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What the Cardinals Said After Their Week 2 Loss


Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury

On the performance of Lamar Jackson:

"You all watched Lamar make great throws all day from the pocket. So, he has improved dramatically there. You've got to tip your hat to him. He is standing there and can throw it, and [he] can beat you that way and with his legs. That's a very good offense. They scored 60 on the road last week. They have a bunch of options. ... Great tight ends, great running backs, great offensive line. And those young receivers are special. So, they'll be hard to stop." 

On how tough it is to defend Jackson:

"If he's throwing like that from the pocket, and he's that accurate in getting through his progressions, it's really difficult. They've got a great system and do a tremendous job of mixing it up. When you can run it like that and throw it like that, it's really hard to stop."

On opposing tight ends hurting them two weeks in a row:

"Those are really, really good players. The guy last week [Detroit rookie T.J. Hockenson] is going to be an All-Pro in this league. And then [the Ravens] have three of them who are all big-time players here. So, I think that has a lot to do with it. We would like to slow them down more, but sometimes they just have really good players, too."

OLB Terrell Suggs

On what it was like to come back to M&T Bank Stadium:

"It was bittersweet. It was good to be back, and it was great to play in the stadium where I played most of my career. I really wanted to win, but this was the weirdest thing I've ever been a part of."

On whether there was a lot of trash talking:

"There was some talking – probably less than expected. At times, it was probably more than I expected. I wanted to come in here and beat up on my brothers and get a win." 

On seeing purple No. 55 jerseys in the stands:

"It was very humbling, but it made me feel good. I felt the love of the fans. I know they wanted to show their appreciation for me. But once the game started, I knew they weren't rooting for me. … They wanted their team to win."

On playing against Jackson:

"He plays with his feet, more than most quarterbacks. It was good to see how much he has grown from last year. He's an NFL quarterback now, and he's phenomenal." 

On comparing Arizona quarterback Kyler Murray to Jackson:

"Both of them are going through the NFL quarterback process. There's no shortcut, you have to go through it. Each week, they're going to see something different – something they've never seen before. Lamar is doing pretty well, and Kyler is off to a good start." 

On how different the Ravens offense is:

"They pretty much looked like what I saw the second half of last season when Lamar took over. The difference is, he is throwing the ball much better, and that makes him more of a threat."

QB Kyler Murray

On what happened the last two drives when they were backed up:

"It really got loud as hell. We've got to do better in those kinds of circumstances." 

On comparing himself to Jackson:

"I think everybody saw what he can do today. He's a very dangerous player. He can beat you running or throwing the ball. You've got to give credit to him."  

OLB Chandler Jones

On playing against Jackson:

"Lamar did a good job with pocket awareness. There were a few times where I had gotten up high, and he ducked in, he did a good job taking advantage of that, he had good pocket awareness. There is a difficulty bringing him down. He is a great passer." 

On visiting M&T Bank Stadium when his brother, Arthur Jones, played for the Ravens:

"It was just like it was out there today, very electrifying stadium to play in." 

TE Maxx Williams

On coming back to Baltimore, where he spent four seasons:

"Before the game, it was different with all the pregame stuff, but as soon as the whistle blew it was game time. It was good to see all my friends after the game. I wished them the best for the rest of the year. I hope they stay healthy."

*DL Corey Peters *

On the Ravens offense:

"It's definitely a different type of offense than you see in the league. I think they're doing it well. It's a tough and very physical offensive line."

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