Bad Lip Reading Hilariously Features Marcus Peters, Mark Ingram, John Harbaugh

Now that we have the post-Super Bowl blues without NFL games to watch, we should treasure videos like these.

Every year, Bad Lip Reading releases its mix. This year, the Ravens were prominently featured and in some of the funniest clips (maybe I'm biased?).

I encourage you to watch the entire video, but if you want to skip to the Ravens parts, here ya go:

(0:48) – Marcus Peters: "You outta buy my electric guitar."

(2:58) – Mark Ingram II: "It's like heaven in a pickle."

(4:18) – John Harbaugh: "Where's the kite?"

(5:44) – John Harbaugh: "Really? You let in the Bagel King?"

(5:53) – Marcus Peters singing: "On the sideline."

Marcus Peters is pure gold.

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