Wednesday Practice Transcript - 10/12


Head Coach John Harbaugh

*Houston and the Ravens have both struggled in the red zone, and you've even devoted time to it in practice. What's the key to getting better in the red zone? *(Joe Platania)

"That's what it is, practice. You work at it and try to come up with some decent schemes. I don't think anybody works harder at it then we do. We spend pretty much practice time every single day, and we spent every single day in training camp, with it. We think it's something we can be successful at. We haven't been as successful as we want, but we need to be."

What will it feel like going against Derrick Mason again? (Ken Murray)

"How does it feel? I haven't felt it yet. We'll be looking forward to it."

Can Mason offer the Texans much information about the Ravens' personnel or scheme? (Ken Murray)

"I don't think he'll give them much that way. It's been a while. He may have something. But for all these guys, when you get away from that scheme… He may have something on the players, maybe, kind of his insights. But, he's been working on the Jets' system and learning that system. That stuff leaves you after a while and things change."

It appeared the Texans were able to shut down Oakland last Sunday with play-action. How effective has Matt Schaub been in the play action game? (Evan Washburn)

"That's a great point. That's really what they do. Everything starts with the run. They do want to establish the run. They've been really good at that, obviously, then hard play-action gives them protection. It gives Matt time to get back and sit back there and give those downfield routes time to develop. That's where you see Owen Daniels and Jacoby Jones downfield. You saw, of course, Andre [Johnson] with all the different stuff he runs with the single-receiver routes. That's a big part of what they do, especially on early downs."

*Owen Daniels plays like a receiver in a tight end's body. How big has he been for the Texans? *(Dan Kolko)

"That's exactly what he is. He's a big receiver. Obviously, he does some blocking, too. But he's not in there to block; he's in there to make plays. He's a give-and-breaking-type of player. He's their leading receiver. He's their top threat right now. He's a guy you've got to factor in. We've got to know where he is at all times. They hide him a lot, too. So, you have to find him."

*The Texans have a few key players out because of injuries. What is the benefit of knowing they won't be playing this week? *(Nestor Aparicio)

"Well, we pretty much know, I guess, that Andre's not playing – although they haven't said anything. We don't know much from them, because they don't say anything. Gary [Kubiak] hasn't said anything, and none of their players have said anything. So, we have very little information. We're just going by what the media reported. They'll give us some intel on that, and we won't know until Sunday on those guys."

*How does it affect your game plan? Are you planning for them to play? *(Nestor Aparicio)

"Which guys are you talking about? (Reply: "Mario Williams and Andre Johnson.") Mario, we know is out. Andre, we think is going to be out, but we're not 100-percent sure. But, we're assuming right now that he's going to be out. So we have to have a little bit of a side plan in case he plays, because he hasn't been ruled out and nobody there has said he's going to be out yet. The other guys are all up in the air. [James] Casey is up in the air, and the couple of backup defensive backs are up in the air right now."

Is it safe to say Bryant McKinnie has met or surpassed your expectations for him so far this season? (Glenn Clark)

"Then we'd have to say that we'd set a certain bar, and we really didn't do that. We are really happy with him. We really like where he is, no doubt. He's played well. He's a premier player. We knew he was one of the premier tackles in football. I just think he's only going to get better as the season goes on, because he's going to get work with our guys in our system and he's going to continue to get in better shape."

In addressing the left tackle position, do you notice that it has made the entire offensive line better? (Glenn Clark)

"Absolutely. It's a key cog for us. Michael [Oher] has done a great job on the right side; he [McKinnie] has done a great job on the left side. They are two quality tackles. It allows us to play Marshal [Yanda] at guard, which has been big for us. Andre [Gurode] has filled in very well at left guard. And, Ben [Grubbs] has a possibility for this week, so we'll just have to see."

*You've only had your walk-through, but how refreshed do your players look coming off their bye week? *(Pete Gilbert)

"Probably they are kind of chomping at the bit. They're excited to practice. Our guys like practice anyway. But, the bumps and bruises aren't there as much. We still have some of the injury issues that you guys are talking about, but the bumps and bruises aren't there, so they're bouncing around pretty good."

Arian Foster was a big factor in the Texans' passing game last week with Andre Johnson out. What makes him so special? (Ryan Mink)

"Well, he's a guy who gets the ball a lot of different ways. They get him the ball in screens, if you're talking about the passing game. They give him the ball in quick flares. Our guys have to understand if he's releasing, he's releasing for a reason and it's usually to get him the football. He runs that stretch-zone scheme as well as anybody in football. He's a stretch-and-cut runner. [He has] great vision. Everywhere is the point of attack in that scheme. He does that better than anybody – you saw that cutback touchdown play against Pittsburgh. [That is] probably as much as anything right there. That was just a great run."

Houston has been successful in scoring on their first possession. How important is it to keep them from getting ahead? (Jen Royle)

"That's a good point. I think they are averaging 70 yards and 7-8 minutes off the clock, something like that. They've scored 24 points in their first five drives. And defensively, too, they're the only team that's shut out their opponent on the first drive. That's five out of five. They've jumped out to big leads in the first quarter – big leads in the first half. We've done pretty well in the first quarter, too, so something has got to give. It's going to be really important, I think, to start the game well. Both teams are going to try to do that."

QB Joe Flacco

On what he and the offense can do to raise his completion percentage: "I think it's just a matter of going out there and getting better each week. I've said it all along: We're going to have games where we have to win a lot of football games, and at the same time, we have to learn and get better and continue to improve. We're a young team and a young offense. We're going to have to go out there and learn each week. Part of that may be having a low completion percentage a couple games. But, I think as long as you're putting pressure on the defense, doing those kinds of things, you can still be successful. In this past game, we moved the ball in the first quarter without having a very good completion percentage. And then, to tell you the truth, after that we needed to be a little bit better in the second quarter. But still, they rallied around their team a little bit, forced some throw-aways. We could have made a couple more plays on a couple of those. But, we're a team that attacks downfield and takes some shots. Sometimes when that's not working and going your way, then you end up with some incompletions. We can probably take some more quick game and things like that to help us out."

On what he did during the bye week: "I hung out here for a little bit. Then I went home for a couple days and just got away."

On what it does for the Ravens with Texans DE Mario Williams out:"They've got a lot of good guys over there on defense. But anytime you take a guy like that out of the game – I don't want to say it makes it easier – but it'll definitely help us out a little bit."

On what he learned playing the Texans last season: "We played these guys my rookie year, we played them up there last year, and these guys are a good football team. I think the biggest thing is, obviously, we don't want to let them back in the game. We want to play a full 60 minutes, which I think we did. We didn't get very many possessions last year in the second half. I think we've got to play good team football and give ourselves the chance to get the ball a lot and move the ball downfield ourselves."

On if he is the type of guy who forgets about football during the bye week:"We were in here on Monday, and after that, [coach Harbaugh] gave us the week off. I brought my iPad home with me, but other than that, I didn't come back in this building. I looked at tape on Houston, just to get a head start so I didn't have to do all my work early this week, but I didn't come back in here."

On if he was still thinking about football:"Yeah, definitely. Getting ready for Houston and trying to catch as much of their game as I can on Sunday, but at the same time, getting away and healing up a little bit."

On if the Texans' pass defense is doing anything different this year, given their statistical improvement:"I think they have some good guys back there. They brought in the guy from Cincinnati [CB Johnathan Joseph] that has been doing pretty well. I think their safeties are guys that are more coverage guys than they are guys that are going to get up in there and stop the run. I think they are confident in matching those guys up with tight ends and things like that, and I think they do a good job of doing it. We are just going to have to make sure we do our best of running routes and staying confident in our ability to attack them."

On how important it has been to get off to fast starts on offense:"I think anytime teams want to give you the ball, you have to get out there and go try to put points on the board as soon as you can. We've been able to do that, whether it has been on our offense or our defense starting fast to get us that ball. We want to start fast each week. Especially this week, I think it is even more important just because Houston has been starting pretty quick themselves. We want to get out and put pressure on them right away."

On how important it is for him personally to get off to a good start:"You have to kind of let the game come to you as a quarterback. I don't think you want to try to go out there and make all kinds of plays and try to do too much, because that is when you get yourself in trouble. I think, for me, it just goes along the same way it does for our team. When we get out ahead and we start fast, it puts pressure on other team's offense to do a lot and start doing those things that I just said are really not beneficial to do. When other team's offenses are feeling pressure to score some points and do those things, that plays right into our defense's hands and get us some turnovers. A lot of times, it can work in our favor – big time."

LB Ray Lewis

On his appreciation of the bye week:"I just think you appreciate it more every year you grow into it, and even for myself, you really take advantage of a bye week. It's always your workout is first, and then you kind of get to really take care of yourself – massages, double up on those things – and a lot of treatment. I was so young and just running around and trying to do everything, and those days run out real quick when you are trying to do a lot. Then you get older and you spend a lot of time with your family. I got a chance to really go home and see all of my kids play on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It was just a good break to get away from it, but you never get away from the game. You are always thinking about the game. I just think it is more of [a relief on] your body physically."

On former Ravens WR Derrick Mason being traded to the Texans:"I don't know. I don't know what to think of it. That's their ordeal. Whatever the Jets went through with him, they go through with him. It doesn't matter. [You] lineup and play, no matter who we play."

On if it is weird to see Mason on the opposing team two games in a row:"It's not weird at all for us because it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. What they do on each side of the ball… All we can care about is who is in this building. Once you hear about it, it's not like you say, 'OK, now we have to game-plan on him so much.' We're not doing any of that. We are just coming out here to work on what we have to get better on to get ready for the Texans."

On if he thinks wide receivers are wary when going over the middle against him, similar to the way Jets TE Dustin Keller was in the game vs. New York:"I think just once you kind of establish your reputation for being that guy in the middle, people know that you are going to take those shots. You always have to be conscious of things like that. That play kind of reminds you of last year, because I tried to kind of bait him into something, see if he is going to throw it the same way, but it's just those type of things that you create your own mentality once you are in the middle and you make people kind of respect. If they do come through there, make them pay for it."

On how he can explain his remarkable play so far this season, even in his 16th season:"You know, honestly, I always keep saying this a lot of times, anytime you find yourself healthy, I would always love to be the Ray Lewis I am now instead of the younger Ray Lewis. That younger Ray Lewis, he was a time bomb. He would run around and not know a lot of things that were going on. But now, the game is, like I said, I tried to explain it to 'Sizzle' [Terrell Suggs] and a lot of those guys, [they need to] just slow the game down. Just let the game really come to you. My play right now, I am just really slowing the game down. Because without Haloti [Ngata], without 'Sizzle' really getting them in places to make the play, spill out a certain way and things like that… So, it's more of a team defense that really kind of highlights my play on how a middle linebacker can be effective in there. You have to give a lot of credit to the defense and things like that. I just keep playing. I just keep playing. Year One is just like Year 16 to me. I just keep playing."

On how he feels he performs in pass coverage:"It's just hard for people to try to complete passes on me because of the knowledge of the game. You could do whatever you want to do, but your tendencies pretty much won't break from week to week. You might make a couple of adjustments here, but the realistic part of this business is if you play fearful, that's your fault. You're going to get beat sometimes – oh, well. More times than not, I am going to make those plays than anything else. I treat it all the same. I treat it all the same, being the complete linebacker, being able to be on the field on all downs."

On how NT Terrence Cody has stepped into a major role for the team and filled the void left by Kelly Gregg:"I think he has been very uplifting, very uplifting. You get a young guy who called me in the offseason and asked me how he can be that guy. I told him [to] kind of just be patient: 'Your time is coming, just make sure you are working hard in the offseason.' Then, right before we come back, you hear about the Kelly Gregg release and things like that. It really just opened up his eyes to make the confirmation of what I was trying to tell him actually be totally true. 'Just wait your time, let it run its course.' For him to be as energetic as – that's what I mean when I say uplifting – he is so energetic, he is so that guy that you want in front of you because he takes pride that people get off on you. It's not an argument – once you say one thing, he has it, and he moves on. It's just good to always play with guys like that."

On how you stop Texans RB Arian Foster and what makes him different:"You have to hit him. You have to hit him. He is probably, to me, I was watching film on him last night, and I was like, 'Seriously, he is one of the most complete backs that you can see.' After that game last year, I went up to him and told him I really liked his game. We became kind of good friends off the field, but on the field that kind of changes. Off the field, he is a good guy – a good, humble guy, and you can see why his talent is what it is. He nurtures it. He really works hard. It's going to be a big challenge for us this week. We understand that with Andre [Johnson] being out, and them going through them things offensively, we know they are going to try to run the ball on us. I think we are up for the challenge."

On what makes people want to be his friend off the field:"Everybody wants to be whose friend? My friend? Yeah, off the field."

On what is it about Foster's play that makes him seek Foster out:"You know when you… First of all, I kind of bumped into a story about where he came from and the trials and things he had to go through. That's why I really ran up to him after the game, to let him know that whatever you want to do with your future and your legacy, you go ahead and do it. But, I appreciate the way you play the game – win, lose or draw. And then, like I told [Foster] this offseason when we really sat down and really kicked it in Los Angeles shooting some commercials and stuff, you really learn a lot about a man once you are off the field, because you get a lot from it. He's just a good kid. He's a good kid overall, but here we go. Another one of those good kids that we have to deal with this Sunday."

On what made S Ed Reed and himself vouch for T Bryant McKinnie before he signed with the team:"I don't know. Him and 'Shaq' [Shaquille O'Neal] might be about the same size. He might be a little shorter than 'Shaq,' but to me, he is that presence that I think really solidifies what our offensive line is trying to do and how we are trying to move forward. Bringing in a cornerstone like that, a guy that has been a Pro Bowler two or three times, bringing in that type of guy and putting him on an offensive line that is already pretty much in place, but you add him, and now you see what he is able to do. Trying to find Ray Rice running behind him is kind of difficult to do. I just think having him here was a great piece of our chemistry of what we are trying to do."

On the defense creating turnovers and scoring off the turnovers:"I think a lot of credit goes to, like I have said numerous times, [defensive coordinator] Chuck Pagano. He is very flexible in the things that he likes to do. He really interacts with his players tremendously, not just during the week, but all the way up to the first play of the game to the last play on what you are feeling, how you are feeling and how you see it – whatever. I'm telling you, having coaches like [OLBs coach] Ted [Monachino], [LBs coach] Dean Pees and 'CB' [defensive line coach Clarence Brooks], it's just so much interchangeable pieces we have. That's what makes our defense so difficult to deal with right now. And, Chuck really is just being Chuck, and that is a great personality to follow."

S Ed Reed

On facing WR Derrick Mason again this week: *"It's going to be interesting, man, to see how they incorporate [Derrick] Mason to the offense in such a short time, such short notice. We knew they needed a receiver with Andre [Johnson] being down. But, Mason is a smart guy. I don't know why it didn't work out in New York, but Mason is a professional, and I know he's going to be prepared if he's put in the game."*

On if there is much Mason can tell the Texans about Baltimore:"I don't know. How much you think he told the Jets? At the end of the day, it comes down to execution. He can tell whatever he wants to tell. At the end of the day it's our men against their men. So, we'll see."**

On the impact of WR Andre Johnson on a defense if he's not playing in the game: *"We're not tilting our coverage if he plays or not. We're going to prepare the same way we prepare for every team, and that's us getting ready to play some football Ravens way. If Andre plays, which I don't expect it, it's just another threat. Andre is a great receiver that you've definitely got to pay attention to at all times. But, we won't lean our coverage. We have confidence in our guys."*

On if a safety thinks/reacts differently when playing in the red zone:"Yeah, because it widens. The field widens when you get to the red zone. You've just got to be on your P's and Q's a lot more, because if they get behind you it's a touchdown. So, you definitely have to be aware where you are on the football field at all times."**

On what he remembers about last year's game vs. Houston:"It was long."**

On learning last year that you can never really have a big enough lead against Houston: *"The one thing I tell the guys about Houston is that they never quit. They have a playbook – I've always said they have a great playbook – and they have plays to get them up and down that football field. And, they have a good defense. The defense is playing very well this year. You've just got to play 60 minutes against them. They do not quit."*

On the Texans' Matt Schaub being a quarterback like the Titans' Matt Hasselbeck who can get the ball out quickly as a veteran:"He can do it all. Matt Schaub can do it all. He can throw the deep ball, he can throw the deep outs, and he can definitely throw the quicks. It's just a matter of them executing their game plan against ours. So, if we are executing better, hopefully we can take those things away."

On what makes RB Arian Foster so special:"He can break a run, man, from anywhere. He is a perfect back for that offense. He has his own running schemes, the cutbacks and bouncing it. So, that's another guy you've got to be aware of – even in the passing game. He caught the ball in the backfield at the Raiders plus-1 on the sideline, and he went about 50-60 yards. So, you've got to know where he is. He's a playmaker."**

On if the Ravens bringing back his old college teammate, T Bryant McKinnie, was a risk or if it's worked out well and rejuvenated his career: *"Huge. Anytime you get around somebody you played with in college, it's got to help you. Baltimore is a different city than Minnesota; there's probably a little more to do. Bryant is a great athlete. I don't know why it didn't work out down there. It's really not my choice, but once he hit the market, Ozzie [Newsome] came to me and asked me about him. It was a no-brainer. You need a left tackle, and he's one of the best. I've seen him go against some of the greatest rush ends in this league right now. And, he's proven it. It was just a matter of him getting in shape, which I know he is a professional, and that's why we got him."*

On why the defense is creating more turnovers this year: *"It's just a credit to our guys – everybody being professional. The offseason was such a short offseason and buying into what we're doing around here as an organization. So, that helps, when you've got professionals working hard and making plays."*

On the mentality of the defense when the ball is on the ground:"Get it and score. We're trying to score with it. But, we're trying to get off the football field. We're trying to cause havoc, we're trying to put pressure on you, and we don't want you to score. That's just our mentality. You could basically say 'stingy,' but it's always been like that. We've always been like that. It's just a matter of execution. Everything goes together – special teams, offense – everybody's got to be on the same page. Coaches, you've got to know their attitude, and what they're trying to do."**

On how much defensive coordinators over the years have figured into the Ravens' dominant defensive scheme:"It's huge. Everybody has their own mentality, but it goes to the flow of the game – how your guys are playing and how you make adjustments. Chuck is a [player's coach]. Guys love to play for him. When you've got guys that love to play for their coach and want to make plays for their coach, that's huge."**

On what he did for his body over the bye week:"I spent time with my little man [his son] and worked out – just worked out and hit it a couple of times, and that's it."**

On his reaction to he and T Bryant McKinnie both being inducted next year into the Miami Hall of Fame:"It's a blessing. It's a blessing to be inducted to any hall of fame – to be mentioned in it. Hopefully, they change the rules of the Hall of Fame and how they have the banquet. I think the Hall of Famers have to pay for drinks, or something like that. (laughter) It's a private institution; they can have an open bar, probably. I don't drink much, but I want a free drink." (laughter)

RB Ray Rice

On what the bye week did for him:"Bye week was great. I got to do… Something I normally wouldn't get to do is see both of my brothers play football. I got to see one of my brothers play Thursday night, and my other brother play on Saturday. For the majority of the week, I took care of my body and came back, and I feel pretty good. Really good."

On how his brothers' games went:"They started off… They both got wins, so I'd like to say they both told me that it's only right that I have to get a win now, because they both won. It was great to see them play. Obviously, I'm the older brother, but I'm the smallest of the three now, (laughter) but I still get to run stuff around there. I always let them know who big brother is. I told them I'm not fighting with them; I'm not going to do anything like that, but they know. They know what time it is."

On what sticks out about last year's game against Houston:"What I remember with them last year is how we were up, and just as fast as we were up, we were down. They were marching, they were coming back, and just what a great play Josh Wilson made for us to seal the game. But we were definitely fighting until the end. Obviously, what that team is doing this year is no surprise. Where they're at in defense and where they're ranked on offense is no surprise. They have a great quarterback, running back, quick-strike offense, and they have the ability to sustain drives. And on defense, they're making guys do a lot of three-and-outs. Everybody knows what the NFL is about; it's about the ability to execute, and it's going to be a great challenge for us coming off a bye week to go out there and play at a high level against Houston."

On what goes through his mind as an offensive player to watch the defense create so many turnovers and score defensive touchdowns:"What's going through my mind is, 'You know what? We do have a great defense, but at the same time, it'd be great to give those guys some relief.' We're out there scoring points and letting those guys just play defense. Whatever they add on is great, but it'd be great for us to get a lead [on offense]. And they're kind of playing to win the game as well. But, it's one of those situations where you look at where we are and what the bye week did for us – where we're at as a team – I think we're a well-balanced team. There are going to be days where our defense is going to carry us; there are going to be days where our offense is going to carry us. At the end of the day, we've got to find that line to work together. But it is a great feeling when our offense is out there making plays and our defense is cheering you on, on the sideline, because those guys feed off us. If we're out there making plays and we're scoring, they can't wait. We get a touchback or something [and] a team has to go 80 yards against our defense, which is really tough."

On whether there is a feeling of responsibility to score points when the defense creates a turnover:"Yes, we've got to get points out of that. It's almost… When the other team turns the ball over, if our defense hasn't already scored, it's our job to get points – necessarily touchdowns rather than field goals. Save the field goals."

On whether he believes FB Vonta Leach when he says that this is like any other week for him going up against his former team in Houston:"I believe in Vonta. It is just another week for him, but everybody knows, for him, it's not just another week. It's going against his former teammates, his former buddies. But, he has to take that approach. I don't want him to get sidetracked in the whole thing, 'I was in Houston,' this, that and the other. One thing we can take from this week is that he knows those guys really well. You go from each player on the defense, each player, we can get a little inside from Vonta. Rather than what they do scheme-wise, you get to know the player. When you get to know a player, then obviously, he'll take his different approach on blocking certain guys because he's had to face those guys for the last couple years in camp, in practice. So, that's what we're going to take out of this week from Vonta, but I'm sure he's going to take the regular, business-man approach."

On how well Leach has fit in with the Ravens:"He's a perfect fit. You know, [he] came in a leader. He's one of the guys that we look forward to… When things get going, you've got to have somebody speak up. I've been one of the guys, Anquan [Boldin] is one of the guys, Joe [Flacco] is one of the guys, Mike [Oher]… Us small group of leaders have to, when things get rough, we have to put this thing together. And Vonta fit right in that mix. He'll be the first to grab a group, put us together on the sideline, put us together in meetings, whatever. Whatever it takes, we're going to get the job done."

On how he thinks the offense can become more consistent:"I think that we have to go out there and we have to have a well-balanced attack. A lot of our stuff on the inconsistency is, sometimes it's a guy here or a guy there, or execution. Plus, to be more consistent, we have to go out there and take what the defense is giving us, but at the same time, being able to execute. When the defense gives us zone, let's go underneath. If it's a play where we need to run it, let's get positive yards. And I think that develops the consistency rather than going out there and forcing a play down here, there and there, when we don't need to. I think we just need to have a well-balanced attack. But we are showing the ability to have explosive plays, and that's a great sign as an offense."

On how he looks at a Houston team that is without WR Andre Johnson and OLB Mario Williams:"Same way everybody else looks at them now – it's a huge blow. And for us, everybody is professional. We know they're going to have guys come in. It's always the next man up. But when you think about that next man up, you cannot replace an Andre Johnson, you cannot replace a Mario Williams. The next man up, I'm not saying they're better or worse, but at the same time, those guys are names in the NFL that everybody knows, and they've been making plays year-in and year-out. So, if we were playing them, we would have to account for those two guys. So, having them out, I think, is going to be a blow, but needless [to say],[we] expect those guys to be ready to play."

On whether he was surprised that WR Derrick Mason was traded to Houston:"Yeah, it's a surprising situation. 'Mase' has always been a guy that's very outspoken and sometimes probably got ridiculed for [being] outspoken. I don't know what his situation was with Rex [Ryan], but he was always honest, he was always straightforward with what he had to say. I was surprised. I really thought that he was going to fit in up there. But, 'Mase' is one of my buddies, so I definitely wish him success wherever he's at. Overall, he was a guy that we looked up to, to make plays here, so you never want to see a guy in that kind of situation, but that's just the business side of things."

On whether you want to just keep playing and competing when you're 3-1 and leading the division or if the bye week came at a good time:"Well, it was a different situation. We had a grueling camp, the offseason was different, you had to pack a lot of things into one. So, technically, the way the preseason games were played, it was really eight [games]. So, I think our bye week came at a perfect time. I think we [had] well-deserved time off. Thanks, coach. We had a nice enjoyable week off, and now guys can funnel in for the rest of the season. Obviously, this would be the week where two padded practices and all that other stuff gets out of the way. Later in the year [coach Harbaugh] does a great job of taking care of us. So, we'll just give it all we got right now, and I think later in the year will take care of itself because of the new rules and everything else that has to [apply when] we're not in pads and all that other stuff later in the year anymore. So, I think right where our bye week was is a great situation for us."

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