What the Bills Said After Losing to Ravens


Head Coach Sean McDermott

(opening statement)

"Thought it was a good game, obviously we didn't get the result we were looking for. Great atmosphere. Hard fought game on both sides. That's a good football team, give them credit. We've got to learn from some things that happened today to ultimately make us a better and stronger football team moving forward."

(on whether the Ravens' defense was as tough in person as it was on tape)

"It's a good defense. It's a veteran defense. They've got Marcus Peters, who they traded for, Earl Thomas. They've got good players on their defense. They're ranked where they are for a reason. I don't think they surprised us at all. When we turned the tape on they played some good football – a lot of good football – and at the end of the day we did not execute. Our fundamentals, throwing and catching were not where they needed to be offensively."

(on holding the Ravens offense in check)

"I think they had 90-some yards in the first half, maybe. Then they came up with the big play. We busted. We had a lack of execution there, but overall I thought our defense did a phenomenal job."

(on how the Bills handled the Ravens' blitz, which sped up the offense)

"I mean, that's what it does. They created a number of negative plays today and that's what they try and do. So, give them credit again. They executed better than we did."

QB Josh Allen

(on the difference between the first three quarters and the last)

"First, especially the first quarter, I have to find more completions early on. Take what they give us. Maybe felt like I was pressing a little bit when they were bringing some good pressures that we maybe hadn't seen, or they brought it, and they brought a good game plan. They played a great game. That's a great team that we just faced. At the end of the day we didn't make enough plays. Like I said I have to be better in that aspect. Our defense played fantastic. I want to shout them out and let them know, we're going to have their backs. We're going to have games like this where we'll have to find a way to win, and our defense played spectacular today."

(on the biggest factor preventing them from finding offensive rhythm)

"Like I said, I have to do a better job finding completions early on. When they do show some of these pressures, finding the right answer and you hit one or two of those and maybe it deters them from bringing it again. So, they had some success with it, and it's something that I'm going to learn from. We'll look on tape and see what we can do to try to counteract that, and like I said, we lost by seven points to a really good team. We're not going to let one game define us, and one game make us. We're looking for number 10 and we have a really good Pittsburgh team we're playing next week."

(on whether the Ravens defense was as punishing in person as it is on tape)

"It's a really good defense we played, for sure. They had some smart savvy dudes that know how to play different positions and they can bring it from all over. They have some old veterans in the back end too that can play good coverage. So, like I said, it's one game. We'll look at the film and learn from it and focus on Pittsburgh."

(on why he was off-target early in the game)

"Yeah, just trying to find the range. Actually, it's windy in this stadium, and we know that, but I need to do a better job and find completions. Whether it's down the field or short and underneath. So, we have to be better all-around in that aspect."

(on why he didn't scramble more)

"Yeah, they did a good job. It's a really good defense we just played, it's a really good team. They exploited some of us and what they try to do to me, and like I said I've got to continue to find answers and make in game adjustments and be better."

WR John Brown

(on being one or two plays away from a win)

"Just have to make a few more plays. On offense we have to execute better. I have to make more plays. I should've made that last play."

(on whether the last play was a post route)

"No, it was like a little shake-and-move, great throw by Josh, and a great play by the defender [Marcus Peters]."

(on early incompletions on passes that sailed too far)

"The wind kind of played a part in that. It happened. … The wind took the ball. That wasn't on him. If anything, I'd say it was on me."

G Jon Feliciano

(on whether the Ravens were the most physical team they've played)

"Up there. I couldn't tell you who the number one is right now. They were definitely physical up front. Real good team, coached well. They believe they're the number one team, and they showed it."

(on making a comeback)

"We believed in our defense, and our defense did a hell of a job today. Man, we believed. I had no doubt in my mind if we would've scored that last touchdown, we would've won in overtime."

RB Devin Singletary

(on how much the Ravens' blitzing affected play-calling)

"Not much. We knew they were going to bring pressure."

(on whether that was the most blitz pickup he had ever done)

"I don't want to say in my life, but it was a lot."

S Micah Hyde

(on how they were able to manage Lamar Jackson)

"I think the coaches had a good game plan. We felt like all week we had a good game plan going into this game. They had a few runs that got out. They had a few plays that got out, but for the most part like I said, I wish we had that long one and a few red zone plays back."

(on how much of it was running to Jackson first)

"I don't think it was necessarily running to him first. I think it was just everybody doing their job, a guy on a guy, 11-on-11, and we obviously wanted to stop him. He's kind of the focal point of that offense, and he's the one that creates a lot of big plays, with his arm and his legs. So, we went out there and just tried to be consistent and do your job. And like I said, for the most part we did that."

(on whether Jackson is as good as advertised)

"Yeah, he's as advertised. He's a great player, and they have a lot of great players around him. They do a lot of stuff to get your eyes all mixed up. That offense is tough, but like I said, we held our own. We did a pretty good job, got a takeaway, got some three-and-outs towards the end of the game. We got some big three-and-outs to get our offense the ball back. At the end of the day we gave ourselves a chance to win the ballgame, but we have to come out on top next time."

LB Matt Milano

(on whether the plan was to 'attack' Jackson instead of let him come to them)

"Yeah, exactly. If we had an assignment job to get the quarterback, you have to get the quarterback. I had one play that broke down a little bit, but yeah exactly, assignment football."

(on how difficult it is to get after Jackson)

"You've seen him throughout the whole year. He's elusive. And we're fast as well, but you just have to make the play when you're in the position."

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