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Transcripts: Ravens Day 3 Draft Pick Conference Calls


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Fourth-Round Pick: G Nico Siragusa

On his reaction to being drafted by the Ravens:"I was super excited. Words cannot even explain it. It is just something that you work so hard for, and to finally get the call and see your name on TV, it is unreal."

On if he had any idea the Ravens were interested in him:"I did not. I had no idea. No idea."

On having the same last name as former Ravens DT Tony Siragusa:"I know. Hopefully one day we can take a picture or something, and we can be like, 'You are not the father!'" (laughter)

On if he has been asked if he is related to former Ravens DT Tony Siragusa:"Oh come on, every day! Especially being a football player, everyone thinks you are Tony's son."

On what the Ravens can expect from him as a player:"I am going to bring a hard-working [attitude] – bring my hard hat every day. I am going to be a good people mover, explosive offensive lineman. I am going to be great in the locker room – that kind of player – great in the community, great everywhere."

On how much pride he takes in helping block for the NCAA's all-time leading rusher, San Diego State RB Donnel Pumphrey:"I take great pride in that. That is something that I am going to tell my grandkids about. I don't care about what people say: [former Wisconsin running back] 'Ron Dayne this, Ron Dayne that.' D.J. Pumphrey is the man. I cannot wait to see what he does at the next level. He has been proving people wrong his whole career, and I can't wait to see him keep doing that."

On how he sees himself fitting in on the Ravens' offensive line:"Honestly, to come in and compete for a job. It is the NFL; everybody competes. [I'll play] probably guard, center. But, man, I'm in the NFL; I will play whatever. You know what I mean?"

On if he would feel comfortable playing center:"Yes. I feel like if I got into the right environment and the right coach and he taught me how to snap, I feel like I am smart enough – football smart enough – to be able to know all the calls to make, to be able to multitask."

On if he has any experience at center: "I do not. Only in intramural football, where I would snap to the quarterback." (laughter)


Fifth-Round Pick: G/T Jermaine Eluemunor

On how it feels to be drafted by the Ravens and his initial impressions of the team:"I am excited. I visited Baltimore, and it was a great place. I loved the coaches down there; I felt really good around their coaches. I loved their o-line coach [Joe D'Alessandris] and coach [John] Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome and everyone down there. It is a great organization, and I am happy to be a part of it."

On if he left his pre-draft visit thinking there was a strong chance the Ravens would select him:"I was thinking that. I was telling everybody that the Ravens were one of the top ones I was thinking about of spots I could land. I saw they drafted an offensive lineman in the fourth round, so I kind of lost hope. Then, they came back again and got me. I just needed one opportunity, and they gave me the opportunity, so I am ready to go."

On how much he is looking forward to the Ravens' Week 3 game in London, which is where Eluemunor is from:"It is going to be a dream come true. I am ready. I told Ozzie Newsome and coach Harbaugh that I am ready to go. They were telling me about Myles [Garrett] playing for the Browns, with them [the Ravens] playing them [the Browns] Week 2. They need a right tackle, and I play right tackle, so it is a perfect fit for me. I am ready to get in there and get to work and take that spot."

On being originally from England and if he played rugby:"I played soccer up until I was about 11. I played soccer from [the ages of] 3 to 12. Then, from 12 to 14, I played Rugby. When I came over here, I started playing football."

On what brought him from England to America: "Football."


Sixth-Round Pick: S Chuck Clark

On how it felt to get drafted by the Ravens:
"It felt great. Just seeing a number that you don't even know pop up on your phone, area code – but you have to answer and it felt great. It's the greatest feeling. You're sitting around the house, and you're wondering when it's going to happen. It was a great feeling."

On what his expectation was coming into the weekend for where he may get drafted:
"Yes, I was hearing different things, but I was hearing anywhere from four to six [rounds]. So, just to fall in that area … One of my expectations was definitely to be drafted before the weekend was over."

On how he thinks he'll fit into the Ravens' secondary with all the veteran players and how he'll learn from them:
"I feel like they've got some great leaders already there, but in any program, any system, it's always up to the young guys to come in and try to learn from the older guys and take as much from them as they can and mold themselves. But I'm trying to come in and learn as much as I can from those guys who have established themselves. I can make plays when I get out there."

On if he has much experience playing specials teams and his expectations for doing so in Baltimore:
"Definitely. I feel like special teams for any player – whether you're a freshman or a rookie or anything – that's how you get going and get your name started. When I first got to Virginia Tech, that's how I basically got my name out there more [was] on special teams my first couple of years, just playing on special teams."

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