Transcripts: Ravens Media Availability 9/25


Opening statement: "OK, great to see everybody – appreciate you guys being here. We're preparing for Cincinnati, had a good week, and we're excited to go play."

*John, you mentioned on Monday about the possibility of not staying on the West Coast. Have you made a decision on that or no? *(Jamison Hensley) *"We're not going to stay on the West Coast next time. We'll be doing a normal travel schedule for both of those games." (Reporter: "That [question is] more for our travel plans.")* "Yes, you guys have to make your travel [plans], absolutely – totally understand that. We talked about it. We knew on Tuesday. We had talked about it. Sorry, I didn't think to add … You should've asked me!" (laughter) (Reporter: "We dropped the ball. We forgot.") "You forgot; I wasn't thinking about it."

The fact [that it is] a Monday game [against the Cardinals], and it's a longer week, did that have something to do with it? (Jeff Zrebiec)"Yes, that was a big part of it. That was a big part of it. You have to go out there … Yes, that was the main part of it. It's just a long week. We're going to go out there [to San Francisco] two days before, because it's a West Coast trip. And then if you're out there [in Arizona for a week] until Monday, it's just too long of a stretch."

*I know it has only been a couple of days, but how encouraged are you to see WR Breshad Perriman back out there again getting some practice time? *(Luke Jones) *"I'm encouraged, yes. I'm encouraged by that, and that's very important. It looks like [Breshad Perriman is] getting close, but what that means exactly, I don't know. Nobody tells me [when he will play]. I have no report on it. I have no information on it, because our medical people just don't know. When they tell me he can play, he'll be out there playing. *(long silence from media group) That stunned everybody. That's just the truth. That's the way it is. It's a tough injury to judge."

Can you talk about the emergence of TE Crockett Gillmore in the passing game? (Jordan Schatz)"Yes, Crockett [Gillmore] has done well. He's a guy that we've had high hopes for since he came in. He has done nothing to disappoint us. Really, every single day, game, he continues to improve. He makes a mistake, he never makes it again. [He has a] great attitude. I've said here many times that I'm a big … I really like Crockett, and not just Crockett. Those other two young tight ends [Maxx Williams and Nick Boyle], those two rookies, that he's mentoring as a second-year guy, he has done a great job with those guys, and those guys are doing a good job, too. So, we're happy with our young tight ends."

John, S Will Hill III hasn't been on the injury report. Is everything OK with him? (Jeff Zrebiec)"Yes, you'll see the injury report later. Yes."

**John, is it good to be home to play the first game? *(Jim Forner) (laughter) *"I've answered that question so many times, and no one – not one reporter – has even written it yet. *(laughter) *Except for Joe Platania." *(Reporter: "We used it on the air.") *"You did use it on the air? OK, good. OK, then I'll say it. It is going to be great to be back home again. We're excited, we love our fans, we love our crowd, we love our stadium, and we can't wait to be back in there at 1 o'clock at M&T Bank [Stadium]. I don't see anybody taking notes. You guys writing that down? Oh, you have [recorders]. That's true, OK. You're recording it." *(Reporter: "I guarantee it will be on TV tonight.") *"There you go, alright."

John, how much have you seen DT Geno Atkins make that jump from last year where he was still recovering from a knee injury? Have you been impressed with what you've seen on film from him this year? (Jeff Zrebiec)"Yes, Geno looks good. Geno Atkins looks like Geno Atkins and one of the premier defensive tackles in football. I think everybody agrees with that. He has done very well. It is not just him. He's a guy that you always have to account for, certainly, and all those [players], really. You look at their whole defense – there are a number of guys that like on that defense."

John, just to follow up on the home crowd thing, how much pride do you take, though, in just your home record?"I'll take pride in this one. We have one home game this week that we're playing. All the rest of them mean nothing at this point. We have one game, at home. It happens to be at home this week. So, we're happy about that; we're looking forward to it, and that's *all *we're thinking about."

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