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You Said It! - Should the Ravens Trade for Brandon Marshall?



On why the Ravens need to acquire Brandon Marshall...

We have to move on Brandon Marshall. He is one the biggest downfield threats in the game and is entering his prime as a receiver. With the ball, he is an extremely rare breed with his shiftiness and speed at that size. With one of the best deep balls in **Joe Flacco**, how could you not arm him? If a first- and a third-round pick are required to attain him, it's worth it. OK, he is no stranger to the law but a new environment gives him that chance to turn over a new leaf, with a program geared for positive play on and off the field. Enough taking chances on a 'maybe' wide receiver.

Chris Karppala
Cockeysville, MD


On what fans believe Marshall will do to the team if signed...

Don't sign this problem child...we want a cohesive team!

Martin Crawford
Warrenton, VA


On who the starting cornerbacks should be on Opening Day...

I'd love to see **Domonique Foxworth** and **Fabian Washington** out there together. They're both fast, and if they can cover enough ground individually and keep their receivers in check, we can look forward to a lot more **Ed Reed** moments. I'm encouraged that **Samari Rolle** is back as well. He was the only corner last year who could truly keep pace with the better route-runners the Ravens' defense faced and hopefully he'll make nickel back or better.

Chris ThornDavidsonville, MD


On the value of TE Todd Heap...

When you think of all the top tight ends in the NFL today, **Todd Heap** would be in the top 10 of anyone's list (sports writers and fans alike). This is, in my opinion, because he has all the right stuff to be explosive and dependable in all offensive game situations. Imagine the ability this gives the offense to have a superior blocker/receiver/rusher that could be in on any or all downs! I am sure he has given many opposing defensive coordinators a gray hair or two! So hearing that Todd Heap is nearly back to full health is not just good news for Ravens fans, it is fantastic news! This adds to the Cam Cameron/Joe Flacco arsenal! I can't wait for this season to start!

Joseph Stewart
Springfield, VA


On why Derrick Mason might not be in Training Camp on time...

I can't help but wonder if **Derrick Mason's** ability/willingness to return is related to the fact that the Ravens have not yet renewed his contract. This man is a warrior who played with a lot of pain last season. Not to mention that he was Joe's "go to" guy. Mason deserves a contract - what are we waiting for?

Kathleen Ashby
Monkton, MD

On why Marshall will never play for Baltimore...

There is no way Marshall is going to end up in a Ravens uniform. He doesn't fit the "team first" mold. Plus, Denver would want too much for him. **Ozzie Newsome** thinks (and I agree) that the Ravens have very good wide receivers, and this year they'll prove it.

Len HealyWapakoneta, OH


On the chemistry Marshall could have with Joe Flacco...

The Ravens need to get Brandon Marshall. The young receiver would provide Flacco with a passing target for years to come and the two could develop career-long chemistry together. Marshall is an elite player who isn't even in the prime of his career, and getting him would make the Ravens a complete team ready for a Super Bowl run.

Destra Zula
Baltimore, MD

On what the Ravens need to do to beat Pittsburgh this season...

Last year ended on a sour note and left a bad taste in my mouth with the advent of losing to the dreaded Steelers three times. The worst was of course the AFC Championship. But with Joe Flacco going into Training Camp knowing that he's the starter and also having a better grasp of **Cam Cameron's** playbook, the sky could  be the limit for the offense this year. With the new additions we have in free agency and the draft, hopefully the Steelers will fall by the wayside and before **Ray Lewis** retires, he can lift the Vince Lombardi trophy one more time.

Gary Bertram
York, PA


On whether 2009 draft pick Lardarius Webb could be a starter...

I think we should give rookie **Lardarius Webb **a chance at starting. He was a two-time All American and showed flashes of awesome talent in college.Dalton CappsPasadena, MD


On the community work the Ravens are heavily involved in...

I just wanted to comment on the Ravens' community work. I saw on the news about the Ravens helping to build the playground at Good Samaritan Hospital. Our Baltimore Ravens players are so quick to come out to the community to help improve it. I don't think any team in the NFL does as much as our Ravens. They really show what a great group of guys they are every time they take time out of their busy lives to come out and support the community. Thanks for all you do!

Nickie Kerns
Baltimore, MD


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