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What Browns Said After Ravens' Big Win


Head Coach Hue Jackson

(opening statement)
"Obviously, we didn't play as well as we liked in the second half. I thought the defense did some good things in the first half. I don't think we played as well as we could have on offense. Obviously, I made a switch at quarterback because I felt we needed a spark. I didn't think we were doing some things even in the first half that I thought we could do. Nothing against Cody [Kessler]. I think it's tough when you're a young player, and you come in, and you played the week before, and you're playing again on Thursday. Again, I know I made the statement before – I'm not playing musical chairs. I wasn't playing musical chairs today, but I was trying to give our offense a chance to function at a faster rate and do some different things. That's a decision I thought I needed to make, and I made it. I don't regret it at all. Obviously, the turnovers are what hurt us in the second half. Not able to slow them down in the second half, the same second-half issues reared its ugly head, as always. I haven't solved that yet, and that's kind of where we are."

(on if he's going back to Cody in 10 days)
"Absolutely. I'm still going to play him. He's a young player, and I'm going to go put him back out there. I don't think he's going to be disappointed or hurt or all the sudden hurt his confidence because I took him out. As long as I explain to him why I'm taking him out, then he's fine."

(on having 12 men on the field on the first play of the game)
"I wish I knew that too. Obviously, there was miscommunication with what the personnel was. I think they were yelling to try to get the guy off, and he didn't hear them. I think he was so wired and dialed-in to what he thought the personnel was that he didn't hear everybody trying to get him off, so it's disappointing."

QB Josh McCown

(on coming into the game in relief)
"Nobody had said anything to me about playing in this game, but things change. You just have to roll with it. You go into the game and do the best you can."

(on his performance)
"It was a tough game. When I got into the game, we had some really bad breaks … early. On the first interception, my arm got hit as I threw and they intercepted it. On the second interception, the Ravens did a good job disguising the coverage. They made a good play on that."

(on the Browns' 0-10 record)
"It's tough, there's no way around it. Nobody expected it, but this group fights and works hard every day. These are very adverse times, but we have so many opportunities to get better. We need to keep going and improve. The mental toughness we are developing will help us down the road."

QB Cody Kessler

(on being removed from the game)
"That's Coach Jackson's decision. I need to get better. Obviously, I wish we could've been more successful and converted more third downs. I will just work harder to prepare better. It motivates you to work harder and when I came out, I made sure I was supportive of everybody else because I'm a team player."

(on whether he was surprised that he was taken out)
"I wanted to stay in and compete, everybody does, but I'm a team player and I want to do what's best for the team. I need to be more efficient and I need to make better reads. We need to do better on third down and in the red zone."

DB Joe Haden

(on the defensive play)
"We've got to get more stops. In the first half we did a really good job getting off the field on third down. We were winning on some first downs, making them go long on later downs, but the second half they started getting us on first down, getting ahead of the sticks, being able to open up the play book. They did a really good job of getting in the red zone."

(on the Ravens first drive in third quarter going no huddle)
"I expected them to change it up because of what we were doing in the first half, and getting to them. Just like a good team does, they made halftime adjustments in the locker room, came out in the second half and did their thing,"

(on his interception)
"I was covering somebody else. I had the running back outside with me. He [Joe Flacco] was scrambling, looking. He wasn't looking at my guy so I fell off him and made the play."

TE Seth DeValve

(on his touchdown catch)
"That was the kind of route that doesn't get called very often. I came through the linebackers and I was free. I just kept running and Cody laid it up there for me. I made the catch. I didn't spike it or celebrate because I wanted to keep this ball."

OL Joe Thomas

(on the offense)
"Obviously, we didn't score enough points tonight. Seven points is not enough to do it on most nights in the NFL. We've got to find a way to consistently move the ball down the field."

(on the Ravens defense)
"They're a good defense. They did a pretty good job on third downs. Any defense who gets in the third-and-longs in the NFL is good enough to make it tough on the offense."

RB Isaiah Crowell

(on the Ravens defense)
"They played well. They did a lot of execution. They played well. They stopped us."

WR Corey Coleman

(on the Ravens defense)
"I've been up against them before. It's a good defense, solid, real disciplined. I've got a lot of respect for them. You can see they've been putting in the work to do well."

DL Danny Shelton

(on the Ravens offense)
"They're a good offense. Just like we knew coming in. They lead our division for a reason. We needed to slow them down in the second half, but weren't able to do that."

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