just the linemen things, and making sure I'm aware of offense – the down and distances – just stuff like that."

On whether the coaches commented about his energy on the field:"Yeah, coach [John Harbaugh] was pleased. He talked to me about just running around and making sure I'm playing like a Raven and all that stuff. I wanted to prove to the older guys and everybody that I can be a part of this team and work hard and play like these guys do."

On feeling pretty good about his sack in the second half: "Yeah, they always do [feel good]. It was awesome. Credit to a lot of teammates getting through and making a big push up front, so it's always fun to get a sack."

On how his relationship with QB Joe Flacco has been progressing:"That's just something that I've continued to work on. It's important for me to get some camaraderie with Joe [Flacco] and [make sure] the receivers are on the same page. It's important to myself, being new to the team and seeing what he expects on a daily basis. Again, he's the leader of the team so, I've got to be around him and know what he expects."

On if losing WR Marcus Smith ups his role on the team:"Anytime you lose an important player like Marcus [Smith] on special teams and also being a backup receiver, guys are going to have to step up. I'll take it upon myself to fill the void, as far as receiver-wise, and also on the special teams side because he was a great special teams player. That's the position that we're going to be losing, but again, I feel like I want to pick up the slack and go ahead and fill the void."

On if he is working on any special dance moves for the regular season: "[I'm] just bringing excitement out to the field. Just working on my skills and showing a little excitement – trying to get through training camp – be positive and get guys smiling and laughing. The biggest thing is to bring some type of energy."

On how he is feeling now about making the Ravens' roster:"It's still an audition for me. Every day, every player comes out here and you have to prove yourself on a daily basis. You can't look at what you did in the game; you can't look at what you did yesterday in practice. You're constantly getting evaluated, so day in and day out, you want to bring your best. You want to bring your 'A' game out here. That's what I try to continue to do."

On what his overall impression is of this offense:"You have a good, young quarterback and you've just got a lot of weapons around him. I think that's the biggest thing, surrounding him with weapons and a young offensive line – very talented and athletic offensive line. So, we've got the players, it's just a matter of coming out here going to work every single day and getting on the same page."

On his relationship with WR Derrick Mason: "I respect Derrick a lot just because again, he's a veteran of the National Football League. He's played in all the big games and made so many great plays. I try to pick his brain as much as I can because I know he's been in every situation here you can possibly be in, either in training camp, the regular season or playoffs. That's the guy that you want – not just myself, but other the young receivers – that's the guy that you want to talk to and help motivate you because he's proved it in his career."

On how he got through Thursday's game and the confidence that QB Troy Smith has in him:"That was the best part. Troy and Cam [Cameron], these guys have got confidence in me, and it's up to me to make plays. Coming out early, I can't even say it was jitters. It was just two drops. Those were drops that I know I can't have. We've still been in training camp, and that's my main focus, is to get better every day. So, I'm far from pleased with my performance. A touchdown doesn't even matter. I had more than two drops, so I know I've got to make those plays."

On if his size and strength helps him out there:"Yeah, if I don't use it to my advantage, then it's no good. I have times where I do use it and I have times where I don't. But that's my main thing through training camp, why use it sometimes when you've got it all the time? That's my biggest fear with myself, not using all my strengths. I know, being a young receiver, that's what I've got to do – use all my strengths."

On how he keeps his head up after having some dropped balls: "Being a professional. Talking with [Derrick] Mason, [Mark] Clayton and Ed Reed coming up to me, that's one thing. They let you… You're a professional. Your job is to catch the ball. You can't worry about the last play. You've got to go on to the next play. That's my transition – being a professional – to learn how to block those plays out and go on to the next one."

On how hard it is to block out the fact that he is still trying out for the team: "It can't be hard. I'm going in to Year Two. I've got to understand that's what professionals do. So, if I want to be in this league, vet or not, that's what I've got to do to be in this league, and that's go on to the next play and block those little plays out."

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