What the Titans Said After Ravens' Playoff Win

Left: Titans QB Ryan Tannehill; Right: Titans RB Derrick Henry

Head Coach Mike Vrabel

(on how much the offense let them down)
"We let the team down. Just wasn't good enough. Wasn't good enough as a team. That's how it goes sometimes. You know, you're going to need all three phases to execute. Give them credit. They won the game. It's a good football team. We knew they were good. But nobody let anybody down."

(on punting on fourth-and-2 in the fourth quarter)
"Just decided to punt. Thought we were playing well defensively. Thought we would get a punt inside the 10 and be able to play the field position game. Had some time there that I felt like, you know, we could, and we held them to a field goal. It's just we were playing against a kicker there that kicks them from the 40. Becomes a field position battle, and I thought that we'd get a stop and hit them inside the ten. The way we were playing defensively, I was really proud of those guys. Obviously, Lamar (Jackson) had a fantastic day but I thought we were dialed in. I enjoyed watching those guys play defense."

(on what happened in the A.J. Brown-Marlon Humphrey matchup after early success)
"Just trying to stay balanced a little bit and that's a good matchup. It was competitive. Tried to get it back to him and batted one down. Just wasn't enough. Just weren't able to get anything really going there offensively."

(on his vantage point on the Ravens' late interception)
"Same as yours, probably. I asked the official and he said Kalif (Raymond) ran into him. That's what the officials saw. I mean, clearly these guys aren't calling any penalties. We recognized that a long time ago. They are just going to sit there and try to hold on to another week and see if they can officiate as long as they want and not call any penalties. We know that going in.

(on the Ravens stopping the run)
"I mean, usually when you stop the run to set the edge, go to the wall and swarm, we had a couple creases, but just not enough. You know, too many of those inefficient runs. That just kept us just not getting into a flow or feel for anything."

(on Lamar Jackson's touchdown run)
"I think that he made a play and we didn't do a very good job of making him go lateral. He broke down in the middle of the defense and he's dangerous and everybody's seen that throughout the year. I thought we certainly battled back and just – I don't think that play was the difference, but it was a big play. Give them a lot of credit."

(on the difficulty of holding Jackson down for an entire game)
"Very difficult. They have got a very unique scheme and one that makes you defend the entire field, every player. And he's a dynamic athlete. You know, certainly great for our game. Great for our league. Tough to defend. You know, just have to do better the next time we play him."

RB Derrick Henry

(on what the Ravens did to shut down the Titans' run game)

"They were the better team today. They had a plan and they executed it. You know, they played good on defense. They got the best of us today. Credit goes to their defense and they are the better team today, and I need to play better. We didn't play better. We didn't play good enough to win today. Baltimore (was) just the better team."

(on the Ravens committing five or six players to the line of scrimmage)
"Like I said they just did a good job. They had a plan. They executed their plan. All the credit goes to those guys, you know, of stopping the run. The last two times we had success and they had a plan to make sure we didn't have success, and that's what they did. Credit goes to those guys. They did a great job today for them to be able to win the game."

(on the Ravens taking away the edge in the run game)
"Trying to close the gaps, set the edge on the outside and close the gaps and try to find a crease somewhere. I mean, I could have been better. I'll definitely look at this film and learn from it and be better. There's just the thing about this game, this game will humble you, show you that you need to keep working and that's what I need to do. Stay hungry, keep working and I'll do better."

(on if he had shoe problem on second-and-2 in the second half)
"My shoe came off. Couldn't get it back on. That's what happened. My shoe just came off and trying to get it back on quick as I could."

QB Ryan Tannehill

(on the disappointment of an early playoff exit)"It's a huge disappointment. Obviously it's tough to kind of put into words right now because you're not prepared for this moment. Everything in my heart and my soul told me we were going to go win this game. So the finality of it is real. I don't think we were prepared obviously to be in this position. But here we are. So it's tough. Obviously love the guys in this locker room, part of this organization, and no team back-to-back years is ever the same. We'll see what happens but definitely appreciative of my time with every guy in the locker room and what they gave to this team and this organization. Guys bought in and gave their heart and soul to it. It wasn't for lack of effort or trying or buying in. So respect all those guys and enjoyed every moment with them."

(on the fourth-quarter interception)"Started off on the right … Kalif inside released on the seam and he had Peters behind him. Was bodying up Kalif with Peters behind him like this, and from my angle it will appeared he got hit. He fell down and the ball went right to Peters. I felt really confident when I threw that pass that it was in a good spot with Kalif being between the ball and the defender, I felt really confident when I let it go. Thought it was good when it was in the air and all of a sudden Kalif got hit and dropped. You know, from my angle it definitely looked like it could have been a flag there and probably should have been, but it wasn't thrown, so here we are."

(on what stopped working on offense)"We didn't move the ball and score enough points. Scored 10 points early. We knew this team could score coming in, and had great respect for them. We knew it was going to take more. We just didn't get it done."

(on how the Ravens stopped Derrick Henry better)
"They did a good job up front with their game plan and getting a couple guys back. They are good players and starters for a reason. Definitely probably played a little bit of a factor but at the end of the day we just didn't execute well enough all the way around. Tip your hat to them. They did a good job, and we didn't get it done."

(on what failed after 10 early points)
"I don't think we executed good enough. I don't think anything dramatic changed. We just didn't take advantage of our opportunities and execute. We got ourselves in some long yardage situations and didn't execute good enough on third down and weren't able to sustain drives. When you're not able to do that against a good defense, you're not going to score."

(on what changed after the early connection with A.J. Brown)
"We still got a shot downfield there on the field goal drive there in the fourth quarter -- or third quarter – I guess we ended up kicking the field goal at the start of the fourth – the last drive there. Made a play down the field for us. They did change up the looks a little bit one time. They passed off a route when they thought we were going to have him. another one, they basically bear hugged him down the field. Didn't get a flag on that one either. Like I said, tip your hats to those guys. They made adjustments and we didn't make enough to get it done."

DT Jeffrey Simmons

(on five sacks and a turnover not being enough on defense with Lamar Jackson)
"We missed him a lot. We got to him a lot. I think we just missed out because I think we had a great gameplan of trying to capture Lamar (Jackson). We knew we couldn't just go in and try to kill. We knew we had to just try to get him on the ground and like you said we had a couple sacks and we had a turnover. The goal was to try to capture. He's a great player. Props to him for making the plays, especially when they needed it. In the fourth quarter, I hated – I hated we just didn't make that play, when he did make a play and that's what playoff football come down to, who is going to make a play and who is going to stop them. They just made a play so props to them. Like I said I think we had a great gameplan coming into this game, just about trying to get Lamar (Jackson) to the ground, because he's a big part of their running game. And when we did get him into a passing situation, I think we did a pretty good job as well. But we just ran out of time."

(on if mistakes get magnified by Jackson)
"Like I said, it's not too many quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson, he's dynamic. I mean, I don't know, you know, about if it was another quarterback, I know today we didn't do a good enough job, especially when we needed to. I mean, our goal was to come in and try to stop Lamar Jackson. For the most part we did and the guys, a lot of guys, we bought in, especially to the defense we were playing. It was kind of different for a lot of guys but the thing – we worked our tail off all week just to prepare for these guys and what they do and what they do good. Like I said, for the most part we did a great job but we just didn't make the play when we need it and when it really counted. Like I said, a guy like Lamar Jackson, props to him. He used his ability in the game. I mean, if you don't stop it, things like that happen."

G Rodger Saffold II

(on trying to get the run game going)"It was kind of one-off every time. You could really get yards if all 11 of you are doing everything correctly, but it seems like if one thing breaks down, it's harder to convert. We were pushing and pushing and pushing, and finding a little bit of success here and there, but it's those small details we have to fine tune. The effort was there, it's about being detailed. We weren't efficient at running the football."

(on what Baltimore was doing to limit short-yardage situations)
They were motivated and did a really good job of covering and stuffing the middle, whether it be through scheme or front-wise. It just comes down to execution. 

WR A.J. Brown

* (on scoring the fewest points they have all season)*"We lost. We didn't get it done. We didn't get it done when it mattered."

* (on what the Ravens did defensively to slow them down)*
"They were making plays. They had some real key stops when it really mattered. Like I said, key stops on third downs when we needed to convert, and we didn't."

* (on adjustments to stop the Titans offense)*
"They came out and the momentum switched. I don't even know if they were doing something so special. We kind of shot our own selves in the foot not converting and doing what we were supposed to do. They are a really a good team, they have a really good defense. In the second half, they made plays."

* (on Ryan Tannehill's interception)*
"Initially I had an in-breaking route. I beat him at the line so I threw my hand up. Ryan (Tannehill) just went with the read and he tried to make a play. Whatever happened after that, I don't know. I didn't see the play. I trust him. I am not trying to sit here and bash him because of that. He trusts me just like I trust him, and I am not trying to bash him."

* (on what happened in the second half with his matchup with Marlon Humphrey)*
"They adjusted. I don't know, I can't answer that."

CB Malcolm Butler

(on his interception)
"Just playing to my leverage and making guys throw the ball outside the numbers. Just basically going out there and making a play to help the team win."

(on the mindset against Lamar Jackson)
"Just be full tilt to the tackle on each and every down and every play. It didn't work out today. Now we have a minute to think about that."

OT Dennis Kelly

(on what Baltimore's run defense did so well)
"You know, they had a really good gameplan. I think they knew what they wanted to do, and they did a good job of trying to, I guess you could say, shorten the edge as much as possible. So, we just never really got into that rhythm after those first couple drives and obviously that's the result."

(on the Ravens going to midfield after the interception)
"I guess its whatever. I don't know what that whole 'It's disrespectful' thing came from. We've literally done that since (Mike) Mularkey has been here, going to the midfield. If that's the tool that (John) Harbaugh wanted to use to motivate his team, it must have worked. It is what it is."

DL DaQuan Jones

* (on Lamar Jackson's touchdown run)*
"He's an elite quarterback. He can run. That was just him being an athlete and making a play. I thought we responded pretty well to that, but it was just the third quarter man. It was kind of the tipping point and not really doing what we should have done going into the fourth quarter. We have to be better than that."

* LB Nick Dzubnar*

(on if they handled the Ravens' style of play)
"Honestly, I think we played the game really well. Obviously, if you take a handful of explosive plays away, I think we dominated most of the game. Unfortunately, they had more explosive plays that got them the win, but I do feel really good about the way we played them."

*(on limiting the open space for Lamar Jackson) *"We just wanted guys coming downhill. One guy come downhill, the other guy replace, come downhill, other guy replace, come downhill, keep making these guys get lateral and not downhill, and eventually if you get 11 hats to the ball, he's going to go down."

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