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What the Panthers Said After Their 36-21 Win


Head Coach Ron Rivera

(opening statement): "I thought our guys came out and did some good things in all three phases. Defense was a little disappointed when we came out in that first series and was a little discombobulated in terms of being able to settle in, get them into a positive situation for us. We did miss some tackles early on but once they settled in I think they got a feel for what to anticipate. I thought Eric (Washington) did a nice job calling the defenses. On the offensive side we got into a really good rhythm. Norv (Turner) mixed in some personnel very well. Cam Newton made some great decisions and really just pleased with that. Special teams, fortunate enough for us, they caught them with a little illegal procedure, which helped us out obviously, but then I thought our guys settled in and we had a couple nice returns as well."

(on if having D.J. Moore and Chris Samuels on the field at the same time affects defenses): "Yes, most certainly. At that point there are so many different things that we can do with those two young men on the football team. But again, at the same time, we have some guys that have specialties as well. Coach Norv Turner and the offense will continue to devise things that fit what we do."

(on the fourth-down play with Taylor Heinicke at the end of the first half): "We wanted to throw the Hail Mary initially but Cam didn't want to throw it. He didn't want to strain himself out there in all honesty. So Scott Turner suggested we put Taylor out there. So they went out there and what happened was, they had a guy go out to jam on Greg Olsen so we were going to throw the Hail Mary with Taylor. But as soon as that guy came in, Greg signaled over to Taylor and Taylor saw him, and it was a pitch and catch. At that point get as much as you can and get out of bounds with time on the clock. Those two executed it very well."

(on CB Captain Munnerlyn vs. Willie Snead IV): "His hamstring tightened up on him, straining to try and keep up with Willie. Willie is a heck of a football player. Those two guys had a heck of a battle. When you really watch a slot player play against a quality nickel and you see them battle and fight and scratch and claw and do what they can, I think that is very impressive. Those two positions are very valuable to a football team."

QB Cam Newton

(on this being the most complete game yet this season): "I wouldn't say that. I hate labeling games. That was a great team win. We just look forward to moving forward as the season progresses. We plan to keep on getting better."

(on Carolina's options on offense): "We possess a lot of issues for the defense and that's what this offense was built for. We have dynamic players all around the field and it's great to see young guys step up. Kirko [Curtis Samuel], I just mentioned Denniston [DJ Moore]. We already know what we're going to get in C-Mac [Christian McCaffrey] and just to see Greg [Olsen] being his old self, is big for our growth."

(on playing teams coming off losses): "What I'm not about to let you do is nuke this win. The Ravens' defense is one of the best defenses we've played all year. It was a great team win for us. We can't really get ahead of ourselves with preparation for the next game because we obviously haven't done the scouting report on them. It doesn't really matter. We just have to find ways to win football games no matter who we're playing. Today presented a lot of different issues and we just have to find ways to win."

(on what the 99-yard touchdown drive did to the Ravens' defense): "I don't know what it does to them, but I know what it does for us. It gave us superior confidence knowing that we have the talent to one, create cushion and two, punch it in. We got the players in, that can attack in many different ways and that's what we wanted to do today."

S Mike Adams

(on the Ravens' No. 1 defense): "It fueled us a little bit, I'm not going to lie, the fact that they're No. 1 coming into our house. No disrespect to them because they're playing good football – 27 sacks, 11 sacks in one game against the Tennessee Titans, we do a little research too – but it kind of fueled us because we wanted to go out here and play well. We wanted to be the No. 1 defense today."

LB Thomas Davis

(on the defense's preparation): "With this team, when they bring Lamar Jackson in he adds a totally different wrinkle to their offense and you have to be prepared for that. I think our coaches did a great job making sure that we were prepared for that and ready to go."

CB Donte Jackson

(on this being a statement win): "Our offense played a hell of a game. Those guys kept us going and we fed off of that a lot. They were out there scoring points and we just were in a rush and urgency to get them back on the field because we knew they were playing a good game and they were hot. We got this thing cookin and it's starting to be something really, really special."

(on where John Brown ranks among receivers he's covered): "He's up there, he's up there. Just from what he puts on film every given week. He's a great player, explosive player, and I knew I had to come with my A game today in the matchup on him."

DT Kyle Love

(on his forced fumble): "We just had a great defense called and I just executed my technique. The kind of scheme they ran offensively didn't work against that so I was able to be there. Sometimes you're unblocked and sometimes you have to make a play when your number is called and that's what I did."

RB Christian McCaffrey

(on playing a complete game): "We've been talking about putting a complete game together and that's a hell of a team we just played so to do that against them was good. At the same time though, we've got to look at the tape. We've got a lot of ball left so we've got to work on consistently doing what we just did."

WR D.J. Moore

(on the big win): "We knew they were going to be aggressive but we knew we just had to go out there and execute the game plan. We had a good game plan going in for third downs and we didn't want to get backed up so we could keep attacking."

CB Captain Munnerlyn

(on whether this is a statement win): "Anytime you can win in the NFL, it's a statement win. It's hard to win in this league. I've been in the league for a long time and it's definitely very hard to win in this league, so when you can go out there and play against the No. 1 defense in the NFL and a pretty good Ravens team – they're still a good football team – and do what we did today is definitely impressive. We just have to keep working and next week we have Tampa Bay coming in – a division opponent – so we've got to keep working and get ready for that."

(on the Ravens' fake punt from their own 10-yard line): "That was kinda rude when it comes to football. And it was kinda like, "Wow, did they really do this?" It definitely ramped us up defensively. We needed some respect. So we tried to just go out there and makes plays to earn our respect."

TE Greg Olsen

(on what worked today): "I felt like we had a really good plan. We knew what a challenge this was going to be coming in and playing these guys. They've given a lot of teams this year fits. We felt really confident about our scheme. Our coaches really gave us a lot of opportunities to be successful out there and put us in good positions. You know, we're pretty dynamic with DJ and Christian and Curtis and Cam, Funch, we're pretty dynamic and with our ability to run the ball out of a lot of formations, we felt like it put a lot of pressure on them. Just seeing, especially in the first half, we just really found our rhythm and we were rolling as good as we have so far this year, if not the best."

(on the play at the end of the first half): "That was one of the craziest plays I've ever been a part of. We were torn between kicking a field goal, the wind was crazy, throwing a Hail Mary. Then we decided to go Hail Mary with Taylor, we got lined up and all-of-a-sudden the guy that was out on me started walking in to rush the passer, so I just started screaming for Taylor. I knew we had five seconds, so I thought we needed like three yards right? I don't know how many yards we ended up getting, we needed two or three. So we didn't have a far way to go to get Graham kind of over the hump and…I don't know, it was wide open and Taylor. … I don't know if he heard me or if he saw the same thing. I didn't really do anything, I just kind of flowed off the line and you've just got to try and catch it and then obviously it's a race to get out of bounds. I could have gotten some more yards, we ended up having two seconds, but considering we only started at five that was…to steal those three there at the end with the pick…he (Flacco) tries to throw the ball away, you get a pick and then the next thing you know you turn it into three points it's a huge, it's a huge difference in a game like this."

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