What the Colts Said After Ravens' Comeback Win

Colts QB Carson Wentz

Head Coach Frank Reich

(opening statement) "Tough loss on Monday Night Football on the road against a good team. I give the Ravens a lot of credit and Coach [John] Harbaugh. They did what it took to win that game. I am proud of the way our guys fought. We are making progress. It's not good enough in this league just making progress and lose tough games against good opponents on the road. There is still a lot of good stuff going on. I know we have the right players and coaches in there. So, we just have to keep fighting to get better, learn from our mistakes, and we have to finish games. Coaches and players were all in it together, and we have to do it together."

(on not being aggressive on second and third down before the missed field goal) "The third down, I wish I had that call back. That was a conservative call. They were burning their timeouts. We were trying to do that. We were running the ball well so I felt good about that. They had one timeout left. It was third-and-8 or seven, and I called a run. With the thinking that we were down there pretty tight, let's make them either burn the timeout because then if we make it a two-score game, and they go down and kick, we can just burn it at the end of the game. We can sit on it. In hindsight, because it didn't work, do I wish I would have called a pass? Probably. But the reason I didn't, because I knew they were pressuring, and I didn't want to get sacked. I didn't want anything crazy to happen. I thought I felt good at the opportunity to gain some yards and get a kick. But in hindsight, it wasn't the right call."

(on why they couldn't finish) "I just give [the Ravens] credit. They kept fighting, and they made the plays. We talked about this as a team all year long. In the fourth quarter, we have to make plays. As coaches and as players, we have to make the right calls and make the plays in the fourth quarter. They made a bunch of plays. We didn't make enough. We have to learn from it and get better."

(on if there was there something he could have done differently) "I'll have to see the film. Obviously on the headset, listening to the calls, there was a mix of calls. It wasn't like we were making the same call all the time. But Lamar [Jackson] did a good job of checking it down. Their skilled guys did a good job in getting the yards that they had coming to them."

QB Carson Wentz

(on whether this was one of the toughest losses of his career) "Yeah, not a fun loss. I talked to everyone after the game and said, 'Hey, we've got to have a killer instinct at the end of the day. And that goes for me and goes for all of us. We've got to be able to finish games and put teams away when we've got them on the ropes like that.' And, man, that's a good football team and a hostile environment for us to come out swinging the way we did. We just can't let up, we can't let up, and we've got to finish the game."

(on what he was feeling when they were up 19 points with 12 minutes to go) "I mean, you're feeling good, obviously. I mean especially offensively. How we were. . . Obviously we had the turnover down there. I've got to protect the ball better. But I thought we moved the ball really well offensively. And to be up in the fourth the way we were ... You know that we were confident in where we were, but that's why I say we've got to finish ball games. We can't ever relax. We can't ever rest in those moments. And that's all three phases. That's me, that's everybody. And, so this one, we will learn from."

(on if there is added pressure to the offense when Lamar Jackson gets going) "I mean, really that's with any opponent. But especially a guy like Lamar and that offense. They're able to score quickly, and they are dynamic. I mean, it's a great offense over there. And he's a great player. And so, we've got to be able to, and I can't say it enough, we've got to finish games. We can never let up. I wouldn't say we did anything terrible. We just didn't finish it the way we wanted."

RB Jonathan Taylor

(on whether this was the most difficult loss in his career) "That one sucks for sure. I think I had one in college, but this one really sucks. It's not the way you want your Monday night debut to go. You envision everything going right, and you have a great start to the game, and then that happens."

(on being up 16 points with 12 minutes to go) "At that point, you're thinking, 'How can we finish this game?' You're thinking, 'What is it going to take?' There was still a little bit of time on the clock, but we are thinking, 'How can we continue to move the chains, move down the field, and eat up some clock.'"

(on what he was thinking when Jackson was getting hot) "A guy like Lamar, you know he's going to have a couple plays. I mean, he's a special player. Whether it's early in the game, late in the game, doesn't matter – he's going to have a couple of plays. But it wasn't like we didn't have confidence in our defense to hold that to a minimum. But you just have to understand he's going to have his plays. But you have to be thinking, 'What are we going to do on offense to keep him off the field?'"

(on whether he is surprised the lead got away when the Colts were running so well) "That really was the game there. We were thinking, 'How can we eat at this clock and keep them off the field?' They have a special player back there at quarterback. So, we need to keep him off the field. Like I said before, we knew he was going to have some plays. We just didn't want them to come at the end of the game."

WR Michael Pittman

(on how you come back from a loss like this one) "I think every loss is a tough loss, but this indeed is a tough one. We just have to really move on. We have to find ways to get better and win games."

(on what he was thinking when Lamar got it going) "I'm thinking no lead is safe. He got real hot real quick, and that's why he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league."

LB Darius Leonard

(on the frustration level of losing close games) "This sucks. It is very frustrating. Especially just giving it your all and coming up short. That's the part that really hurts the most. When you go out and try and do everything in your will to help your team win, and it doesn't happen. Especially on the road. I just know that you've got the opportunity to win the ballgame, and that don't happen. It sucks. It sucks really bad. I don't know what went wrong. I just feel very frustrated."

(on whether this is the toughest loss of his professional career) "Yes. Yes. It was a game I felt like we should have won. We had a chance to win the ballgame. We didn't do enough offensively, especially in the second half when the game was on the line, and that was really heartbreaking. When you're a leader on this defense, and you don't step up, and you don't win a game for the Colts organization as a defender. That's definitely, definitely the worst one."

(on how hard it is to defend Jackson) "Yeah, it's very hard to defend. He's amazing. He's a great quarterback. He's got great legs and can extend plays. You see that. It's hard, but, you know, we've just got to play better."

(on how much the Ravens' offensive tempo affected the Colts' defense) "None. None. None."

K Rodrigo Blankenship

(on when he injured his hip) "It really just kind of flared up on me in warmup today. Just like getting going. I got however many kicks in, and I started to feel a sensation that got more and more intense. It was just in pre-game warmup that it really took me by surprise."

(on what the pain was like) "It's difficult to describe. I guess it kind of felt like a stabbing pain. Every time I cocked my leg back to swing, and then when I would initiate my swing coming down, it was like a really sharp and intense kind of stabbing feeling in my hip."

(on whether he felt the injury had an effect on the blocked field goal) "I do feel like it was a good operation. I don't think it had any effect on that kick. I feel like I made pretty solid contact on that ball. I like to think it would have gone through. It didn't have any effect on that kick in particular. I felt like I was still able to hit a pretty solid ball there."

(on what Coach Harbaugh said to him after the game) "He just told me I was a hell of a kicker, and he wants to see me get healthy and get back out there and get back to doing my job."

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