What the Lions Said After Justin Tucker's Game-Winner

092721 Lions Said
Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell

Head Coach Dan Campbell

Opening statement:
"That one goes without saying, that was a tough one. But, here's what I do see. I see improvement. I thought our defense showed up today. I thought—even though it wasn't perfect and the way that ended—that's the best they've played thus far. Offensively, we hurt ourselves in the first half. But we did come back in the second and give ourselves a chance there at the end."

On what was going through his head during Baltimore's game-winning field goal:
"I just—I don't even know how to describe it. I just—I didn't think it would make it. I know he can reach it if you kick it low. But you just—if you said that, 'They're going to hit a 66-yarder to win the game,' you'd take those odds. But he made it. Kudos to him. They put themselves in position to do it, too. That's when you talk about—for them it's, 'How do we get one more opportunity to at least take a swing at this?' Because that's why. That's what happens."

On if this is a crushing loss:
"Yeah, because there again, you feel like you put yourself in that position. Even though we didn't play perfect. But yeah it does. But I also know that the silver lining is that we're getting better. We really are. I was proud of the way they competed. I felt like we were going to find out a lot about this crew—our guys I'm talking about—coming out of this because I really think Baltimore is a gritty, tough team year in, year out. If you're not prepared to face them, they'll bully you and beat you and beat you up. I thought we went in there and competed, I did. I thought we gave them all they could handle, but they walked away the winner here, so we didn't do enough."

On if there should have been a delay-of-game penalty on Baltimore's final drive:
"There's nothing I can say to that. Because it's the same thing. Tomorrow you'll get an apology and it doesn't mean anything. That's life. That's the hand we were dealt and we still had an opportunity. That was fourth and a long way to go and we gave it up."

On the defensive line's performance against QB Lamar Jackson:
"Yeah, they did. I thought they played pretty good. It was something, it was an emphasis all week, keeping him hemmed-up in there and not letting him out. Because that's where he's really dangerous. I felt like for the most part those guys did that. They did. They corralled him in there. Really, I thought we handled the run game pretty good. It wasn't perfect, but for the most part we did what we had to do and there were enough times where we forced him to stay in that pocket and squeeze it on him to where he couldn't get out. That's the formula to stop him, or at least try to limit him, if you will, and I thought we did that for the most part."

QB Jared Goff

On what he was thinking when Ravens K Justin Tucker made the 66-yard field goal:
"About as big of a gut punch as I've ever been a part of. I guess I'll start this off by saying that this team, this city has been through a lot, obviously, in recent years and has had these gut punches. For me personally, it's the hardest one I've been a part of. But I think the resiliency that we've shown in the past amongst this group and then hopefully the new guys as well, the resiliency to push through something like this will remain. That optimism, that hope, that belief in each other because it was there. It was really there at the end, I know you guys could feel it there at the end with the fans, the crowd into it. We were into it. We felt really good about it and they made a field goal by a foot. He made a great kick. Your hats off to him. Lamar (Jackson) made a great play before that but they made a field goal by a foot and we're saying a different narrative right now if it's not. We're feeling like 'Oh man, this is –,' we stayed true. So, all I'm saying is we will remain true, we will remain resilient and the gut punches will stop."

RB D'Andre Swift

On his emotions watching the winning field goal:
"I mean that's a tough one. What was it, 67? Something like that. I mean that's a tough one. That's all I can say. We just got to --- if we played better in the first half, we'd probably be talking about something different right now."

On what was going through his head when the winning field goal was being kicked:
"I was hoping he missed it when I saw it bounce. I was hoping it bounced out of the way and then it went (in). This is a tough one. We just got to find a way to start better that's all."

LB Charles Harris

On the game-winning field goal from his point of view:
"First and foremost, it's a long field goal. We try to execute and get our field goal block out there. You know, did our job, played the call and watched the ball soar. Incredible kick and incredible balance."

On how well the defense played against Jackson:
"I believe our defense played well. My guys, they went out there and executed but obviously there are things we've got to clean up. Our plan for him was obviously he's a dominant player, try to contain him as much as we can and get pressure on him."

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