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Watch Highlights of Jacoby Jones' Foxtrot (GIFs)


Jacoby Jones continues to impress on Dancing With The Stars.

And he might just be the favorite to win the whole thing.

Jones showed off his elegance Monday night during a foxtrot with partner Karina Smirnoff. The two scored a 24 from the judges, and the high score of the night was Olympic gymnast Alexandra Raisman and her partnet Mark Ballas with a 27.

Jones dedicated his dance to his son, Jacoby Jr. Jones and Smirnoff danced to a Rodney Atkins song, "Watching You," which is about a father watching his son grow up. Before the dance, Jones said that 2012 was the best year of his life – and it wasn't because of the Ravens winning Super Bowl XLVII. Instead, the birth of his first child was the crowning moment.

"I always wanted my child to be proud of me, that's what I dreamt of," Jones said. "If it's success or failure, I wanted him to know that his dad is going to be in his life no matter what.

"I didn't have a daddy growing up. He left when I was two. He could walk in here right now, and I wouldn't know what he looks like. I've tried to reach out to him and contact him, but I don't think he could face me as a man. I had to make my own mistakes and grow up."

Jones had a little extra motivation in the audience, as his son was there to cheer him on.

The Ravens wide receiver delivered in a big way, and here's the take from the judges.

Carrie Ann:"That dance was  just phenomenal. There was something so joyous about it. [On] your solo you came out, and it wasn't old-school foxtrot or anything, but I love it. You came out of the box a little and did your thing, and expressed your joy, and did your little touchdown dance specialty. I loved that. But I'm going to tell you something because I think you have a real shot at winning this. You guys have a height difference, so sometimes your butt sticks out because you're a little tall. You've got to try to get your butt in with that posture, and I think you've got a really good shot. Get the booty in."

Len Goodman:"Jacoby I know you're not a fan of the foxtrot, but I'll tell you what: I was a fan of that foxtrot tonight. I loved it. Big guys trying to do elegance, I think is great. You came out and you did it, you looked the part, and you danced the part. Well done."

*Bruno Tunioli: *"You were trotting it full throttle. You have your trademark: Flash and flare. You're irresistible. You really are like nobody else. Whatever you do, you do give it. There  is one tiny little thing, because [Carrie Ann] is right, you've got big chances here. Your hands. Sometimes you do it well, but sometimes they're a bit like spatulas. I know you've got a big wing span, but you have to reach to the end of it. But I'm telling you, great job."

Now here's my take on some of the key moments from the performance:

Karina jumps the gun and almost starts the dance early. And Jacoby gives her that, "you better shape up right now" look. !

Time for his big solo. Do we have a new touchdown dance routine for next season? !

Jacoby is probably the only guy on the team who could pull off the heel click jump, and still make it look good. Plus, you got to love the signature touchdown shoulder move at the end. !

Talk about a cute baby. Jacoby tried to convince everyone that his son got his good looks from his dad. !

That's one proud momma. If your son is winning over America on national TV, I'd say it's OK to cry. !

Here's the full dance video:

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