Scott Cohen

Director of Football Research

College: Dickinson

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Experience: 32 years


SCOTT COHEN is in his 32nd NFL season – and ninth with Baltimore's coaching staff – after spending 24 years in NFL player personnel. As director of football research, Cohen provides weekly reports to the coaching staff for opponent preparation, in addition to self-scouting, opponent-related research projects and top team/NFL trends. He also evaluates and streamlines different technologies with sport science and analytics as they relate to the coaching staff. Prior to his Baltimore arrival, Cohen served as the Buccaneers' senior personnel advisor (2013-14), Jets' assistant general manager (2008-12), Eagles' director of pro personnel (2001-07) and Jaguars' assistant director of pro scouting (1999-2000). Cohen, who entered the NFL with Washington's scouting department in 1992, worked in the Eagles' personnel department during several years while John Harbaugh was on the Philly coaching staff. Scott and his wife, Linda, have two children, Hannah and Andrew.