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What The Seahawks Are Saying


Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On how he views the Ravens organization) – "I have tremendous respect for what these guys have been through over the years, their accomplishments, their style. Ozzie [Newsome] is incredible. John [Harbaugh] is an amazing coach. He has done everything in the style that I respect as much as I can – tough, physical, hard-nosed, consistent, upfront, straight-up guy, the whole thing. I hold them in the highest of regard, because they've been a team to deal with for a long time, and that's what I take the most pride in."

(On the challenges of West Coast teams playing on the East Coast)– "Look at the statistics. There are a lot of statistics about that. We've tried to buck those statistics for years and not fall prey to the fact that teams going to the East don't do as well, particularly playing early games, and we have a style and mentality about us that we just went over a couple times last week. So, we're going to try to always do that really well, knowing that being a West Coast team, you're faced with it. And it's not something you can gripe about or fall prey to. It just is what it is, and you've got to deal with it. So, we've found our way, and we don't make a big deal of it."

(On what Ravens quarterback they are preparing for) – "We're just playing football. Right now, we're looking at Matt [Schaub] on film, and we've played Jimmy [Clausen] over the years. We're not changing anything regardless of what happens. What are we going to do, you know? We're going to play like we play. We'll see what happens. It sounds like that's what we're hearing – that Matt is going to try to play. And if not, Jimmy plays, and I don't know any more than that. There's nothing you can do about it, so we just get ready to play football."

CB Richard Sherman

(On if Baltimore's passing attack looks different with Matt Schaub as quarterback) – "Not really. I think they're pretty confident in what Matt can do, the way he can distribute the ball. They trust his decisions down the field. It doesn't look too different. I think obviously, Joe [Flacco] has one of the biggest arms in football. He's not throwing it 70 off of his back foot, but he's getting the ball down the field just as much."

(On when he learned to not take an opponent too lightly) – "Pop-Warner. We were 9-0, the other team hadn't won a game, and we lost. We lost by quite a bit. That was their first win of the season. We were junior midget. I remember it vividly because our coach, I mean, we had a rough practice after that."

(On what mindset is required to play in the Seattle secondary) – "Just next play. Confidence, relentless, you're playing for the guy next to you, and be willing to do whatever it takes. There's no job that's too big, there's no job that's too small. You've got to be willing to sacrifice your body sometimes in situations where a man is larger than you, and you have to go in there and make a tackle. You have to throw yourself in there."

QB Russell Wilson

(On the Ravens defense)– They're just so sound. They're a physical team. They fly around the field. They make a lot of plays. So, watching them, they are ... As soon as you turn on the film, you're impressed right away. And we know it's going to be a great football game."

(On the Seahawks' recent success)– * *"Our goal every week is to go 1-0. We know going to Baltimore is going to be a very, very tough environment. We have a lot of respect for them and Coach [John] Harbaugh and their defense and their offense and what they do and they type of players that they have. So, we know it's going to be a good matchup."

(On gaining momentum at the right time and playing like defending NFC champions)– * *"I feel like we're playing great football right now. We just want to continue that. We want to continue to practice the right way and prepare the right way, and the separation is in the preparation. We have to prepare the best we can, and that allows up to have a really good chance to be successful on gamedays."

FS Earl Thomas

(On what he is seeing from the Baltimore offense) – "A lot of window dressing, a lot of movement. We don't know who's going to play tight end with the concussion problem. But I think we have a good grasp on what they're trying to do."

(On what he sees from the defense when it is at its best) – "I always say this when I talk about the connection, the connection,*the connection. *If you take a string, no matter what you do to that string it stays connected. It cannot be cut. They can throw in the flats, and we're there, bang. They can throw it across the middle, somebody's making a big hit. They throw a pass, it's a tip and overthrow. It seems like magic is happening when we're getting all those turnovers, but everybody's on it. We're thinking like one out there."

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