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What the Texans Said After Ravens' Win

Left: Texans QB Deshaun Watson; Right: Texans DE J.J. Watt
Left: Texans QB Deshaun Watson; Right: Texans DE J.J. Watt

Head Coach Bill O'Brien

On going for it on fourth-and-1 early in the game:

"Yeah, we had a 4-and-one early in the game and then the game was changed a little bit. We punted that one and then they went down and kicked a field goal, but they possessed the ball. So again, we felt like we needed possessions in the game, so we decided to go for it. We put a play out there, they called timeout, we changed the play. The play didn't work and so we didn't convert it. But that's just the way it works. They did a better job than us on that and we just need to work hard to improve."

"Yeah, look, it hurts. We wish, again, they did a better job on that one than us and we had a good play there. We felt we had a couple good plays and we just didn't get it done. So I don't think that that lost the game. We were able to come back at the end of the half and cut the lead, but that definitely was one of the plays that hurt."

On how critical the WR Keke Coutee fumble was in that situation:

"I mean, I'm sure he feels as bad about it as anybody. He's worked hard but, when you fumble and it's a touchdown, that's it's a tough play. But we turned it over twice. They didn't turn it over and that's really the name of the game. Penalties and turnovers and they won the battle."

QB Deshaun Watson

On getting field goals instead of touchdowns:

"Yeah, start with the fourth down. They did a good job of controlling the edge, creating pressure with the play call, and that was the best situation to do, try to at least get in (Darren) Fells' way to have a chance, at least, some sort of percentage to get it. They did a good job of coming off the edge and getting there quickly. The red zones, we got to capitalize on those. I missed a touchdown with Cobbie (Randall Cobb) on an end route. I wasn't set. I had to step up in the pocket. I fell off and didn't put enough on it to get it up and get it into his arms, at least for a first down. And then we just didn't capitalize, and with a great team like Baltimore they did a heck of a job of containing us from getting in the end zone on those red zone drives. You know, you always want to get points, but with a great team like that you got to score points. You got to get touchdowns. And that's the thing that we didn't do today. It's a good learning lesson for us to be able to look at the film, correct those mistakes. And even if it wasn't mistakes, they did a good job of covering. What can we do different to be able to get the ball in the end zone? So, yeah, we just got to continue to grow and keep pushing forward."

On playing from behind against good teams:

"It's not always good. We just got to start faster and continue to start faster. Just play complementary football. We gave them a defensive touchdown early on that kind of separated the game where we kind of had the momentum and we -- who knows what we could have done that drive that, I think it may have been, I think it was 13-7 at the time, and they scored it was 20-7. And then the next drive of course, the interception Marcus Peters made. But we stopped them and went down and I think we kicked a field goal at two minute, but, yeah, it's tough."

On Marcus Peters' interception:

"He laid out for it. We were actually, I was asking him about it, if he was, if he knew that was kind of coming or if he just read my eyes. He just kind of said he fell off. He kind of gave the, shutdown the play, and I just got to see in front of the crossers, the crossing routes, and I thought it was far enough away from where I could get it to (Brandin) Cooks and let him run, but he leaped out and made a hell of a play and he did a good job for his defense. But, yeah, I got to see in front of the crosser and next time make sure that I can get the ball into the receiver's hands instead of the defense."

DE J.J. Watt

On the Texans' run defense:

"Yeah, I thought we did a pretty good job early on in the game with the run defense and we were doing some things that we wanted to do, and obviously in the fourth quarter we didn't. In the fourth quarter we didn't stop the run. We gave up some big runs. The 4–and-one we gave up the touchdown, and then we gave up the long one there. That obviously isn't going to help the run defense or the stats or anything. So got to be able to finish the game, not just start it."

On how difficult it is to play from behind against a good team:

"Yeah, I mean, it's very difficult. You want to get out to a fast start, you want to get off to a positive start, and we didn't necessarily do that. So you're playing against these last two weeks playing against two very good teams, two very good quarterbacks, two very well coached teams, two great offenses, so you can't put yourself behind and you have to play extremely well if you do and obviously these last two weeks we haven't done enough to win the games. At some point you've (got) to win these tough games against tough teams, good teams and so I'm sick of losing them, that's for sure."

On what happened on the fourth-and-1 direct snap touchdown:

"I got to go back and watch the film. I don't think that it was necessarily the snap that did anything, I think it's more just being in our gaps and making sure that we're in the places where we need to be and making the tackle. Like I said, I haven't seen it on film so I can't say, but when a guy goes that far on a 4-and-one, you just assume there's something wrong with our gap scheme defense there and either somebody wasn't in their gap or we didn't tackle if we were in our gap. So we've got to go back and watch it."

On the Ravens' running game:

"No, I mean I got to go back and watch the film, but I mean obviously in the fourth quarter they're running the ball heavy to try and run down the clock as well and we have to shut that down and we didn't. So I can't pinpoint it right now, because I haven't seen the film and been able to watch it specifically. Obviously they're a potent offense and they have a lot of capabilities so you give them credit as well. They're a very good offense. When you have a quarterback that can run the way he can run, he's going to make plays. So it's a matter of slowing him down, but I have to go back and watch the film to see exactly what it was, whether it was scheme, whether it was tackling, what it may be. But whatever it is, we got to get it corrected, obviously."

On the ejection of DT Ross Blacklock:

"It's stupid, it's selfish, it was a stupid play, it was selfish, it's something -- I mean, I've spoken to Ross (Blacklock) before and so it pisses me off, it's a very selfish move. Late in the game, and it's dumb, very dumb to hurt your team in that type of setting for no reason."

WR Randall Cobb

On needing to not beat themselves:

"Yeah, that's every week. We definitely played a good defense, but at the end of the day, it's about what we do and it's all about us and, again, we got to start faster. We can't start a game with a three and out. As the game went along, we were better in situational football. We moved the ball well. When we get down in the red zone, we've got to score touchdowns instead of kicking field goals. It's tough, man. It's tough. But we're trying to do all we can. I think we made some plays throughout the game. We just got to be consistent with it."

On the difficult of playing from behind:

"When you dig yourself a hole against playoff-caliber teams, the two teams we played, obviously, Kansas City won the Super Bowl last year; the Ravens, I believe, were the No. 1 or No. 2 seed. So they -- obviously they have a great team and when you dig yourself a hole it's hard to come back in games like that."

DT Brandon Dunn

On giving up 230 rushing yards:

"We got to play four quarters. I feel like we did a decent job first, second and third. The fourth quarter really hurt us. It was a bend, but don't break, and we broke and we just got to look at the film and make the corrections."

On the Texans' defensive game-plan:

"Yeah, you always game plan against our opponent. Our opponent was Lamar Jackson, so 'Weave' [Defensive Coordinator Anthony Weaver] got together a great game plan, just didn't have a good fourth quarter."

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