11 Worst Things About NFL Offseason


The end of football season is never easy to accept.

Life changes in a big way once Sundays are no longer occupied with hours upon hours of NFL games.

Here are the 11 worst things about the offseason. (Mobile users tape the "View in Browser" button to see all of the embedded GIFs).


Football fills up just about every day of the week during the season. Those days are long gone. Now you have to find something to do with you Monday nights, Thursday nights and entire Sundays. Good luck.


Finding Something to Talk About

There's no big game to discuss these days. Better get creative and come up with some new topics to break the ice.


Stuck Watching Regular-Season Basketball

This is the dead zone when it comes to sports viewership. Baseball is still too far off to really get excited. The NCAA college basketball tournament is the next big event, but that's still more than a month away. The NHL and NBA are in cruise control until their playoffs start in a couple of months. Enjoy watching plays like this for the next several weeks.

Unwanted Change

This is just part of the routine in the NFL. The Ravens are familiar will handling big changes, and they already had to make a significant adjustment early in the offseason when Gary Kubiak left to become the head coach of the Broncos.


Finding A New Hobby

Without games to watch and nine different fantasy football teams to manage, you better find a new hobby. Quickly.  


First Pitches

Baseball season can be great. The ceremonial first pitch before baseball games … not so much.


Constantly Wondering 'What If'

With the way the Ravens finished the season – losing two 14-point leads to the eventual Super Bowl champion Patriots in the divisional-round – there is bound to be a sense of curiosity about how things could have been different. What if that final pass to Torrey Smith went for a touchdown? What if the Ravens played the Colts in the AFC championship? What if … you know the drill. 


Watching Patriots Celebrate

It's painful enough for Baltimore fans to constantly question whether the Ravens could have brought home another Lombardi Trophy. Now they have to endure an entire offseason of watching and hearing about the Patriots winning their fourth Super Bowl victory.

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